Spectacular breakaway at the World University Games

Event: Athletics Women’s 10,000m Final in 2021 Summer World University Games

Xia YuYu (No. 17) is an undergraduate at a local university, not a professional.
The breakaway starts at 28:15, recommend to start viewing at 25:38.
* This video is inserted to push down the old articles as they are no longer relevant.


4 Responses to “Spectacular breakaway at the World University Games”

  • Observer:

    PRC’s rise in sports is good.

    I am even more impressed with the speed that CCP eliminated idolatry from Chinese society.

    It is a shame that some US allies still has idol-worshipers.

    I disagree with any Japanese Buddhist who say their emperor is descended from a deity. If I had the authority, locked-in-paying-customers and no repercussions, I would tell Japanese leaders that they should not force their subordinates into idolatry.

    Throughout history, Chinese kings disliked Buddhism because it caused metal money supply to contract when they build statues.

    But in 1592, a book called Journey to the West misled children into Buddhism. It romanticized monk Xuanzang’s travel to India (Bharat) and included the Hindu monkey deity with superpowers.

    The book has many errors.

    India (Bharat) is South of China, not West of China. Khazaria was west of Tang China.

    The red bindi (dot on forehead) indicates a woman is married, not meant as a decoration for single young women.

    Journey to The West movies depicted Indian (Bharat) women as having fair and pinkish skin, like Kazakh women. But in Singapore’s Little India district, we seldom see ethnic Indian with such skin colour. The feeling is like finding out that the online-date looks different in real person.

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  • Clown:

    The clown above criticizes a work of fiction for factual errors. San diam rong.

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  • I love the commentary, so exciting, power ar!

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  • It is indeed sad to learn that 10,000m long-distance runner Soh Rui Yong will miss the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China because he had pissed off the former and now disgraced Speaker and SNOC chairman Tan Chuan-Jin.

    But then other than missing the scenery, free food and drinks, he won’t be missing any medals because his timing is at best China’s national level, not even close to Asian standards of 27:32:72. He is 4 minutes too slow.

    Anyway, guess when you are a member of the party, even if you are gone, you still have the power to make life difficult on the peasants. lol

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