Mental Health Awareness Month

I refer to the Straits Times’ report, “One staff member dismissed, two students expelled between Jan and June for sexual misconduct: NUS” (Aug 5) and The Independent News report, “September as Mental Health Awareness Month:

Redditor's take on giving support to colleagues coping with mental health issues” (Sep 15).

Foremost, it is absolutely significant for Singapore to raise or promote the awareness of mental health, and getting to know various types of mental illnesses so that to prevent the occurrence of mental illness.

Nevertheless, we should recognise that mental health is as important as physical health.

Anyone who does not know how to relieve and control pressure from many aspects, as well as eliminate the influence of immoral videos and publications is likely to suffer from psychological stress, anxiety, depression, trauma or disorder which will gradually evolve into a more serious mental illness.

Thus, anyone can unconsciously suffer from mental illness especially when we live in the highly commercialised, competitive, money-centric and high-paced cosmopolitan city, Singapore.

Since mental illness is so terrible and avoidable, why don't we take precautions as soon as possible?

In addition to focusing on work and learning the necessary knowledge and technology, it is vital for the working people to find time for socialisation and undertaking some activities that are beneficial to physical and mental health. In this way, their physical and mental health can be ensured.

We must always be mindful that we are in full control of our minds, and therefore our energy and time should be channeled upon our important tasks such as on job and family bonding.

For students who are studying, they should focus on their studies and meaningful extracurricular activities and not spend their energy on watching inappropriate or pornographic websites. Otherwise, over time, they will indulge in illusions and get caught in the trap of moral depravity.

The recent cases of NUS students and staff be censured or expelled because of their misconducts in sexual violation are really regrettable.

Anyway, it is good for our educators and parents to pay more attention on their students or growing children not to engage in any forms of pornographic activities, as well as guiding them till their graduation.

Whenever you discover that you have weird and abnormal behaviours or hobbies, that could possibly signal that you have suffered from mental illness, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.


Teo Kueh Liang (Mr)



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