America The Warmonger

Imagine living in a 25-storey block and suddenly a bomb dropped, sending it crumbling to the ground. Anyone who is alive is lucky or unlucky to have survived. This is the reality for Palestinians in the past three weeks when Israel aided and abetted by America and its allies dropped more than 8000 bombs on civilians killing more than 7000, 70% of whom are women and children. Israel has indiscrimately bombed hospitals, churches, mosques, refugee shelters, schools, residential blocks, shopping malls, markets etc.

Yesterday (27 October 23), the UN General Assembly voted for Jordan’s draft resolution for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire with a resounding vote of 120 for, 14 against and 45 abstained. I am glad Singapore voted for the resolution.

Israel's ambassador to the UN declared soon after that “The only place this resolution belongs is in the dustbin of history”.

I am quite shocked that a UN party member behaved in this way. I hope that Israel does not set a precedent to other countries. Surely the unanimous voice of 120 members deserves reflection of whether Israel is right to block aid of food, medicine, water, electricity and fuel to Gaza.

According to the BBC, Israel has already sent boots to the ground in North Gaza. The ceasefire and exchange of prisoners planned in Qatar earlier has been blown to pieces.

The world can do little to bring an end to this conflict of many lifetimes if the warring parties refuse to calm down and reflect on the price of war and victory, if any. For me, the greatest shame to humanity is brought about by America, the blind ally of Israel. President Biden is deliberately being deaf and blind despite being proven wrong on two occasions - in condemning Hamas for decapitating babies and sending a rocket to the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital which caused the death of more than 800 Palestinians. Today, he has even doubted on the number of casualties, the source of which originated from Gaza hospitals. In short, he has buried his conscience. While bragging about getting a few trucks of humanitarian aid into Gaza, he has sent even more trucks of dangerous weapons and soldiers to Israel. America and its allies are simply aggravating this war. It is better that it stop sending aid to Palestine and weapons and troops to Israel.

On social media, pro Israeli commentators have called Palestinians “human animals”. While it is true that humans are also animals, this term is clearly meant to be derogatory of both Palestinians and animals. Animals do not fight with weapons. They use their bare strength. Humans on the other hand simply press buttons causing humongous destruction of lives and properties.

I think the only way to peace is for America to leave the region. Step back and go to the mountains to meditate on the destruction of lives and properties it has caused, not only in this war but all over the world – Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Ukraine etc etc. Who knows when it will take on another country?


Teo Soh Lung



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6 Responses to “America The Warmonger”

  • What is happening in Gaza is not a war, but a massacre under the guise of the “self-defense” bull of a shit, aided and abetted by America and its attack dogs, whose main agenda is to milk this conflict and make as much money as it can.

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  • Dalai Says "Read My Lips":

    Even wars most people consider to be ‘just’ are full of unjust actions. Was the bombing of Germany during World War II part of a just war? Hitler could only be stopped by defeating Germany in war but was the killing of all those civilians in cities and towns from bombing both targeted and as collateral damage justified? It points to the central problem of whether any war can be considered just when so many innocents and non-combatants die as a necessary result of the ways wars are fought.

    As for Iraq, Bush, ought to be taken before the Hague….and the Old Testament, of course, is filled with righteous wars against those who have (e.g.) violated their covenant with Jehovah. Turning the argument around, by accepting killing in war as a moral act, we must so embrace murder as a virtuous act.

    Again, there is a clear distinction between murder, which is the taking of life without justification, and killing, which may be justified in personal defense, or war! Many contemporary conflicts are, in terms of conventional war, fought between vastly unequal belligerents. The weaker side often has little option other than to hide themselves among their own civilians in order to make it very difficult for the enemy to kill them, or to pretend that they are civilians in order to better approach and kill the enemy. So some modern theorists have questioned the strict exclusion of attacks on civilians.”
    It is simple-minded foolery not to recognize such.

    Would you want to live in a world where Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Communist Russia, and the Radical Islamic Caliphate went unchallenged? Whatever the historical sins of American imperialism, the sins of the past imperialism of other nations have been worse.

    I was also moved by a comment attributed to Trotsky: “You may not be looking for war, but war is looking for you.” If an adversary arises whose actions warrants violence, the correct and moral response is to destroy them utterly. Proportionality, restraint are simply mechanisms for the repetition of prior events. But in terms of legality and morality we haven’t advanced beyond the stone age.

    The UN security council is a farce. I appreciate thoughtful analyses like this – but what is needed is effective consensus, backed up by action.

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  • XZX:

    zionists are politicians that defiled Judaism
    Anti-zionist = anti-semitic not anti-jews of anti-judaism
    current zion should not have been established at all
    pity the real jews

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  • NATO, as its name implies, are just:

    No Action Talk Only.

    The organisation is a farce, complete waste of time and money, unlike the UNICEF and Red Cross, which are doing something real and meaningful.

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  • Singaporean R Free Rider:

    Dear TSL, listen to this:

    How Americunt choose Japan cities for the A-Bomb.

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  • rice:

    Before Hamas-Israeli ,there was CCP and Taiwanese.
    It seems Almighty U$A cannot exist without an “enemy”?

    Next time,what?

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