Hours away from full-blown war in Middle-East

Highlights on 3rd Nov 2023.

1. Saudi Arabia betrays Palestine and declares that it will stand with the US and its allies.
2. Saudi Arabia's latest stance is likely to force Hezbollah to declare a full-blown war with Israel.
3. Hezbollah ramp up missile attacks on Israel with 19 simultaneous launches in a day.
4. Hezbollah, headed by Hassan Nasrallah, has issued an ultimatum to Israel, cease and fully withdraw from Gaza or else. Iran has agreed to the ultimatum and has to see it through or Hezbollah may lose popular support from sleeper cells all over the world.
5. US is sending bombers to Israel, likely to be used against Hezbollah and Iran.
6. Syria will provide Hezbollah with Aerial Defense System to ward off air attacks.
7. North Korea has pledged to deliver weapons to Hamas.
8. Pakistan has called for a nuclear strike on Israel, warning that its nukes are not just for show.
9. Russia announced that it has cancelled the Nuclear Test Treaty and has resumed its nuclear weapon tests.
10. Russia has given a military airbase in Syria to the Iranians military. The Khmeimim in western Syria is just north of Lebanon and will reportedly be used to supply Hezbollah with weapons and ammunition. The arrangement was announced barely hours before Hezbollah issued the ultimatum to Israel.
11. Iran has also deployed a Militia group originally stationed in Syria to Southern Lebanon to support Hezbollah. It is reported that tens of thousands of militia have also been deployed at Golan Heights, which borders Jordan.
12. Algeria has authorized its government to declare war on Israel.
13. China has declared that it will become Iran's most ardent defender of territorial integrity and national honor.
14. Lebanon has announced that it is closing schools on Friday (3 Nov).
15. Airlines operating flights in Lebanon have cancelled most of their flights.

Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah is expected to officially declare war on Israel on 3rd Nov, that may trigger like-minded organisations and sleeper-cells to target Israel's interest all over the world.

Meanwhile, the Houthi in Yemen, who has already declared war with Israel a day before, has hinted that it will "send a message to the Zionist regime (Israel) for the children who died in Palestine", after Hassan Nasrallah has released his statement.

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15 Responses to “Hours away from full-blown war in Middle-East”

  • Smart Nation:

    The world has gone mad! Do these countries which threaten to use nuclear missiles think they would be spared from a retaliation? They would destroy the environment that they breathe and live in. Sheer stupidity!

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  • A complete waste of time listening to Nasrallah’s speech, empty threats as usual. Hezbollah has practically denied responsibility and thrown their “brothers and sisters” in Gaza under the bus.

    Israel should just initiate a full invasion into Gaza and slaughter off all Palestinians, at least the war would stop when there are no more Palestinians to kill. Meanwhile, the blowhards in Middle-East would not even dare to lift a finger, except to make some noise.

    Hezbollah is just another UN, No Action Talk Only.

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  • The conflict will end soon!:

    The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas will end soon!

    Both Hamas and Hezbollah are not countries. They are just local resistance groups against Israel oppression imposed upon the Arab inhabitants in Gaza Strip and West Bank. No Muslim country will declare war against Israel just because of the two localised resistance groups having low levels of conflict with Israel. Unless Israel commits a suicidal attack at national level against his neighbouring Muslim countries.

    USA has been harbouring a plan to teach the Iranian a lesson as was teng xiao ping to Vietnam in 1979. However, Iran is a formidable country with vast and mountainous land for which the United States soldiers are not used to. The recent exchange of prisoners between USA and Iran suggests that both have no desire to fight this time round.

    The conflict now taking place @ Gaza Strip and northern border between Israel and Lebanon will end soon! But, the hatred generated by the Israeli oppression will linger on for generations to come and much more suffering ensued if the parties involved don’t have the wisdom to shake each other’s hands.

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  • @The conflict will end soon!

    I agree. With the latest Hezbollah remaining status quo and throwing the Palestinians in Gaza under the bus, there is little hope for any other nations or organisations to come to the Palestinian’s rescue. Slowly but surely, the Palestinians in Gaza will be wiped out.

    Since practically no one in the world is capable of or dare to touch Israel, Net and Yahoo should do the whole world a favor by ordering a full ground assault into Gaza and finishing Gaza off once and for all. Then there will be no one left to kill and the war would stop.

    Once the war has stopped, then the world can move on and forget about it, until the next Gaza erupts and then they can hypocritically come out to make some noise, but NATO again.

    America can walk away happy claiming victory, Biden family business gets richer and the Supremacist Jews can continue to rule the world.

    Everyone happy, no?

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  • How cruel they can be?:

    Since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Israel has not allowed any energy fuel into the Gaza Strip, although many hospitals in there have been running out of fuel which is required to generate electricity for the life saving medicines to operate.

    The rationale behind is simple and straightforward, the tunnels where Hamas fighters have been hiding need ventilation and ventilation needs petrol to generate electricity which the ventilators rely upon to operate.

    The Israeli intention is to suffocate Hamas fighters who are hiding in the tunnels, and if the hostages being held captive in the tunnels have to go along with the Hamas fighters to heaven, so be it!

    This is how cruel they can be!

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  • @How cruel they can be?

    I would hope and like to believe that Hezbollah is holding back because the air defense system promised by Russia and Syria has not arrived. Without the ADS, Lebanon would not stand a chance against Israel’s air strikes.

    Once these ADS have arrived, I hope Hezbollah will put boots into Israel, or else Gaza will very soon be history. Saudi Arabia has abandoned the Palestinians in Gaza, I do not hope to see Hezbollah doing the same.

    Only time will tell.

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  • WAR ?:

    Nothing will happen…
    Everybody has own agenda and will not put their own interest at risk for HAMAS…

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  • Observer:

    Freemasons may have secretly prepared to Fight Hizbollah, Syria and Iran.

    Maybe they bought MIC stocks too.

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  • It is legal and correct:

    When the Jew say they wanted back the land they once occupied few thousand years ago, the American say it is absolutely and positively legal and correct.

    When the Russian says they wanted back the peninsula they given up to Ukraine 50 years ago, the American say it is evil!

    If the Red Indian say they want back their land, stolen 300 years ago by the Anglo Saxon, the whole world will say it is absolutely and positively legal and correct and will support the Red Indian actions whole heartedly!

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  • I have always adopted a hack-care (凡事看开点) attitude in life after my stroke because I do not want to complicate my medical condition further and control my HBP.

    But this genocide of Palestinians in Gaza has gotten to my nerve and I am saddened by the photos of children and innocent civilians being murdered on a daily basis. It so heart-wrenching to look at these photos.

    To say that I have lost faith in humanity would be an understatement.

    I really wonder how Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Blinken to name a few, can sleep at night.

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  • SGAI:

    My AI calculation tell me that:

    1. Algeria, their latest ‘Best’ fighter planes comes from Russia and China. Using Russia Su30, MiG-29, Chinese J10… to fly 1500km before reaching Israel? Or to march its troop via Libya and then Egypt? Or Swim the Mediterranean Sea? They either need very strong super swimmers or many gas stations along the way.

    2. Russia got to ask N-korea for ammunitions (re-export/source from China) if Russian got best defense system, Russia will keep for themselves? Got spares?

    3. Syria is very screwed after ISIS created havoc. Syria currently split into two parts and having Turks incursion on large border area (around 300km) in North and Northwest area of Syria. Russia’s military airbase in Syria giving to Iran? That’s a nice face-saving way to put it. First, Russia got limited resource, manpower and time to keep it. Second, throw the crap to Iran which will have a hard time maintaining it. Ultimately, Turks might take over.

    4. Syria nearly slaughtered by ISIS, which was without any air offensive capabilities. Syrian air defense is purely Christmas tree decoration in face of Israel air strength and as soon as Russian leaving the scene. With Russian upsetting the Israelis, the Israelis have nothing else to hold them back (except U.S.) to flatten Syrian air base or air defense system.

    5. Iran militia groups in Syria was to help Syria fighting against Turks. Turks are predominantly Sunni Muslim, while Iran is predominantly Shia Muslim. If Iran goes south, then Turks goes south too. Perhaps Syria will allow Turks to march their army across last bit of Dictator Syria’s land holding and enters Lebanon? And Lebanon will welcome their Turks brothers in arms? Or, Lebanon will give Syria some land to defense it against Israel? Or the other way round, Syria give land to Lebanon in exchange for defense?

    6. Pakistan… ok, going to use nuke? Fly above Iran? Ok understood. Iran, please don’t shoot at it.

    7. China, hmmm… my AI generates error code. Her interest is in Asia and need all the stockpiles for herself.

    In conclusion. Ww3? Not likely without the direct involvement of China. Russia although is weakened but a dead Camel is still larger than horse, yet, it has not much spares in the middle east game.
    More likely a mess in middle east if any of the country makes major maneuver.

    Its a delicate balance.

    Muslim brothers. Think. You might slaughter among yourselves while China flicks her finger. That is the end game.

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  • Dalai Says "Read My Lips":

    I’m not so sure Hamas has gained much of anything. Their senseless and murderous attack on Israeli citizens, just as the atrocities committed by ISIS, have simply plunged the Arab speaking and Islamic Middle East into an orgy of violence that will simply keep it backward and poor. Violence for violence’s sake; Hamas’ goal of the destruction of Israel does nothing for the Palestinians. The Middle East is being torn apart by violent, murderous nihilists.

    Israel has made a mistake. It invaded Gaza before eliminating HAMAS leadership, which is not, and had never been, inside Gaza. HAMAS leadership lives in luxury in Qatar, Tunisia, Paris, London, etc. Israel has the capability and experience to do it. Negotiating for hostage release would be much more effective if lower level HAMAS fighters inside Gaza knew that the flow of cash had ceased and there was no one giving orders.

    I don’t really enjoy seeing dead Palestinian civilians, especially those without agency, like children, but if so-called innocent people refused to get out of the way preferring Islamist martyrdom and neither Hamas nor Israel care one whit about Palestinian civilians. I personally would welcome letting all the children under 12 out of Gaza and into safe harbor in either Israel or the United States. Just as soon as Hamas releases the children and babies it kidnapped on Oct. 7, presuming they are still alive, which I doubt.

    Yes, what the Hammas fighters did was terrorism and cannot be excused. Nonetheless, the underlying issue remains that the Palestinians have been forcefully expelled from their land starting in 1948 and Israel has treated them like lepers. Both Israelis and Palestinians must come to grips with the reality that neither group is going to disappear.

    Make no mistake: a ceasefire is a win for Hamas. Israel is a full blown nuclear power, and seems more than willing to cross lines under its current hard right leadership. For all the Iranian hard line rhetoric and Hezbollah leader’s speech of more bluster than action, no one wants to be on the losing end of a tactical nuclear strike. And that will drag the US’s stature of ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’ down along with it.

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  • I find it so strange that most, if not all who heard about the atrocities in the middle-east are so quick to condemn Hamas, but have either willfully or ignorantly or conveniently choose to NOT pay attention to the atrocities of what the Israelis have been and are continuing to do to the Palestinians in BOTH Gaza, West bank and Golan.

    Had it not been for what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians, there would not be Hamas in the first place. The Israelis INVADED, KILLED and DISPLACED the Palestinians, wouldn’t anyone have fought back?

    What is wrong with people nowadays?

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  • Dalai Says "Read My Lips":

    I don’t have much confidence that anything good will come from the choice Israel make on 7 October 2023 – it is too late in the game. But I am convinced that some deep thinking would have helped. If one is unable to grasp what is evil and what is not, here are a few guidelines. A higher level understanding, which covers the above, can be found here:

    The rationale for the war on terror is itself a criminal pretext, because terrorizing whole nations of innocent people under the rationale they were harboring terrorism blames the innocent for crimes committed by others they were powerless to stop. And how many innocent people have died in the war on terror? 100,000? 500,000?

    When Martin Luther King was criticized for condemning the Vietnam War as unjust by those within the Black civil rights movement because they claimed he was out of his range and diverting attention to issues that were not immediate to his original cause he responded by saying and I am paraphrasing ‘injustice is injustice’ no matter where it is committed and I must struggle against it. My view is that extremists of every stripe are inherently evil.

    Arguments for a just war against Islamic State ignore that it was America’s “just” wars against Iraq, carried out over 25 years (Gulf War, 10 years of bombings and sanctions, Iraq War etc.) and US support for the Assad regime (who supported the Gulf War) that created the Islamic State. Islamic State terrorists have grown up in a constant state of terror created by the US wars against Iraq, who are responding predictably with terrorist war and suicide bombing. After 14 years, the international war on terror is a colossal failure, because fighting terror with terror only results in an escalating cycle of terrorism that will never stop until the terror stops. And the only way the terror will stop is when we stop terrorizing whole nations of people and thereby creating the predictable terrorist response.

    The Gaza invasion is a regional issue that may be best handled by those nations neighboring the ones in that region of the Middle East most afflicted. I think the key phrase is “best handled”: What is the most effective & compassionate way to deal with HAMAS? A reactive ‘knee-jerk’ military response will only increase problems.

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  • SGAI:

    TRE Tech: Had it not been for what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians, there would not be Hamas in the first place. The Israelis INVADED, KILLED and DISPLACED the Palestinians, wouldn’t anyone have fought back?

    What is wrong with people nowadays?

    What’s the point?
    Violence fuels violence. It takes more than just bravery and wisdom to end with one who experienced the latest.
    To the one who kept calculating, there won’t be an end.

    I killed your father because your father killed mine. As my father killed your grandfather because your grandfather killed my father’s. Now you going to kill me and my son will do the same to you. And your son will do the same to my son. Somehow, may be you are smarter and kill my whole family including my puppy.

    Would it ends?

    I watched an interesting street ‘survey’ recently asking middle east and mus people round the world on their views towards Israel oppresion, occupation, etc and the reasons these mus gave simply impress me. While there are a good small percentage of intelligent mus who understand violences yield violences and wants to end it, there are many more who are angry even with the most ridiculous reasons.

    E.g. one Israelis mus was asked whether he thought he was oppressed as a citizen:
    The man: ‘Yes’.
    The interviewer: ‘what was the reason’.
    The man: ‘I have to travel 50min longer, when only 5 mins is what it takes.’
    The interviewer: ‘Huh? Can you explain why such discrimination?’
    The man: ‘They (Israelis police) block the roads for yom kippur. I had to go a big round to go home.’
    The interviewer: ‘…’

    What’s wrong with people nowadays?
    Nothing wrong. People has been in this way since we learn to use the first fire to cook food.

    They were lied to and misled into a path that ended in misery.
    Some of them joined the Nazis because they were filled with hate.
    Some of them joined because they thought they deserved more in their lives, and they bought into the idea that the only way to make their lives better was to make other lives worse.
    Some of them joined because they were frustrated with the government, and some of them just joined because everyone else was doing it.
    In the end, it didn’t really matter why they joined.
    They were all broken in the same way.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    I see much people here seeking more blood for blood. And measure them in liters shouting injustice when more was taken.

    The difficult and often destructive power dynamics between oppressors and the oppressed. We often ignore the destructive power of prejudice and the importance of empathy and compassion in creating a more just and equitable society.

    Its a pound of flesh. Seeking greed, revenge, and justice,
    We are all Shylock but think we are Antonio.

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