Shallow remark by Ong Ye Kung

I feel vindicated by reading all the comments written on CNA posting of this article on its FB page.

It's totally incomplete for Ong Ye Kung (OYK) to say that we used to have 60 Singaporeans suffering heart attack or stroke everyday without giving a comparison of the number for 2021 till now.

Giving such shallow remark without addressing the Excess Deaths Singapore is experiencing for the past 20 months isn't going to sound convincing at all.

Most Singaporeans may not know about the data on Excess Deaths situation but the real life experience or encounters of Singaporeans at large of the unusually higher frequency of funeral wakes in their neighborhood and news of their friends or close ones dead from heart attacks or strokes or other causes have resulted in heightened concerns.

The Vaccine didn't come with any long term safety data before it was pushed out and people were basically forced to take it with the evil no jab no job mandate.

OYK should not make such sweeping statement when the hard data of Excess Deaths are staring at all of us right in our face. MOH should not just brush away our concerns and ignore these hard facts.

A thorough investigation should be launched by an independent panel to examine the plausible cause of such high Excess Deaths.


Goh Meng Seng




5 Responses to “Shallow remark by Ong Ye Kung”

  • independent study:

    Better to have an independent study in the death toll the last 2 years and get the facts.
    Better to know the whole picture to make better decision in future.

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  • rice:

    His name should be changed to Ong You Con.
    This is his “quality”,ie,CON KING.

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  • %*$%:

    OYK and all his associates haven’t any credibility

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Let Karma work its way to that “Ong-the-Con” lor. LOL.

    All those “White Monkeys” who think they are high & mighty now… just wait & see lah.
    This Universe works in strange ways but Karma is like Universal Law of Gravity, it may take time but it ALWAYS works.

    That “dishonorable SoB” of the famiLEE “LEEgime” and this “Ong-the-Con” plus all those other MIW who pushed for the “PAP Jab Mandate Strong” on Sinkies will definitely face their Karma eventually.

    Those who refuse to admit their grave policy errors or mistakes in this past 3 years of stupid Covid nonsense injection mandates (i.e. No-Jab-No-Job), will face even harsher Karma in due course.

    The more they deny the TRUTH, the harder will be the Karmic blowback on them in this lifetime or thereafter.

    Like in the Superhero movies, Thanos oso said “It is inevitable”. Lol.

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  • HosayLiao

    Ong the Con must be so thrilled, can order more jabs liao.

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