No further release of hostages unless complete ceasefire

Hamas deputy chief Saleh Al-Arouri said that the militant group has made a “final decision” of not releasing any more hostages without a “complete ceasefire” in Gaza. The warning comes after Israel pulled out of truce talks in Qatar with Hamas on more prisoner swap and extending the ceasefire.

On the other hand, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the IDF's war in Gaza will continue unless Hamas is annihilated.

With Israel's full throttle bombing of Gaza, it is unlikely that any remaining hostages will survive.


5 Responses to “No further release of hostages unless complete ceasefire”

  • I have always said that as far as I am concerned, the mad Net and Yahoo’s main intention is to wipe out the Palestinians from Gaza.

    As long as there are hostages, his hands may be tied but once all the hostages are gone, there will be nothing holding him back and he is likely to start razing Gaza to the ground.

    Hamas did the right thing. Keep the hostages and let Net and Yahoo kill the hostages in the bombings and if Hamas still has any fight left in them, then do a scorch-earth and fire all the balance rockets at Tel Aviv and the nuclear power plant.

    There is a saying in Chinese: 你都不让我活了, 我还会怕你什么.

    10,000 rockets all aimed at Israel, I doubt Iron Dome + Arrow can do anything about it.

    What do you think?

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  • Johorian:

    Would any gang raped hostages have any chance to live to tell her story?
    Would any tortured hostages have any chance to livevto tell their stories?

    Wipe clean Hamas, they have no more surviving hostages in their custody.
    Send Hamas and their supporters to their entitled 300 virgins in heaven. They can continue their brutal assault there.

    Sleeper cells of terror groups are starting to action. Beware!

    Any Hamas apologist want to sit down and have a tea with those sleeper cells of terror groups?

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  • Wah, clap clap clap. So in the know about terrorists.

    Must have been a victim who kenna sodomised. lol

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  • nathanc chen:

    1 Palestinian hostage swap for 3 Israelis. I think about 200 trucks ferrying water, food, fuel and medical supplies are allowed into Gaze from the Egyptian crossing.

    For 10 Israelis hostages released after the 4 days of agreed upon cease fire, Israel will extent the cease fire for another day.

    For 1 Palestinians released, the IDF have little trouble in taking 30 0r more Palestinians new prisoners not included those killed during the 4 days truce.

    The Qataris was the principal negotiator that managed to pulled off the 4 day truce. The main purpose was the exchange of hostages from both sides and the humanitarian aid for the Palestinians civilians.

    Irael insisted that hostilities will resume with a vengeance despite pleas from the UN and the International Community.

    Speaking brutally, I think Irael lust for more and more Palestinians blood and their thirst is insatiable. Only a bigger war to end this war will save the Palestinians. The US must rein in Isael now before it’s too late. No matter how thick blood ties the US have with Irael in the past. The US must be fair commented China foreign minster recently.

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    The Zionists are making songs to annihilate the Palestinians and it is no 1 in their charts. It only shows the degeneration of the human mind in the Zionists and some claim they are God’s chosen people. It is more like Lucifer’s people after the killing of Christ.They have joined the darkness and evilness of the devil.

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