Tribute to Mr Lee Tee Tong

This white-haired elderly gentleman caught my attention at Hong Lim Park on the 50th anniversary observance of Operation Coldstore in 2015. Fiery oration in Mandarin, without a script.

That was my first impression of Mr Lee Tee Tong, the elected Member of Parliament for Bukit Timah in 1963. He was the candidate from Barisan Sosialis, winning with over 50% of the votes in a 3-corner fight against the PAP and United People's Party candidates.

But this Mr Lee never got to even smell the leather of the parliamentary chamber in what is now known as the Arts House. That same year, under the pretext of containing the communist danger, Mr Lee Tee Tong was incarcerated under the Internal Security Act and detained without trial for a total of 18 years and at the prime of his life!

Mr Lee was a significant union leader in his early career, effective and commanding with his fearless oratory.

Mr Lee Tee Tong passed away in the early hours of 18 December 2023 at Tan Tock Seng Hospital after a long illness.

At his wake held at the void deck of Block 157 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, his widow Huang Liang Qin told a reporter: "Lee Tee Tong has never given up on his political beliefs all these years."

Mr Lee Tee Tong will be cremated on Friday, 22 Dec at 11.45am at Mandai Crematorium Hall 1.

Mr Lee Tee Tong will live on in the hearts of those who fought the neo-colonialists alongside him and for the betterment of the lives of his fellow men.

Rest in peace, Mr Lee.


Chan Wai Han

* Posted on Function 8 Facebook.


6 Responses to “Tribute to Mr Lee Tee Tong”

  • Evil worshipers:

    Evil worshipers for a few dollars.

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  • The Late Mr Lee Tee Tong who was elected member of parliament for Bukit Timah in the September 1963 general election was denied his seat when he together with 30 others were arrested and imprisoned under the Internal Security Act. Mr Lee was imprisoned without trial for 18 years.

    18 years is a very long time, so sad that he had to forego that much moment of his life.

    My condolences to his family.

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  • Respects:

    A Salute and a Bow to him even though I am ignorant of history.

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  • rice:

    He was better than most chiak liao bee MIW who cannot even enter into the House by their own merit.
    Sgs like Mr Lee command our respect.

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  • RIP:

    Hopefully their deeds will not be forgotten by future generation.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Rider:

    So this article is saying ISA is bad as it was misused according to the author.

    Let’s look it another way.

    1. Atomic bomb was bad as it was misused by the Americunt government to bomb
    Japan killing millions of innocent Japanese.

    2. Chinese PLA was bad as it was misused by the CCP to crackdown on 64 Tian An Men square CIA backed student protest?

    We are Singaporeans, NOT Chinese.
    This is Chinese.

    Without ISA, Singapore will be turn into a battlefield between the Ang Mo Tua Kee and Chinese Sua Kee. Singapore will be destroyed like Syria and never put together again.

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