Premature babies

There is a news report about a premature baby who is racking up a large sum in hospital bills for the parents. The aim is to get crowd funding to help the parents to pay the bills.

There is a better way to handle this hefty hospital bill. It should be borne by the government. This is called social insurance (or compulsory national insurance).

There is nothing that the parents can do to avoid this unfortunate outcome. This risk should be taken away from the parent through social insurance.

Private insurance is not a solution, as the insurance companies cannot offer an affordable premium and most parents will not pay this large premium.

By adopting social insurance, the cost to the society is quite low. It should be treated as part of the health care cost of the country.


Tan Kin Lian



6 Responses to “Premature babies”

  • Clap clap:

    Yaloh, yaloh. Not even $1 per resident tax money. Singaporeans miss the chance of a path-breaking president.

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  • rice:

    As aside,perhaps one of the most effective ways to fight Ageing Population is to BAN ABORTION.

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  • MillionDollar:

    No money to keep baby why want to have?
    Tell you all, stupid to have kids, better to keep pets.
    Why the gahmen want population?
    Babies are future population.
    But need fostering to grow and become productive.
    My friend past away at 40+, heart blockage, we suspected caused by vaccine, he japped 4 in order to keep his job due to requirement because outdoor nature of the job. Left wife and two minor. Difficult like hell to claim insurance, still trying to get LOA for the estate after half year. Each time go family court, its about pay this and pay that. Because got minor, the whole legal process becomes a deadlock unless to spend more money to go lawyer.

    Why make life so difficult to have babies?
    When they come, you have debts, when you go, you have more problems created for them.

    Now the wife depression, want to go find him.
    More estate for the minor if that happens.
    Like that gahmen can have more money.

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  • Rare case:

    For rare case of illness,the medical costs is too much for most people.
    May be better that the state bear most of the costs in such cases.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Clown TKL now wants the Regime to foot the bill for its lab rats. Wishful thinking. He is living in Disneyland. Perfect President material actually.

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  • MillionDollar:

    See la, you don’t produce enough babies!

    S’pore looking to hire auxiliary police from China, India, the Philippines, Myanmar as Taiwan recruits dwindle: Shanmugam

    1st, police work was sub-contracted out.
    2nd, millions of millions spend on CCTVs. Saying productive and save manpower.
    3rd, almost same power given to sub-contractors aux police.

    Now, complain sub-contractors don’t have manpower and going to get more 3rd world foreign talent police to take care Singaporean. Cheap to have China wu-jing to kungfu naughty Singaporean.

    I think NS should be sub-contracted out too to foreign talents?

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