Eggs are very nutritious

When I was very young, I have learned that eggs are very nutritious because eggs have all the basic fundamental nutrients and vitamins for a new life to be formed. Egg Yolks contain the most nutrients and vitamins needed for the formulation of a new born life!

However when I got older, the public narrative started to change and blame eggs for "high cholesterol" and the "Experts" started to "caution" us about Egg Yolks which they claimed to have very "high cholesterol"!

People started to eat eggs WITHOUT the egg yolks but only egg white!

I resisted such trend because I find all these BAD narratives about egg yolks nonsensical.

I love eating eggs since young, sometimes up to 8 eggs per day! I have absolutely no problem with eggs except that eggs are getting more expensive and smaller in size.

Only in recent years, some experts started to talk about the good of eggs and encourage people to take 2 eggs per day. New narrative on good and bad cholesterols are also made public. However this is not widely publicized.


Always trust your own body. Your body will tell you what is good or bad for you.


Goh Meng Seng



3 Responses to “Eggs are very nutritious”

  • Food "Experts":

    Yes, these scientists are really quakes. One time, fake butter is good and should replace real butter. Later, fake butter is no good, causing cancer.

    Same with sugar and fake sugar.

    Well, just eat what you like, in moderate amounts.

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  • Harder Truths:

    I heard we should eat the shell and throw away what is inside.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Maybe depends on your jobs or activities ?
    If labour intensive, 2 eggs every day is ok.
    If sit in office ( e.g. accountant ) under aircon maybe not. Unless the aircon is supercold e.g. 19 degree and lower e.g. Metrology lab.

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