Houthis expels American and British staff from Yemen

The Houthis have ordered all U.S. and British staff of the United Nations to leave Yemen. Houthis have asked officials to exit the country within a month, a UN official told AFP. The authorities in Houthi-controlled capital Sanaa told the UN resident coordinator that employees had just a month to leave Yemen.

A United Nations official confirmed that they had received the memo. The latest exit order adds fuel to the war fear fire amid growing tensions in the Red Sea.

Meanwhile, the US and UK have conducted several strikes in Yemen and although the US has denied that it is going to war with Yemen and escalating the situation, it is effectively already at war.

Is the latest expulsion order aimed at protecting the lives of the innocent UN workers from collateral damages while the Houthis prepares for an all out war (mega-mission) with the US and Israel?


One Response to “Houthis expels American and British staff from Yemen”

  • Inside and outside:

    Houthis has attached USA in the Red Sea.

    Once it was against a U.S. merchant ship, the other time was targeted at a U.S. warship carrying out duties in the Red Sea.

    Why NATO diam diam? There is a NATO constitution that if any of the members of NATO is attacked in any manner, all members of NATO will react as if all of them have been attacked.

    Further more, USA alone has more than twenty thousand soldiers deployed in various countries in the Middle East. In Qatar alone there are more than 15000 US soldiers deployed at bases manned by the United States Army.

    These telltale signs suggest that Houthis is now having an upper hand. USA and UK could do little to stop them from targeting vessels belonging to UK, USA and those heading to Israel.

    The world situation now is very much resembling that just preceding World War One!

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