SimplyGoneCase Saga

Some people say we should UPGRADE to HIGH Tech solution like SimplyGo because we want "progress" to become Smart City.

I guess these people are missing the point altogether.

We are not against progress for the society but the New Technology must serve the people's interests and welfare, not the other way round.

1) Most of the time, there are promises of fanciful functions for new technology but the key is, at what cost? Are these functions necessary?

2) Most importantly, are there any compromises on old trusted functionality?

3) Does it serve ALL the people it is supposed to serve?

SimplyGo promises some functions which the people didn't need previously. Using App to add and remove cards, make payments for Top Up, open up usability of credit cards, Apple Pay all other possible electronic wallets for payment of public transport fares etc.

What are the ADDITIONAL COST of implementing SimplyGo vs the tested and trusted EZ link cards? This is not revealed but only the cost of maintaining EZ Link system is put up!

The "additional high cost" of maintaining 2 systems actually comes from the introduction of SimplyGo instead of the pioneer EZ Link!

NOT EVERYONE could benefit from the additional new SimplyGO functions as many don't have credit cards.

There are also concerns on privacy, security and reliability of the SimplyGo system.
It has proven to be unreliable as we can see from the many negative reviews. Wrong deductions of fare, slow updates of trip fares and details while no immediate display of trip fares when it has a track record of wrong deductions!

If everyone is to check on the fares of their trips each and everytime they exit from their MRT or buses, then there will be more access to the system which seems to have insufficient bandwidth!

It is just a matter of time SimplyGo system will crash.

The cost of maintaining such high volume bandwidth as well as hardware to ensure that trip fare data are updated instantly will be humongous.

It is just like trying to an expensive high tech controller with Lazer cutter to help you cut your meat to precise weight as compared to just using your own trusted Chef knife to cut the meat.

High Tech system should not just be used for the sake of being High Tech and should not be adopted Blindly without full consideration on social impact, tangible and intangible costs to BOTH users as well as operators.

Apparently for this SimplyGoneCase Saga, MOT and LTA are only looking at very superficial benefits to customers, ignoring the more important aspects of public concerns while trying to score points for being First and Smart City without much brain.


Goh Meng Seng



5 Responses to “SimplyGoneCase Saga”

  • Clap clap:

    GMS, you are funny.

    “First and Smart City without much brain.”

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  • opposition dude:

    The problem with the government is that they like to brag and boast about high tech and all that rubbish but something that is newer than what is currently existing or being used is simply more advanced because it has a few features that the older technology does not possess.

    It’s nice and convenient to be able to top up your card from an app on your phone, it’s like the top up machine is with you anywhere you go. Super convenient and you never need to be at a bus interchange or MRT station to top up.

    But not being able to see how much is left on your card is no go for anyone who is used to seeing their balance and this is the biggest and most glaring mistake from a card that is supposed to be high tech so to speak. The explanation about backend systems blah blah blah gives those who are unconvinced that this is not as high tech as it has been touted and is in fact low tech.

    After all, human thinking is that newer, if better, must at least either be easier to use and/or have some functionality equal to the older tech. Just imagine if electric cars were all hype about using clean energy instead of big bad petrol but could not drive even 20km without a few hours of charging, how many would buy?

    After all, EV newer tech than old reliable petrol cars right? People want whatever they can do with petrol cars now in addition to whatever new practical stuff they can with EVs lah. Otherwise how to sell EVs in addition to letting customers know why they are far better than petrol ones?

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  • So now it is renamed to SimplyGoStan? lol

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  • Harder Truths:

    In the United States, the most technologcially advanced country in the world, people still use cheques, phone banking, cash and even crypto should they feel like it. An advanced society has the means to embrace all kinds of technologies and payment systems, rather than try to beco,me ‘High-Tech’ and end up with no alternative when the system breaks down.

    In China everything is bought by smartcard and electronic systems. Imagine if the system broke down for some reason. People will not be able to do the simplest of things. Redundancy is needed to keep society from breaking down. The push to this electronic system is to monitor your movement and ultimately control your movements.

    They can one day switch off all your cards if they feel like it. Because you are an enemy of the state. Just like China’s credit score – if you commit a sin against the CCP you are fucked.

    Don’t worry $heeple – your time is coming. Hope you all are laughing now while you can…..

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  • Light The Way:

    Another nationwide initiative proudly brought to you by the same people who don’t take public transport.

    This is to be expected in every 5 year cycle.

    Exactly what the dafts voted for.

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