Iraqi group hits back at US bases within hours of US’s revenge strike

An Iran-linked Iraq resistance militant group carried out a retaliatory strike after US forces hit militants in Iraq and Syria. The resistance, in a statement, said it had conducted missile and drone strikes at Ain al-Assad airbase in western Iraq, al-Tanf military base in southeastern Syria, and a base in al-Khadra village in Syria's northeastern province of al-Hasakah, against American military.

The US has earlier begun revenge strikes against targets in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for an attack on an American military base in Jordan, killing 3 soldiers. The strikes are targeting Iranian proxy groups in the region and not an act of escalation, the US claims.


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  • Going by the US’s bull of a shit logic in seeking revenge, since Iran’s interest in Syria and Iraq has been attacked by the US, then Iran has every right of “self defense” and Iran or its proxies can attack any US interested around the world, as long as it is not in the US, correct?

    This, according to Biden, should not escalate the war in the Middle East since
    Iran did not attack US directly, no?

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  • Palestine:

    Modern Israel was founded on “a crappy piece of land.”

    Did someone make similar comments here?

    British Columbia Post-Secondary Education Minister Selina Robinson is stepping down amid an outcry over her remarks that modern Israel was founded on “a crappy piece of land.”

    Premier David Eby says Robinson’s “belittling” remarks were incompatible with her remaining in cabinet, although she will stay in the NDP caucus.

    “The depth of the work that minister Robinson needs to do, in order to address the harms that she’s caused, is significant,” Eby told an impromptu news conference in Vancouver on Monday.

    Eby had faced mounting calls for the removal of Robinson since the remarks last week that infuriated pro-Palestinian groups and other critics, who say her comments perpetuate harmful colonial narratives that ignore the history of Palestinian people in the region.

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