Terrible Poll Numbers For Biden

Genocide Joe Biden

New polls have come out which spell disaster for Biden in the Presidential elections in November.

Biden’s approval rating is only 37% with 60% of Americans disapproving of the way he is doing his job. Even Jimmy Carter, who lost to Reagan in a landslide in 1980, had a much higher approval rating of 52% in February of 1980.

Next, Biden is losing support rapidly amongst the Blacks, who are a critical component of the vote for any Democratic candidate. Black Americans have overwhelmingly supported Democrats in past Presidential elections. Bill Clinton won more than 90% of the Black vote. But polls now show Trump’s support amongst Blacks growing, even reaching 23%. These are winning numbers for Trump.Because of the huge numbers of Black voters, anytime Republicans make such inroads into the Black vote, Democrats lose.

Biden’s support amongst young voters is abysmal, standing at only 28%.

On the economy, borders( immigration ) and who voters think is more competent as President, Trump has huge leads over Biden as follows:-

Economy - Trump is 22 points ahead
Immigration - Trump is 35 points ahead
Competence - Trump is 16 points ahead
Mental and Physical fitness - Trump is 23 points ahead
Crime and violence. - Trump is 21 points ahead
Improving America’s standing in the world. - Trump is 11 points ahead
Only on abortion is Biden 12 points ahead.

Jeff Horwitt, a Democratic pollster says these findings reveal a “ presidency in peril”.


Lim Tean



8 Responses to “Terrible Poll Numbers For Biden”

  • Good men. Stand aside:

    It’ more of a country in peril. Good man such as Kennedy has no chance in this election.

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  • @Good men. Stand aside

    I may be wrong, but from my observation, most older Americans are slanting toward war and believe that the US has to conquer the world and be the greatest nation on planet Earth. Younger Americans are more peace-loving and use their brain to think, instead of the older ones who generally use their a$$e.

    Anyway, observers have opined that the current warmongering administration under Biden is driving the US into WW3 or at least a long-drawn war in the Middle-East, believing that no nations in the world dare/can touch the US.

    It may therefore be a good thing when the US gets taught a hard lesson, maybe another 911?

    What do you think?

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    Why only Biden and Trump? Why not allow new participants? Hopefully a peace loving Independent comes in to become President.

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  • opposition dude:

    Well if Donald is going to win it then he is going to. It will be interesting to see if he repeats all the silly things he did back in 2016 like tariffs on China and the wall building exercise. And his support or lack thereof for both the Ukraine/Israel wars too.

    Will be a Merry Christmas for one of the 2 old guys. Guess Americans forgot why they voted Trump out in 2020 liao.

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  • Dalai Says:

    Biden is already toasted. Why would Black and Hispanic Americans vote him when his open border policies have created an endless supply of cheap labor to undermine their wages? These are the people most likely to have increased competition from immigrants for jobs and housing. If disadvantaged voters who are livid about illegal immigrants taking over their communities are a valid metric, Biden has a lot to be worried about.

    Trump is ahead in the polls and way ahead on critical issues like immigration and economy. However, with Biden’s approval rating only in the 30% range, I
    would think he should go for winning over the biggest block of voters, especially in regards swing states: White Americans. (See below.)

    From Pew research, 2020: “White Americans accounted for 67% of eligible voters nationally in 2018, but they represented a much larger share in several key battlegrounds in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, including Wisconsin (86%), Ohio (82%), Pennsylvania (81%) and Michigan (79%). The reverse was true in some battleground states in the West and South. For example, the White share of eligible voters was below the national average in Nevada (58%), Florida (61%) and Arizona (63%). You can see racial and ethnic breakdown of eligible voters in all 50 states – and how it changed between 2000 and 2018 – with this
    interactive feature: (

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  • rice:

    After Reagan,hardly any good POTUS anymore.Biden is just crap.

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  • Singaporean R Free Rider:

    Lim Tean should worry for himself who cannot produce the video he promised to make..

    No wonder he cannot even get 3% of votes.

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  • Finally, it is clear Trump will be returned to the Presidential Office in Nov 2024 and all his cases will be dropped then, I suppose?

    Ihe Koch billionaire family will then control the White House.

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