Arab League’s Ultimatum to Israel over bombings in Rafah

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, has warned Israel that the current situation in Gaza will inflame the region like never before. In an open warning, Gheit said that Israel's actions are threatening agreements signed between Israel and a number of Arab nations, particularly with countries like Egypt and Jordan. The comment came after over 100 Gazans were killed in a day after massive bombings in Rafah.

The staggering death toll resulted in the chief of the International Criminal Court (ICC) also blasting Israel.


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  • Netanyahu is already a dead man walking. Even if Biden flew him to US to retire, he would have to look back over his shoulders everywhere he goes.
    Picture yourself being hated by millions all over the world, how to survive peacefully? It would be daft to think that he can join his son in Miami and retire peacefully without being “taken care” of.

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