Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport Surpasses Changi As World’s Best Airport For Business Travellers

I have often said one of the major failings of Singapore is that our people have bought into this propaganda that we are light years ahead of the rest of our Asian neighbours.

Having worked and lived in Indonesia for many years, I can tell you this is rubbish propaganda. What I see in fact is how Singapore has declined significantly in the last 2 decades relative to our SEA neighbours who have made great strides in catching up with us and in many areas even surpassing us. In the meantime, the PAP government has been resting on its laurels whilst being paid humongous salaries which are totally out of sync with reality. And their IBs have been chanting the asinine mantra of what one Singapore dollar is compared to the Malaysian ringgit. Guess what, Malaysia and Thailand have been voted the best Asian countries to retire in. Singapore doesn’t feature in the list at all and has no hope of making it as we are the world’s most expensive city. It is not an ideal retirement place.

Look at this survey which ranks the Hanoi airport ahead of Changi for business travellers. I bet you are shocked. But don’t be.Just realise how much we have declined in the last 2 decades under the PAP.


Lim Tean



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