US vetoes another UNSC resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza

The US has again vetoed a UNSC resolution drafted by Algeria calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza for the third time. The warmongering Biden administration argued that it would undermine negotiations over a hostage deal.

The US was the lone vote against a ceasefire resolution put forward on February 20 by Algeria. The UK was the sole abstention, with 13 votes in support, including some close allies of Washington.



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  • 安得龙城飞将在!:




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  • I agree with the above reader. There are red lines that should not be crossed and patience that should not be tested. Take for example, the Jews in Israel are committing genocide in Gaza, then think in terms of population, how many Muslims in the world versus the Jews, we are talking about MILLIONS.

    The US has this tendency to act and think that it is untouchable and can therefore afford to act big fiack and bully the weaker nations into submission. Unlike most Americans who think like the Senile Biden and his cahoots in Washington, the world is not full of daft and some clear-minded leaders know what the US is up to. Just because these leaders don’t speak up does not mean that they are stupid, but once some nation like South Africa take the lead and start the ball rolling, these smaller nations will fall in line, the ICJ suit against Israel has shown.

    The problem with the world is that most, like the opposition parties in Sinkieland are basically self-centered and selfish, and cannot act in unity. So apply that to Gaza, if the nations in the Middle East unite and tell the US to go mate with a spider, what can the US do, bomb every single one of the nations?

    I doubt the US has the military capability to fight a multi-front war with Saudi, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq and Iran, for example.

    The US can continue to act blur and pretend that it is irreplaceable, but it is not. For starters, we have the BRICS, then China is working to replace the petrol dollar and remove USD. Russia, China, Turkey and many other countries are developing better and much more advance gadgets and weapons that can replace the US-made.

    It is just a matter of time before the US finds itself isolated by the world if it continues on this path.

    As for the UNSC, it is basically controlled and owned by the US anyway, so I would hope the member nations just call it quits and leave, leaving the UNSC to the US and UK to fellate each other.

    What do you think?

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  • Singaporean R Free Rider:

    Why Anglo Saxon UK abstain?
    Because Anglo Saxon UK knew this is an illegal war where the strong bully the weak.

    Let Anthony Blinken sum it for you: If you are not at the table, you are on the menu. It is the Jungle rule, not International Rule based order.

    Either you are with us or against us. Get it?

    Now, where are all the chee bye and lanjeow pro-demoncracy supporters aka canon fodder for Anglo Saxon ?

    Israel PM son siam/keng NSF while peasants Israelis died fighting war.

    Dr Chee/Kenneth Jaya/GSM/TCB/TKL, come here.
    Tell us more about demoncracy, why are you guys such coward keeping silence?

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  • rice:

    @TRE Tech
    Good comment.
    Anyway,Angmohs tua kee think they willforever reign supreme.
    Imagine anyhow brand XJP even at multi-lateral gatherings of international govt leaders.Totally show zero respect.
    And,expect other world leaders to kowtow to tuthem?

    Despite all the F-ugly name-calling,XJP had maintained his composure at all times.
    So, DEMOCRATIC LEADERS deserve the behave like hooligans?
    What a blinking shame and they have the cheeks to come and talk about being decent human-beings???

    Where have all the once more “gentlemanly” angmohs gone ?
    Angmohs say killing is wrong except when angmohs give the greenlight to do so?

    Guess angmohs think they are gods or maybe greater than God.
    Karma will bring about justice no matter the skin colour or creed or “politics”.

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  • dave:

    The Americans are anti Arabs and Muslims. But some Arabs and Muslims love the Americans and connive with the Americans to go against their own Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters.

    Some still hoping that the Americans will bring peace to the Middle East and save the Palestinians. The vetos by the Americans said it all. They are the mastermind behind the genocide of the Palestinians and the creation of a Greater Israel.

    Which Arab state would be next to be invaded and annexed as part of the Greater Israel?

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