As most of you who have followed me would know, I have been POFMA by PAP Gov several times while Ministry of Health has actually reported police against me due to my Live Chats and postings I have made with regards to the Covid Vaccines and Covid Virus.

I was given a "conditional warning" by POFMA Office, as if I have committed some "serious crimes".
POFMA has been weaponized to achieve the political agenda of discrediting PAP's political opponents and critics. Simply trying to put a label on us as someone who is "unreliable" or "creator of misinformation".

However, Truth is eternal and as good as Gold.

Right into 2024, there are more and more research findings and information which somewhat ascertain almost all my points raised since 2020 throughout 2022 are valid.

Some of the points ascertained which prove the Fact Checkers as lying!

A Pro PAP guy who happens to be Vax Skeptic sent me a video which listed all critical findings.

I told him, didn't it ascertain all my points of doubt which I have talked about in all my vax related Live Chats are true? He relented and agreed. It's just that I am the only opposition politician who has raised all these points.

The fundamental problem with the mRNA vaccines is that it uses Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP) which are very small and designed to breach all barriers within the body.

The strong correlations of High Excess Deaths to High Vaccination rates in different countries really warrant a thorough study on the causal relationship, but all those "experts" suddenly turn deaf, blind and dumb over such glaring observations.

It may take another few years or even decades for Truth to prevail but I can wait. My own reputation is nothing compared to the lives of millions and billions.

Goh Meng Seng


5 Responses to “POFMA Me”

  • rice:

    Why are we persecuting our countrymen in such extreme manner?

    Go ahead and penalise those who just want to bring down our nation.
    But,please do not clamp down constructive public criticisms even if such are mistakenly accompanied by errant “examples”?

    The crux of the matter is not the nitty-gritty but whether the “concerns” are i deed true .

    Lets be morw gentle or graceful to each other,not by words but by action.
    So,God help us all.

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  • I heard that it is very easy to pass laws and regulations in the lightning clubhouse. As such, MAYBE slightly before the GE, they might pass one law that says those that kenna POFMA before cannot stand for erection?

    Remember that lightning very powderful one, nothing is impossible.

    What do you think?

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  • 峇路姑:


    Bobian, dio bo?

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  • I heard Mr Goh collects POFMA as a hobby. Can beat KL liao or not? lol

    BTW, I also noticed that most of the POFMA issued against him have been debunked by latest findings, so how?

    Act blur and pretend no see no hear?

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  • Robust discussion:

    Robust discussion,even when the views are different should be encourage.Good to find the truth. Maybe good to stop these POFMA business when the Opposition take over.

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