Massive escalation between Hezbollah and Israel

Hezbollah militants conducted multiple strikes against several Israeli military positions in response to their aggression in Gaza. Israel's northern sector, which it had illegally occupied in 1948, was also targeted.

Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen, citing a brief Hezbollah statement, reported that the group launched two surface-to-surface Falaq (Dusk) missiles at Khirbet Ma’ar base, and the projectiles hit the designated targets precisely late on March 1. Hezbollah fighters also targeted Israeli soldiers deployed at various posts, including the Ruwaisat al-Alam outpost, the al-Menara military site, and the al-Baghdadi outpost.

Meanwhile, Israel, too, killed three senior Hezbollah members in a drone strike inside Lebanon.


4 Responses to “Massive escalation between Hezbollah and Israel”

  • rice:

    This is not looking good.
    Evil Forces seem strong all round and growing.
    Humans against humans.
    States against states.
    The meek and good will likely suffer.
    But Karma will ensure the haughty and evil ones will get their just deserts.

    No one wins in truth.
    It is so easy to propagate evil but to promote good is so difficult.

    The fate of multitudes is being subject to the arrogance of a “FEW”.
    Evil is surely evil.
    But a outwardly seeming good with evil intention is just as evil.

    Go placidly.
    Be at Peace…

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    America can stop the war by stopping the arms to the Zionist and voting in the UN for a complete ceasefire but Biden will be dumped by the Jews in America so for Biden’s political survival more have to die. The voting pattern in the UN should be changed. The security council should be scrapped as the present system favours the west.

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  • War:

    Actually UN should create a war zone where all these killers and their leaders should go there and kill each other with all their modern weapons and leave the ordinary Citizens in peace. The ordinary Citizens don’t have issue with each other.They want peace for their Children.

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  • Orangutan Ahmeng:

    D Trump ever said :

    “ if I am the president of the United States of America, I can stop the Russian/ Ukraine wars within 24 hours “!

    Vote him in for world peace?

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