More than 70 hostages killed by Israeli army

Hamas' Al-Qassam Brigades claimed that Israeli military strikes killed seven more hostages in besieged Gaza, blaming the alleged deaths on PM Benjamin Netanyahu, without providing any proof of its claim.

In a statement, Abu Obaida, the spokesperson of Qassam Brigades, claimed that more than 70 Israeli hostages have been killed so far in Israel's military action in the Palestinian territory.

There was no response from Israel so far to the claims of Hamas.


One Response to “More than 70 hostages killed by Israeli army”

  • rice:

    Why kill hostages instead of the Hamas militants?
    Also,why kill hostages instead of IDF soldiers?
    So,innocent ,peace-seeking civilians are victims of the conflict between IDF n Hamas.

    Are palestinians supporting Hamas or Israelis supporting IDF?

    Humans like Putin and Hamas and insecure politicians are the real stumbling blocks to world peace ,military or economic.
    And,that includes war-mongers.

    The wars are conflicts between Good and Evil.
    The culprits are the WOLVES IN SHEEPSKIN.

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