Russia Vows ‘Merciless Destruction’ Of Moscow Mall Attackers and Planners

Russia is in mourning and the country has vowed to avenge the attack on a Moscow mall that killed more than 60 people and injured more than a hundred. The assault claimed by Islamic State has shaken Moscow with President Vladimir Putin's close aide and deputy chairman of Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev calling for "merciless destruction" of the perpetrators.

Armed gunmen attacked a concert hall on the fringes of Moscow, killing at least 60 people and wounding 100 more on Friday (22nd Oct).

At least four attackers clad in camouflage gear took part in the attack, in the north-west suburb of Krasnogorsk, BBC-verified video shows.

Crocus City Hall was about to host a rock concert when the gunmen burst into the foyer and then the theatre itself. Much of the building was engulfed by fire and part of the roof collapsed.

ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the attack although many have opined that it is more likely to be mercenaries engaged by Ukraine and/or NATO.


14 Responses to “Russia Vows ‘Merciless Destruction’ Of Moscow Mall Attackers and Planners”

  • If Putin is serious, he need only pick from the following to exert self-defense.

    1. CIA
    2. Israel

    For these 2 funded ISIS.

    If he wants a longer list, then add the list of NATO nations to it, especially France which has openly stated that it wants to attack Russia, and that is motive to me.

    What do you think?

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  • Truth:

    FSB reports 11 suspects detained over Crocus Hall terrorist attack – RIA-Novosti
    Four of those arrested were directly involved in the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall, the agency has reported, citing the Kremlin.

    With the arrests, Russia will know who the terrorists are.

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  • @Truth

    All the 4 shooters are from Tajikistan, a landlocked country North of Afghanistan, where ISIS is based.

    According to preliminary investigations, the plan was to commit the shooting, and then escape to Ukraine where their handlers are based.

    Putin is fuming and so are the Russians, the handlers are in Ukraine, good enough justification for Putin to do a Gaza on Ukraine in “self defense” since the handler is based in Ukraine.

    Putin has been refraining from toasting Zelensky but this attack has provided all the needed justification for Putin to change his mind and send a Hypersonic missile to Zelensky’s front door.

    Once Zelensky is taken care of, then Putin can settle more scores with Afghanistan, where ISIS is based and also its supporter Israel.

    Wonder what has NATO got to say now, that it supports the terror attack in Moscow?

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  • Truth:

    Lots of dis/information flowing around.

    The Tajik ministry said in a Facebook post that Dushanbe had not received confirmation from Russia regarding “the fake information currently circulating about the involvement of Tajik citizens” in the shooting. The country’s Foreign Ministry asked not to disseminate unverified information.

    Meanwhile, the Islamic fundamentalist group ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the mass shooting at Crocus City Hall, according to independent Russian TV channel Dozdh (Rain).

    Dozdh notes that the announcement used a template that ISIS no longer uses, raising concerns about the authenticity of the ISIS claim.

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  • Mayilavosky:

    There was a similar incident in 2004 which took place in southern Ossetia, one of the self ruled republics of the Russian Federation.

    The incident saw a group of heavily armed personnel took hostage of more than a thousand people in a school where a concert was about to begin. The school was located in the small town of Beslan, South Ossetia.

    All the armed personnel were killed by the Russian troops, more than a hundred students of the school and their accompanying parents were also perished in the course of the rescue mission.

    Following the incident, the Russian army mounted a massive operation in Chechen, another self ruled republic of the Russian Federation.

    The incident in 2004 and the recent one would appear to have the same religious undertones.

    Every one is now watching the developments and try to figure out what it means for the world.

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  • Every nation remotely associated with the shooters is now very very worried about what will happen to them when Putin starts exercising “self-defense” for no one nation on planet Earth would be able to stop Putin and that includes the warmongering US. And that includes Israel if it is found to have been involved in the planning and funding of the terrorist act that killed over 100s of innocent Russian civilians, so such nations are all trying to deflect the blame and stay clear. Chechens should remember 2004 when they were taught a very very hard lesson for trying to be funny with Russia, so I doubt this time they were involved even though they do have ISIS based there.

    From what I have read so far, many netizens are convinced that the US’s fingerprints are all over the attack, maybe even the Israelis are involved too, for the US and Israeli Mossad fund and support ISIS, this is no secret.

    The nationality of the shooters has been determined, there is no doubt about that, but Putin wants the mastermind and evidence so far suggests that Ukraine, (abetted by NATO) is most likely the culprit and signs the checks.

    If it is determined that some NATO nations had aided and abetted Ukraine in this, then we would probably see another CheChen in the making for US and Turkey aside, no NATO nation can withstand the onslaught of the Russian military, which is the most heavily armed on planet Earth.

    Tone it down a little, Ukraine’s link and involvement in facilitating the attack have already been established and since Russia is already at war with Ukraine, there is no longer any further need to prove anything “beyond reasonable doubt”, “someone from within Ukraine was supposed to assist the shooters to cross over to Ukraine” is already good enough justification.

    I am sure there will be others that will be implicated in the investigation, but Putin needs to act fast and exercise “self-defense”, so I think Ukraine will bear the brunt of a full retaliation, with or without NATO. Us bombed Syria due to the death of 3 tripwires, Russia has over 100 dead, I would opine Putin needs to do another Chechen to appease his countrymen.

    This incident has just taken the war into a different league for it is no longer “Russia invades Ukraine”, but “Russia exercising the right of self-defense” against a nation that has engaged terrorists to harm innocent Russians. If I were Putin, I would stick that to Zelensky and invade Ukraine, how convenient a justification to not make full use of.

    I doubt any NATO nation would be stupid enough to defend or provide arms to Ukraine which is being retaliated against for a terrorist act that it has committed. The US can try, but if they poke their nose into the wrong a$$e, they would find themselves be facing China, India and maybe even North Korea and Iran.

    It was the US that coined the term “terrorist” and by extension, ANY nation on planet Earth can go to war with “terrorists” and no nation would dare defend a “terrorist”. Now Putin can proceed to turn Ukraine into glass if he wants to, for starters, while the remaining culprits are being weeded out.

    My 1.2 cents.

    P/S: BTW, I don’t believe ISIS was involved. knowing these fighters, they don’t escape, they die with the mission, ref: 911.

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  • Greenland Sleeping Shark:

    So far, Japan has been the only country on earth that was bombed by nuclear explosive devices before.

    It looks like a new candidate has now emerged as Russia has been adopting the principle that they will use their nuclear weapons when national security is threatened.

    Russia has the most number and advanced tactical nuclear warheads. This greatly enhanced the willingness to use them as smaller tactical nuclear warheads would achieve the results desired but nuclear fallout would be negligible.

    The attack by armed personnel this time could be used as reason to utilise tactical nuclear warheads. The world would be very different if this unfortunate scenario takes place.

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    Putin doing a Nethanyahu? By allowing Nethanyahu to commit genocide instead of isolating the Oct.7th attack, now every country can stage a terrorist attack and commit genocide by claiming self defense. It is reported that US intelligence did warn Moscow of an attack so did US intelligence do the same in Israel? What both attacks show is neither Putin or Nethanyahu are able to protect their own borders or citizens.In my opinion both should resign in shame but neither will and now to cover up their incompetence more people will have to die.It could also be that the agenda is different and human lives sacrificed.

    Tech: The US started the BS, so as long as claim “self-defense”, any nation can do a Gaza. Who to blame?

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  • Calm needed:

    Better be calm ….can easily get out of hand and the start of WW III.All the world will suffer.
    Just curious why ISIS attack Russia ?
    Is it not the enemy of my enemy is my friend ?

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  • rice:

    The takeaway: Never take terrorist types lightly.
    Imagine 911,Mighty U$A.
    And now,Mighty Puke-Tin got caught off-guard.
    If Putin thinks he is untouchable,he better think thrice.

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  • Shocking news:

    Investigators establish link between Moscow terrorist attack suspects and Ukrainian nationalists

    Large sums of money were transferred to the Crocus City Hall attackers from Ukraine, the Russian Investigative Committee has said.

    The suspects in last week’s Moscow terrorist attack were linked to Ukrainian nationalists, the Russian Investigative Committee stated on Thursday, citing preliminary findings. The perpetrators had received “significant sums of money” from Ukraine, the law enforcement agency said.

    Investigators have obtained “substantiated evidence” that the suspected assailants received funding from Ukraine in the form of cryptocurrency, which was then used to prepare the terrorist attack, the statement read.

    Law enforcement officers have also identified and detained another suspect who was allegedly involved in financing the attack, the Investigative Committee said, without identifying the individual.

    Earlier, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Aleksandr Bortnikov, told reporters that the US, UK and Ukraine may have been behind the attack. The Ukrainians may have been preparing a “window” for them to cross back over the border, the official said. “On the other side, they were to be welcomed as heroes,” he added.

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  • Hand over the terrorists:

    Moscow demands that Kiev surrender terrorism suspects
    Russia has insisted that Ukraine hand over those it believes were involved in terrorist attacks, including its spy chief.

    Bush demanded Osama, then invaded Kabul. Putin may be planning a similar move. Demand terrorists, then invade Kiev.

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  • @Hand over the terrorists

    Good move by Putin. Putin is saying “hand over the terrorist or esle…”. Use diplomatic solution and if Zelensky still try to be funny, then sorry lor.

    By then even NATI, especially France all “Dildo In Mouth”, also cannot fault Putin if he invades Ukraine.

    Putin could have just followed the US standard and bomb Kiev, but he choose to give Zelensky another change.

    Compared to the genocidal Biden and his cahoots, Putin is an Angel.

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  • Black Sea Dolphin:

    The fighting between Russia and Ukraine was started off as a “ special military operation “.

    Shortly after the terrorist attack at Moscow, Russia declared that the fighting has upgraded, it is now an on going war between the two countries.

    Meanwhile, Russia has been preparing to deploy weapons with huge destructive effects for use in the war. Attack on major infrastructures has been intensified. If Ukraine does not go to the negotiating tables on Russian terms soon enough, Ukraine will suffer more.

    Two other major cities, Odessa and Kharkiv, where most residents are of Russian stock, will likely be the next targets by the Russian army.

    Zelensky is the culprit who got all these for the country.

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