TR Emeritus cleared of Malware allegation

We are pleased to inform our readers that TR Emeritus (TRE) has been cleared by StopBadware, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to helping webmasters suspected of being infected by malicious badware and also provides independent reviews of websites blacklisted by data providers such as Google, GFI and NSFocus.

On Sunday (13th May), Google blacklisted 2 of TR Emeritus’s working domains, alleging that these domains were infected with Malware that “redirect visitors to harmful sites”.

Due to this blacklisting, both of TRE’s domains ( and were banned by browsers that subscribe to Google’s “Safe Browsing” technology, namely Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This prevented readers using these browsers from visiting TRE.

After a through examination of the servers that host the 2 domains for possible breaches, our techie submitted a request to StopBadware on Monday (14th May) for an independent review. [ LINK ]

Expecting the process to take a week or so, our techie was surprised to receive an email from StopBadware this morning (15th May), informing that both of the blacklisted domains have been cleared and removed from Google’s blacklist.

Congratulations! Google is no longer reporting this URL as badware. We have updated our Badware Website Clearinghouse to reflect this. Any third-party warnings about the URL that are based on Google’s data should be removed shortly.

We’re able to manually review websites (like yours!) because we’ve maintained our status as an independent non-profit organization; this means we rely entirely on donations from individuals and organizations that believe in the value of what we do. If we’ve helped you, please consider making a small donation. Thanks for helping stop badware!

The StopBadware team

According to StopBadware, the process for reviewing websites/domains are:

The first step of our independent review process is to request a malware review of your site from Google. If, as a result of this request, Google does not find anything suspicious on your site, then Google will remove your site from their Safe Browsing blacklist.

If Google does find something suspicious, StopBadware’s testing team will manually review your site. If we find bad code, we will send you a sample of that code. If we do not find any badware, we will contact Google and request more information about why they believe your site is still infected.

With the removal from the blacklist, readers should not be banned from visiting TRE with a BS Malware notice. However, due to local caching by browsers, it is advised that the browser’s cache be cleared if such issue persists.

The [email protected] would like to thank the [email protected] for their super-efficient, fair and just assistance provided to us in this matter.




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4 Responses to “TR Emeritus cleared of Malware allegation”

  • opposition dude:


    For the Adsense thing, would emailing the Ireland office be of any help? Not sure if they would just taichi it over to the Singapore office though.

    Or maybe go with another provider?

    Tech: Been there, done that. IGNORED. TRE is currently with other networks, but the income is significantly lower than Adsense in comparison. Thank you.

    GD Star Rating
  • oxygen:

    TECHNOLOGY IS USED by the powerful to oppress, not to facilitate better living for inhabitants on this planet. That is why the tech giants don’t allow their kids to be exposed to the tech “viruses” consuming their lives at an early age. Human and social behavior have been permanently (??) altered by digital technology – some are good, others are downright EXPLOITATIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE.

    Someone I know visited a property launch show, got his mobile phone stealthily scanned of assisting claimed market reach of future contacts of new opportunities – only to find that he is now inundated with a mountains of messages – all of which is irrelevant and even offensive of solicitations.

    One day, you will find a replica of another “Cambridge Analytica” disrupting the prevailing disrupting technology, and the world will wake up that technology needs to be tamed too.

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  • rukidding:

    Wel done , Andrew and Team members !

    Clap ! Clap !

    GOD Bless you all !

    GD Star Rating
  • Bapak:

    Congrat, TRE. We will support your efforts all the way. And thank you for having it cleared.

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