Wong Kan Seng makes a mountain out of a molehill in relation to arrests of JI members in 2001

After a number of years of being retired from politics, former deputy prime minister Wong Kan Seng has said at a forum on religious harmony that following the arrests of 15 Jemaah Islamiah (JI) members who had planned to bomb several targets in Singapore in 2001, “the threat of serious public disorder loomed.” As all the arrested were Malay-Muslims, “not getting the communication of this sensitive news right could have been disastrous.” 

In making this statement, I wonder if he is bigging up his own role in this saga? Either that or he is making a mountain out of a molehill.

Singapore’s authorities are always harping on getting the racial balance right in Singapore. But yet, they seem to be the ones that are always raising the race card in situations where it is a non-issue. Instead of banning adverts that say “Chinese speaking preferred”, he chooses to over-manage how to report a fact?

As far as I am concerned, these 15 potential terrorists were first and foremost Singaporeans. If they were indeed Muslim fundamentalists, then they were Muslim fundamentalists! It is a fact. If facts are stated as they are, they are less likely to cause offence. However, by over managing and acting like it is a problem because they are Muslims, creates the problem!

By saying if “not handled well, we were going to have a lot of unease, which may even cause disturbances leading to disorder, which can lead to riots,” Wong Kan Seng is suggesting that Singaporeans cannot accept the truth? Is he concerned that news of potential terrorism in Singapore would cause concern and fear or is he concerned that it could upset racial harmony? If it is the former, fair enough, if it is the latter – NOT AT ALL. From his statements, however, it isn’t very clear what it is he is trying to say apart from the obvious attempts at praising his own handling of the matter.

Criminals come in every shape, size and race. These happen to be Malay Muslim fundamentalists. It isn’t racist or an attack on any religion. It is simply the apprehension of people who planned to wreak havoc in Singapore. Apart from making more strategic intelligence gathering to prevent further attempts, what else is there to manage in relation to communicating the news of the arrests to the public? Where is the danger of the “disaster” that could ensue just for telling Singaporeans that they arrested 15 Malay Muslims?

Perhaps Wong is mindful about the conveyance of information to Singaporeans after the Mat Selamat fiasco to diffuse the embarrassment of a big faux pas?

Wong further stated that “this was in contrast to the experience of many western countries, where political leaders have a hard time reaching out to such community leaders”. I honestly am bemused by this statement. Firstly, where is his evidence for backing this statement up? Is Singapore more effective at speaking to its community leaders than the so-called western countries? Also, which western countries is he talking about? Just for the record, there are many. Many PAP leaders love to cite unnamed “western countries” in a bid to show how great Singapore is but without naming a specific country and giving examples, they are just words plucked from the air.

In Singapore, there is growing discontent with how the government is unable to understand the struggles of the average Singaporean. It is mind-boggling that Wong can still categorically cite the government’s success in communicating with the public.

Singapore is a much smaller country compared to the “western countries”. It is, therefore, no surprise that terrorist plots are easier to foil. Is Wong Kan Seng talking up the government’s communication skills?


by Ghui



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11 Responses to “Wong Kan Seng makes a mountain out of a molehill in relation to arrests of JI members in 2001”

  • Bapak:

    You mean this defeated-by-Mas-Salamat guy is still inside Not outside Singapore?

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  • I'm Halimah also Jiak Liao Bee:

    This grossly overpaid CLown was the Home Minister and is the one accountable for the escape of the limping terrorist Selamat.
    And how is it that he is not sacked, but yet his boss Loony defended him.
    Goes to show how inept these Clowns are when managing security, and yet still drawing their obscene pay checks.
    Using the race card and fear factor to draw votes, and as always, no one in the higher up is accountable or responsible for any fiasco, the blame always goes to the guy underneath.
    Ought to remember that 2 deaths in the SMRt and numerous deaths of our NS boys, and do you see any of the PAPIGS taking responsiblity and do the honorable thing and commit hara kiri ???

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  • opposition dude:

    The only 2 things people will always remember about Wong Cannot Sing are the following:

    - He let a high profile terrorist escape. One that had problems walking and yet somehow managed to swim across the Straits of Johor.

    - He got demoted for it after his party lost a GRC. Before that nothing happened to him since PAP is not known for accountability.

    So just continue laughing at his ineptness, no amount of nicely written words in the shit newspaper can ever hide the FACTS above anyway. Sure, they will say that Wong “asked” or “volunteered” to be an MP to save face but hey, we all know better don’t we?


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  • LIONS:

    He was just a balls-carrier extraordinaire,nothing else.

    Damn cocky n loathsome.
    To think he was even DPM,he must have polished apples really hard or licked boots frantically like a pet doggie.

    Well,thats his legacy.

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  • Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:

    both these idiot and marboro tan have no achievements

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  • this sob is b himself again:

    This sob was bustarding himself thinking he was such shit hot sob while he was plp in active pap oolitic. This sob has been uso arrogant that once a man shouted at him in the airport for being rude and obstructing his very old feeble mother. Wasn’t this sob the reason why lky ruled that special treatment at airport n red carpet treatment at civic function involving invitation of MPs or Ministers were only for himself n any other demanding such will be dealt with? Apparently wasn’t there was leaked info that this scumbag thought he was the best plp of lky n yaya his damn way all over n eventually stepped on the wrong foot of a bigger and hotter plp that he was not soon after mercilessly n quietly chopped n disappeared in thin air. May be Knowlegeable and influential senior Sinkies PAP sympathizers could enlighten the young Sinkies?
    Is he now trying to use some stupid excuse to come back trying to see whether he can imitate Mahathir to show his young master n avenged his unglorified dismissal? Perhaps he should n see the end of this sob in SIN politics!

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  • WKS:

    Mas Selamat escape should have led to major worldwide terrorists attacks again.

    His escape should have help launch multiple Sep11 attacks in USA and UK, and particularly the SG American school here should have been a prime target.

    imagine US embassy in KL and Jakarta getting hit,

    imagine Sep11 in London,

    imagine bloodied American school kids here being carried out from the rubble in body bags and stretchers all with PAP/WKS and Mas Selamat’s names all over the scene.

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  • George Orwell says:

    “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.”

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  • UniQ:

    Do a search and see who WKS is related to :) what was is previous job before becoming a minister…give you a hint…he is in HR…. LOLOLOLOLOL

    Once you’ve got your answer, you will know why he is immune to all the screwup he created and still can now live a very very comfortable life.

    Sinkies are just to dumb to know nothing happens without a reason, and whimps enough not to make a difference but instead crying out loud for help??

    Strange culture that deserve to face the difficult time ahead.

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  • another:

    Famous words: “either Mas Separate is in Singapore or out of Singapore.”

    In either case you could not find him you bozo kambing.

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