Building ahead of demand?

I refer to the article “Building ahead of demand is key for Changi Airport’s success, says Khaw Boon Wan at T4’s opening” (Straits Times, Aug 3).

It states that “Forward planning and building ahead of demand are important to ensure that Changi Airport keeps ahead of its rivals, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said on Friday (Aug 3) at the official opening of the airport’s Terminal 4 (T4).

“But building ahead of demand requires sound judgment. It is not simply ‘build and they will come’. The aviation industry is unpredictable, subject to many disruptions, including oil prices and, at times, unhelpful governmental interventions,” he said.

“Adhering to straightline projections may end up in tears. We must be sensitive to potential disruptions and be ready to make strategic changes promptly when warranted,” Mr Khaw added.”

Since the Transport Minister was the Health Minister from 2004 to 2011 – did we “build ahead of demand” for healthcare?

In this regard, according to the Department of Statistics’ Yearbook of Statistics 2012, the total number of hospital beds in Singapore declined from 11,936 in 2001 to 11,394 in 2011.

Increase in hospital admissions

The number of hospital admissions increased from 384,054 to 469,445.

Increase in medical tourists

Medical tourism has also increased to about 850,000 medical tourists a year now.

Population increase by 1.1 m

Against this, there was an increase in the population from 4.1 to 5.2 million over the same period.

Shortage of hospital beds

This may explain the historical spate of letters and media reports about the shortage of hospital beds and longer waiting times in public hospitals.

So, arguably, which is more important – “building ahead of demand” for Changi airport, or “never build anything at all” for healthcare (hospital beds)?


Leong Sze Hian



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17 Responses to “Building ahead of demand?”

  • MarBowling:

    THIS MF $8Cow aka Fart Hou Seah Sump(speak like an Angel BUT with a Heart of a Snake)Ihas the SAME mentality like his countryman Ahjib……build ahead of time… 1MDB, Tun Razak Exchange, HRS btw KL-SinKapore, etc.. Trust him at your own peril!

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  • opposition dude:

    Same goes for HDB flats. Underbuild and then faster build more after losing a GRC.

    Or how about never ending MRT disruptions leading to a massive overgaul of ageing assets which eventually will lead to higher train fares?

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  • DOOM:


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  • Incompetence:

    This G is running our country… the ground!

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  • Absolutely Corrupt:

    Shifting money to losses, expensive projects are the best masquerade.

    This project is one with “unlimited and unknown” budget.

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  • pap slush fund:

    building airport terminals, more of them, is NOT the same as building more runways.

    sure. they sing loudly new T4. did they add ONE runway to the additional T4?

    seriously. they can build T5 T6 up to T10, but if the number of runways remain as 2, what it means is more tourists can house under T5 T6 up to T6 but the takeoffs and landings all delayed long long.

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  • LIONS:

    BUILD WHAT *AHEAD* OF anticipated DEMAND?


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  • HarderTruths:

    It’s not about building per se. It is the exorbitant mafia prices the government charges for no reason other than to put it in their pockets.

    Most of the airport services are unnecessary or priced at luxury level for no reason.

    Same with HDB, KopiTiam etc. etc. The profit is first calculated and everything back-calculated on that basis.

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Not true. For Changi Airport the plan is to “create demand”, i.e., make Changi Airport itself a destination and the reason foreigners would want to come to Singapore.

    The above proves that PAP has run out of good ideas. It is a “spent force”. Time to bury PAP with LKY for good. TIME FOR REGIME CHANGE.

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  • another lie:

    by theirvnfi rampant import of foreigners and free education for hundreds of thousand of foreign students. Evidently this is a nfi planning ahead that lead to not just lie but a decadent advice and most damagibg o real nation building by encouraging the citizens esp the young that university degree in unnecessary to success in life. It is true with persons gifted with special skill but that is rare in any society. If the govt is true, how many ministers, judges, lawyers, engineers, bankers, CEOs etc etc are non university grad. Is PAP suggesting that they r forward planning towards a citizenry of office boys, errant runners, food court cleaners, road sweepers n supporting staff for the comfort of the foreign trash they imported. Is this their solution for their nfi of 2 is enough that leads to a reversal of inverted pyramidal distribution with a potential fear that the educated are getting wise to the inadequacies n nfi syndromes of the plpism they desperately inculcate to stay in power n to legalize whatever they want. When a person can rationalize apptees with obvious conflicts of interests because of past association to have no such problem because he is successful in his career show the person has lost its sensibility, simple logic and rationality perhaps to prolonged plp. Fortunately Mahathir does not have such nits in his team or else billionaires Najib will not be exposed b by the same reasoning that he is sucessful.
    It is really alarming sign if this is the contents of PAP forward planning format as nonchalantly rationalized by the $8 rotten heart case.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Alarmak very rare, where to find, only ONE in Loongkang’s team. Go home to build your mother’s or father’s grave ahead of demand.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    What an absolute joke! PAP’s addiction to Mega-projects is already so obvious. And they would rather built showcase icons to impress foreigners instead of building what the general population needs (more hospitals). Examples, Esplanade (Durian or pineapple), Gardens by the Bay, Jewels @ Changi.
    S’pore under the PAP is just a SHOWROOM ECONOMY! Done to impress foreigners.

    Khaw Boon Wan: “Adhering to straightline projections may end up in tears. We must be sensitive to potential disruptions

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  • Pap underest dafts:

    From the number of posting in TR E, it is definite that pap underest the multitude of citizen talents who LKY has insidiously ridiculed as dafts so that he n his well groomed plps can import foreign trash to the tune of equal or more than the citizenry so that they will not kpkb adding to the plp supreme ashened roti prata’s enviroment stink. They r comparative to the absolutely NFI 3 n 4cesspools of worms whom lky has again like the pap ge promises promoised to groom to look after the interests n benefits of citizens but Singaporeans began to realized they r groom in expertise to self gratification n glorification. Agreeably big look good seem good but effectively potential white elephants but serve the purposed as analysed by enlightened daft Singaporeans.
    It looks like pap is damn good at plp foreign lps. It can spend 20 millions to give a arrogant luxurious vacation for two clowns to have a great joke on the imbercile n his harem of plps moronically patting themself to host a historical event. For ‘good’ reasons, they cook up ways of fleecing the state fund on hugh EXPensive mega projects only they justify for the national interests with figures buried in the dark holes but they r not even notice there r projects of national prestige n citizenry pride n inspiration like what was reported in today plp media ST on MUSA.
    It is interesting that PAP C tactic of giving shits when they shriver on prospect of losing control n demanding platimun when they have netted the daft Sinkies so baited has now formulated like the imbercile’s faved dinner joke of pork soup from Shanghai tap. no take chick wing from the royal Gorillas n their plps else they will have no choice but to give them a whole chicken. Presumably this may replace the Imbercile fav prc jokes in his next celeb dinner.
    puk nan e kye si bei liao as the Hokkien says succintly describe the self gratifying n self glorifying mentality of nepotists n their harems of plps. To eradicate this shits from the cesspools, TCM way of medical treatment is necessary than WM. The former hingns on source n not the superficial appearance.
    Mahathir has put this in practice when he has the last laugh over his political counterpart. Sinkies should take lessons from the young school kids. Beware of the chicken wing which will cost u the whole chicken. Beware Hunan clich Yao ji bud kin kin. Take money eyes shining bright.

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  • GCT opportune redemption:

    SW isn’t an honourable title, worse it stinks thru geberation, worst when it stinks with betrayal n evil colloboration. Ingrate seems to be the nepotic genes which has an infectious ability to infect the genes of plps thru evil activities enshrouded in secrecy. TCM was invited perhaps he has lesser evil tainted but SW has a bigger price to pay for salvation. The wave of awakening to people destiny is in their own hand n to boot out the ingrates n the traitors whenever they r fooled with seemingly noble action. To pay gold for sand is not only stupid but killing own roots. But the wave also bring forth salvation. Self gratification n self glorification with plps r suicidal n the chance to be free of the bond is often not easy to come by. So SW give yourself a chance of redemption before u finally lie down Saving the sinner, laying down your sword n be instant Buddha r not as they said. Deep sense n commitment to be change r prerequsites. So hurry up SW, u have the obligation to undo the rotten idiot image.

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  • Lye Khuen Way:

    Yes, and as pointed out BT Mr Leong the same for Hospital beds /Polyclinics.

    The only “good foresight” they had was for their own selfish wants. Their salaries.

    Yet, a Minimum Wage cannot be implemented.
    Mind you. Minimum Wage, not Minimum Salary.

    There is a Big difference and there lies the half Truth about the 13th Month payments. Last I heard, it is no longer mandatory under our Labour Law. Or was it?

    opposition dude:
    Same goes for HDB flats. Underbuild and then faster build more after losing a GRC.

    Or how about never ending MRT disruptions leading to a massive overgaul of ageing assets which eventually will lead to higher train fares?

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  • Khaw and the sacred cow:

    an idea, custom, or institution held to be above criticism (with reference to the Hindus’ respect for the cow as a holy animal).
    Eg. “the sacred cow of monetarism”

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  • OMG:

    Power Stations become Privatised

    Government Hospitals become Privatised

    SMRT become Privatised

    Public Buses Company become Privatised

    After building up Changi Airport, sooner or later also Privatised.

    Using Singaporeans’ money to build up all these, become Private Properties ???

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