Mustafa Centre investigated for alleged violation of Employment of Foreign Manpower Act

I make reference to the ongoing investigations by MOM.

Frankly, I am a little puzzled as to how this undue practice could carry on for such long periods of time as this is not new! In fact, the “cashback” thingy has been a long established practice for over a decade, stretching back to 2007 when the foreign talent policy was further liberalised after LHL took over governance from GCT. This can only be fully eradicated if the government legislates that either MOM or Jolovan Wham’s HOME be made to administer the foreign workers’ salaries and detect any irregularities.

In this climate, how can Singaporeans ever compete on a level playing field when we are not able to accept such unjust practice, in addition to having to contribution to a rapidly depleting CPF, fulfill NS obligations and for our women to repopulate when we are severely handicapped by a wrong starting point?

When feedbacks were given to then Tan Chuan Jin and Lim Swee Say’s ministry, their bureaucrats would often reply by demanding that you provide precise details on any MOM infringements, such as the personal information which requires a warrant to inspect. These template responses are deliberately created to deter members of the public from blowing the whistle in the name of protecting our economic interests and at the expense of social fabric and the law. It is no wonder many have already lost faith in the system to uphold Justice and Equality!

On another front, elderly in their 70s or 80s who are unable to work are being used by some syndicates to register with the CPF Board to fulfill the Singaporean workforce quota so that the conglomerates can hire even more S-Passes and WP holders for a small token that is rewarded to these elderly. When you patronise eateries such as “Jollibee”, “Pauls” and “Paradise Group”, you would not have failed to notice the overwhelming number of foreign labour, compared to that of locals. Where are the rest of the Singaporean workers? What are the CPF inspectors doing about these false declarations?

Some Middle Eastern establishments and Sarabat Stalls at Arab St and especially Bussorah St’s Kampong Glam Cafe would prefer to take cat and mouse risk by hiring illegal over-stayers (like the Bangladeshi robber apprehended at Muscat St), Indian student pass holders or long term social visitors of sham marriages for $40-$50 a day on 12 hour weekly shifts. I would like to know if there are any takers from the PAP grassroots on such offers?

In the absence of a first world manpower legislation like Australia’s and New Zealand’s coupled with the rampant exploitation of Singaporean workers, we will never truly arrive at the destination of productivity, where every Singaporean is truly treasured and appreciated for their contributions and efforts. Hope that GE 2019 or 2020 will be a turning point where there are more SDP MPs who will be our voices in parliament!


Wee Lee Sum



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16 Responses to “Mustafa Centre investigated for alleged violation of Employment of Foreign Manpower Act”

  • N.Jungne:

    Aiyah they are on holiday with pay, what is wrong?

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  • True facts:

    Another reason for Regime change la.

    Voice down to the efficiencies of the ministries in charge.

    Lack in controls and proper management by the ministry in charge.

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  • Irene Wan contractors' Asses:

    All they care about is making money, if that’s not obvious by now.

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  • Bapak:

    We are back to those ancient cookie days when landlords and their slave-worker guardians demand kickbacks from slave-workers as protection money.

    Our Ministers are paid millions and yet sleeping on the job. Woody can still say they are not paid enough? Very bad fart, Woody!

    We are not even in 3rd= or 4th-world zone. We are so backward no words can describe where we are.

    Mustafa boss has been evading taxes, he should be sued till his pants drop. Do you think our sissy Pinky and his PAP Gangsters dare to do that? Bet you they don’t dare. They are so scared the closure of Mustafa Centre will affect their KPI, hence their bonuses will be affected.

    It’s all for their own selfish gain. Just watch. At most just a small fine and close case. Shame on PAP G who gives Singapore a bad name. WTF, what kind of government we have? You stupid 70% Sinkies, you better wake the F up!

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  • rukidding:

    Pimps and prostitutes (P.a.p. ) aren’t interested in “Legal” Laws or Practices…instead what they are interested is $$$, powers and their own set of “Leegal” Laws !

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  • UniQ:

    Change the lawmakers, not making more noise.

    More Noise, Still = Noise. Legislatives still will be passed Sinkies STILL at the end of the blade tip

    Thus, CHANGE the lawmakers, this country will then have a chance to offer some saving grace.

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G is nothing more than a third world island complete with a communist juanta in power, a FT upper class and third world local citizens.

    Why should something like this Mustafa debacle NOT happen?
    What makes people think $G is something more than what is really is?

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  • nizhemoshou:

    Do you still think must have more oppo voices in papleement will solve the problems ? Such mentality must cease now that oppo are talking about coalition. It is now or never oppo must unite n form a coalition to topple the imbecile LHL and his pap govt or SG is gone case for good..

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  • DontComplain:

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  • David Neo - King Kong Ass:

    So that’s why foreign workers are so welcomed here – cash back.

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  • Perspective:

    One more thing – the cashbacks. Where do they end up? Back into the company’s account? No right? Cash transfer. No more trace. Non-taxable income. Does it look like money laundering?

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  • LIONS:

    another money-sucker.

    went there to take a look-see.
    not impressed at all.

    messy,yet not cheap.

    think we should re-instate the ‘SUNGEI ROAD THIEVES MARKET’ to cater to the needs of poorer sgs who want real bargains.


    So poorer sgs have to PAY AND PAY,even for ‘cheap’ stuffs???

    the COL starts from the apex,the COST OF GOVT.



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  • Jman:

    The economy is way too open, with way too many foreign companies, with way too many tricks up their sleeves, and moving way too far ahead of the Govt.

    On the Govt’s part, it has way too little enforcement for so many years already. All these foreigners are running rings around the Govt. The Govt is ever so ready to be rough with us Singaporeans as they know we have nowhere to run to. With these foreigners, there are religious sensitivities, big power sensitivities (read China and India) and so the Govt ends up tip toeing around infringements by these people.

    The author is right. It has been and still is a free for all. And it shouldn’t be.

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  • Bapak:

    Question is why our government so to speak employing the highest paid top caliber “capable” brains, scholars never think or pre-empt these companies can do such unthinkable things? Whereas these companies bosses can?

    Simply put, when you are too highly educated, you forget the basic.
    When you are sitting in the ivory tower, you don’t know what is on the ground.

    We are having the wrong people in government, they are not worth a cent.

    One more thing – the cashbacks. Where do they end up? Back into the company’s account? No right? Cash transfer. No more trace. Non-taxable income. Does it look like money laundering?

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  • tiktik:

    A few people from india works in singapore with fake work experience , lot of people joined especially in IT area with fake experience . can we inform to MOM these of type of things I know few people who joined like that

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  • robert:

    prasad applied job in Singapore with fake work experience and he got the job immediately

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