Redundant laws for show and the Rule by Law

I was shocked to read what PM Lee had said in parliament with regards to 377A. Although he echoed my view on the need to prevent the promotion of LGBT as a “lifestyle”, but he seems to suggest that the PAP government has not enforced 377A aggressively thus there is no need to repeal it but it as status quo.

I am even more surprised that some LGBT actually criticized my moderate middle path to resolves the issue of 377A between the conservative and liberal, claiming that they would rather vote PAP because I made the suggestion that although I would not disagree that 377A should be removed but law against the promotion of LGBT as a lifestyle should be considered at the same time.

They would actually agree to vote PAP which prefers to do nothing to repeal 377A but reactive passively by promise not to enforce it, rather than opposition like me who agree to strike out 377A but considered other ways to come to a consensus between the conservative and the liberal.

PAP is a government without moral courage and backbone to come up with a solution with consensus built upon mutual respect and understanding between the two camps. Instead, it just took the opportunistic populist and easy way out of such social dilemma. It is a party without logic, common sense, reasons and principles to start with, least any moral courage to do the right for social cohesion and harmony.

To retain law which they themselves admit that it will not enforce is basically illogical and irresponsible in managing the legal aspects of the society to stay relevant to changing social perspectives and context.

If LGBT still thinks they could trust PAP to “let them go” with the promise of non enforcement of 377A, then so be it. We will end literally become a society without the Rule of Law but just Rule by a Law, according to PAP’s liking.


Goh Meng Seng



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9 Responses to “Redundant laws for show and the Rule by Law”

  • consensus by manipulation:

    its a known fact all around the world. That is why they have aparliamentary democracy to table laws and conduct vigorous debate. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    Dear Mr Goh Meng Seng :

    I have much admiration for you for speaking up against the all-powerful, unfeeling, uncaring PAP.

    But for this article, I think you have got it all wrong. LGBT is a worldwide mental illness problem that needs to be treated. If it cannot be treated, then governments have to ensure that the sickness does not become a national epidemic, as it has in other so-called ‘advanced’ countries.

    Once LGBT is fully legitimized, in no time it will fester like cancer, and consume whole societies. The rot and decline of traditionally strong and prosperous nations over the last 50 years has quickened dramatically onec LGBT becomes mainstream, glamorous and even desirous.

    Sodom & Gomorrah met their fiery ends thousands of years ago. So, Mr Goh, please continue to fight for rights but be on the right side of rights. That includes the rights of individuals not to be buzzed and swarmed by mentally-ill individuals who are a menace to society

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    Let not SG60 become Sodom & Gomorrah 60

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  • PopCorn:

    The law has murdered and killed(enforce or not enforced, it is the same spirit) a substantial portion of the population – supporters and sufferers – by condemning the entire lot.

    These people, lgbt, are consider outcast and despised by their laws and hence their society , which are representive of the majority.

    The world wide human rights body should not sit quietly and not ACT POWRFULLY

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  • why be shocked, clown is clown:

    when clown took over as prime minister from seat warmer, mediocre peanuts wage wouldn’t go, he put up his right hand to govern without fear or favour.

    then, when Mr Roy Ngerng exposed citizens’ CPF is gic money temasick money, clown sued. jolly good, even though there was really no case against Mr Roy Ngerng on facts, only on delivering a factual message in the wrong manner.

    but, when Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling accused clown of far more serious abuse of power, clown didn’t sue. clown cited my brother and my sister excuse, basically words meaning clown governs with favour.

    so, a human who can be so hypocritical, why be shocked? after all, he is clown for a reason. because he cannot help being anything else but a clown. and a very superstitious clown. when he started, he was told pink was his colour. so everything went pink. but he didn’t actually do any well at all when he was pinkie. so, they told him if pink doesn’t work go blue. so, now he is all blue. but, as things stand, blue doesn’t work well too.

    WHY? pink or blue is not the fault. it is the person, being clownish clown.

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  • Ownself protect ownself:

    Now you know how our NS boys died? There’re rules but they don’t enforce them. The commanders can do what they want, be ridiculously strict, unreasonable or tekan the recruits, but when something gravely serious happened then the authorities will come out to punish the culprits and say “some people didn’t follow the rules, we’ll punish those at fault”. So, PAP is always never at fault!

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  • 377b:

    If opposition parties would strike out 377a, they would surely get votes what. The previous article gave the impression that Goh MS did not want to remove it if voted in.

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  • oxygen:

    PLENTY OF BAD STATUTORY LAW IN PAPpy skeleton-filled cupboard. Justice Pang in City Harvest Church admonished the incompetent failures of our parliamentary law-makers when he said this -

    “A hard case should not be allowed to make bad law,” said Justice Phang.

    and here is another giant bad law. A HDB Principal Legal Counsel has this of its law construction and interpretation.

    “HDB “lessees” are “owners” of their flat. In the context of the Singapore Land Registration System, HDB flats are leasehold property, with a tenure of 99 years. Therefore, when HDB sells flats to the purchasers, we are selling this leasehold interest of 99 years to them, subject to the provisions in the Housing and Development Act (H&D) Act. In fact, the term “owner” has been defined in the H&D Act to include a person who has purchased a leasehold interest in the property.”

    You “own” a HDB flat and you need to lease exactly the same flat from another unknown other (of a leasor) and at the end of the lease, you must surrender all your legal rights to this ghostly entity. In other words, your legal interests and rights are DEFEASIBLE IN SUBORDINATION to and at the COMMAND AND WILL of an undisclosed unknown other CONCURRENT “owner” which may be a legal entity or legal abstract of fiction superior interests?

    Is some “superior mortals” telling “lesser mortals” that his Lamborghini XYZ 8888 paid for in cash in full settlement to dealer ABC now owes an undisclosed sum or legal interest in that SAME sport car to a leasor concealed and undisclosed at the same time?

    So when is a “owner” of a property is an “owner” of that property?

    This reminds me of the quirky law re-definitions of

    When Is Sex Not “Sexual Relations”?

    IF THE LAWMAKERS CAN’T BE CERTAIN OF WHEN AN OWNER IS NOT A LESSEE, the lawmakers are going to be thoroughly confused as to when is SEX not sexual relations. The public mind might be all confused and mistaken believing erroneously that our lawmakers might all be “gay” of “illegal” sexual orientation and conduct doing it against the wall, perhaps and not even knowing?

    PLENTY OF BAD LAWS in LEE-jiapore needs revision and re-writing – LIKE IT OR NOT.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Why are you shocked? Did you really think this clown or his minions had a brain?

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