Why anti-PAP types now really quiet about Malaysian switch from GST to SST

When PH won GE and it was annced that GST would be scrapped in favour of Sales Tax, the local anti-PAP types cheered saying that taz the way to beat rises in the cost of living and inflation: bring down prices. I think even P Ravi joined in.

Since then, the silence has been deafening given

Malaysian parliament question time risked breaking out into mayhem on Monday (Oct 15), after finance minister Lim Guan Eng declared he never promised that the Sales and Services Tax (SST) would bring prices down.


Don’t our anti-PAP types say in TOC, TRE and other alt-media sites KPKB that without GST, prices would be lower?

Tomorrow is Budget day in KL and

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng’s maiden budget is expected to contain new taxes and spending cuts, and he has warned Malaysians that they should be prepared to make sacrifices.

The new government has to cover a revenue shortfall arising from its decision to scrap the goods and services tax (GST) and reintroduce fuel subsidies —  both done to fulfill election campaign promises.


Sacrifices? What sacrifices? Anti-PAP types told us that jux abolish GST and everything will be fine.

Any wonder why they so quiet on GST?


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor



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14 Responses to “Why anti-PAP types now really quiet about Malaysian switch from GST to SST”


    Dear CI,

    I had warned many Malaysians that PKH promise of removing GST is just a rename exercise.

    Hahaha.. I am right… PKH rename it to SST and now they have problem implementing it fairly.

    Goh Chok Tong is right.

    Malaysia politicians are mediocre as they do not earn more than S$500, 000.

    And if you get mediocre politicians you get stupid policy like SST and you will also get RM4 to SGD 1.


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  • More Pain Needed:

    Because whatever that could be said is already said.
    Whether sinkies wake up or not is up to them.

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    With a friend like Cynical Investor, Singaporeans don’t need enemies.

    Cynical Investor’s moods swing like those of an escapee from IMH. Beware of this mole from the PAP.

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  • ci,ffff yr mother, ffff yr sis:

    go back to where you belong, you Msian running puppy.

    Singapore belongs to Singaporeans, not to pap PA paid IB.

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  • Haigen-diaz:

    How do you get a hard-core PAP supporter like CI to see the ‘bait and switch’ Lim Guan Eng had just played on him? My first instinct was to ignore this, but it is hard to do so, when for that matter, CI acts like he’s in total control of disparate economic destinies and flagrantly confuse monetary with fiscal policy. Proposals to cut/hold taxes must come with their revenues, and need to be compared with their alternatives. Of course, monetary policy isn’t causing inflation (price increases) if the banks aren’t lending; the money basically roundtrips back to the Treasury. On the other hand, government spending (i.e. an element of fiscal policy) can lead to inflation (price increases) if it is directed towards non-productive activities (as it usually is, particularly when pandering politicians are in charge of doing the directing); it causes an increase of demand for goods and services without increasing the supply thereof. Inflation is not purely a monetary phenomenon; it’s also about the quantity of goods and services the economy produces and the velocity of money – how fast the money is spent. You can increase the quantity of money – but if velocity is low because people don’t spend due to unemployment and/or stagnant wages and the quantity goods and services produced remains high, then prices stay the same or go down. The only thing that would lead to real inflation is a long overdue increase in our minimum wage, and the PAP right-wing will do everything in its power to drown that possibility in an ‘inflation threat’ bathtub. Fair comment. Here we are, on the cusp of an all-out trade war, with rising interest rates and the hint of tax-cut stoked inflation, and yet the market continues its high wire act. Like ‘austerity’ economics, deficit-scaremongering and trickle-down economics, right-wing ‘theories’ are almost always wrong because they never come close to accounting for reality.

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  • Bapak:

    Dont let this CI distracts us, stay focus especially on the WP’s court case, the PAP’s incompetency, their awarding businesses to their owns without tender, their blaming of citizens,….etc. There are too many wrongs in our own house no time to F care CI. Malaysians have solved half their problems by kicking out UMNO. Now is our turn to stay focus to solve our problems by kicking PAP out. CI, good try but you’ve failed.

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  • oxygen:


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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    CI missed the point. Again. He did not see the “big picture”. Singaporeans finally realized from seeing what happened in Malaysia that REGIME CHANGE is the only solution. So no point making noise just VTO at next GE.

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  • apek:

    Country is broke , understandable…So we keep quiet.

    Sometime methinks you should think deeper and Not shoot from your hip and live up to your cynical persona.

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  • Grassmudmare:

    CI, brilliant!

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  • Bad Boy:

    Maybe also China harboring jho low and Dr M instead send 11 xinjiang muslims to turkey than China ?

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  • rukidding:

    Cynical must be damned stupid indeed !

    Sure, …everyone now has to make “sacrifices” because after PH won,…then could they managed to find out what were the skeletons inside those closet that Mr Botak and Ganged had “hidden”.

    These “sacrifices” was because of “hidden debts and extreme spending” by the past G….NOTHING to do about GST or SST …( you must be an idiot)

    Same, same here,…..who knows,…maybe if Pappy was “kick out”…for all you know,….we too may be “horrified” to find out some “terrible news” that, TOO was “hidden” in our closet !

    By the way, most Malaysian understands the need to “sacrifice” ,…after knowing what the PAST Botak had DID….AND THE GROUND SENTIMENTs remains SATISFIED that what they HAD DID to REMOVE Mr Botak was indeed a GOOD THING for the future of their country !

    Please,…Cynical,…don’t talk cock when you DO NOT KNOW OR DO YOUR HOMEWORK on the GROUND !

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  • Zero Sacrifice + Top Failures:

    The point is, the “Good Government” in Malaysia is trying to patch up the big holes and the enormous debts now in their Country left behind by the “suspected” “Corrupt Government”.

    Particularly Malaysians Government didn’t paid themselves millions and millions of tax payers money or proclaimed themselves as comparable market Top Best.

    This is one of the sacrifice and dedication of the Malaysians to serve their Citizens and not reap them of tax payers money.

    The contend is, they have an “Honest Government” solving the problems with the Peoples’ support.

    We wish them well.


    We must cut GST. Why pay to be reap by the millions and millions and obtain no results but instead all the bad news and tax hikes?

    Zero Sacrifice + Top Failures.

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  • NFI Scumbag:

    Once blur, everything is blur n very soon all become blur n incapable to understand. The only way would be to appear cynical just like a sheepskin clad wolf thinking that everyone would think it is a sheep. While in school, the habit n belief that he would be invisible to the teacher if he avoid eye contact with the teacher. Plagiarising sacasm of a national on his own country n using them at dinner party hoping would boost his non existent sense of humor ending up y blaming the originator for the low quality joking.

    Go ask Tommy, Dony, Professor or even Indiani n her GRC kid 真蠢行 $10 chaitowkwei to get a better understand abt tortoise n bloated arrogant bootlicker.

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