The tragedy of our current 4G leaders

Today (8 Jan), the Malaysian and Singapore Foreign Ministers will meet again to further discuss issues relating to the airspace above Pasir Gudang (which the Malaysian authorities have declared as No Fly Zone) and other related issues. I hope that outstanding issues scheduled for discussions can be satisfactorily resolved because they are in our interests.

However, realistically, I am not optimistic. If I were Malaysia, would I be friendly with Singapore? My answer is No. To understand why the bilateral relationship between our two countries have regressed and the other side has adopted an unfriendly attitude, we need to go back much further.

In this matter, I want to make it very clear that I am not advocating that we adopt a soft stand when dealing with the Malaysians but we could definitely be more understanding, flexible, accommodating and less legalistic, a trait which the PAP government is very good at.

For example, the PAP government differentiates between East and West Malaysians when CPF withdrawal is concerned and that must irk any Malaysian government worth its salt. Is that really necessary, or are we trying to be difficult?

Although legally, Malaysian authorities have forfeited their rights to review the raw water price that they sell to Singapore, we could say ‘yes’ to their request for price review especially in their hours of need. If the PAP government so willingly blew millions of dollars away in fireworks, helping a neighbour in need will be money better spent.

People like Heng Swee Kiat and Vivian Balakrishnan etc are all well-educated and decent men. But to me, in order to become effective
ministers, these traits are not enough. At best, they only make top rate administrators. The job of being a minister is too big for them, much lesser for those so called ’4G Ministers’.

To me, in order to become a truly effective minister, big IQ and impeccable education can never compensate the lack of EQ and human sensitivity. Simply put, those men sorely lack basic street-smart EQ.

It is so different from those old guard Ministers who were educated coupled with rich IQ, EQ and certainly not lacking being street-smart. The late LKY was very street-smart. Today’s millionaire superstar PAP ministers are only book-smart but so deficient in EQ and being street-smart which is so critical.

In fact, many of the differences between the both countries could be easily settled if mutual respect and trust are genuine and deep enough. If all those are lacking, then what else can we talk or are left to talk about? The honest answer is nothing much. Everything law by law lor. Otherwise, what else? This is what our current millionaire superstar ministers lack so much when dealing with the other side.

What a tragedy!


Simon Lim



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15 Responses to “The tragedy of our current 4G leaders”

  • Not much time left:

    Thats why we SGs want them removed asap.
    Theyre destroying our country and citizens’ lives in so many ways.

    They are a major irritant to us ordinary sinkingporens.

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  • Partial truth?:

    Flexible is it ?

    How about all malaysia supporters sell their houses pool their monies and loan to malaysia ( black and white with contract legalise everything including interest ) ?
    Show your support and confidence in Malaysia and Dr Mahathir. Please action . Take it as investment , take it as foresight.

    What say you all ?

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  • Raw deal for sinkies:

    These so-called 4G chaps have neither acumen not clout. They just need to carry ah loon b*lls and their $m job is secure.

    If can’t deliver or perform, just wait to be posted to another portfolio. Haha… what’s the problem lah!

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  • Asd:

    Money don’t make good man… shameless ownself pay own self…

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  • opposition dude:

    The situation isn’t as simple as it seems. Both sides do not want to be seen as weak and simply giving in to the other, not with Mahathir in charge who we all know never liked Singapore.

    And let’s not forget to mention PAP too. We all know PAP likes to play hardball, it’s always their way or no way at all. Witness their unwillingness to review the water price and forever harping on the fact that Malaysia signed a contract. Or making so much noise when Malaysian ships entered our waters.

    Simply put, Mahathir wants it difficult and PAP is more than happy to reciprpcate likewise.

    It’s said when Najob was boss things were very easily done. The old railway tracks from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands were dismantled as an example. Whether Najib was easily manipulated by goondu Loong is another matter altogether but Mahathir will never be so easy to handle.

    Let’s see how Anwar is like when he is boss.

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  • Angry Rooster:

    The tragedy of the 4G is they have to play the devil’s advocate in the Malaysian saga. When all is done, the Devil himself comes out and plays the “angel” May God’s wrath be upon him!!!

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  • It's The Familee Genes:

    This article assumes we have lot’s of reserves to be nice, the truth is likely not and it is not in the genes of Pappies to be nice.
    Pappies will fill their own coffers and milk dry all within their power.

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  • Kicking The Can Down The Road:

    Vivian met with the Foreign Minister of Malaysia today and it was announced that Malaysia has agreed to suspend the Restricted Air Space effective immediately for one month and Singapore will suspend the Seletar ILS Radar for one month.

    This is like China/USA trade dispute and further tariff was suspended for 90 days.

    Why want to act tough when you were not able to convince Malaysia. Its the same as telling Malaysia to get their ships out of our water or else we will take action. Mahathir decided that their ships remain and all the Ministers who issued the warnings are now Chui Tak Lan (cannot speak now cos they have Malaysia cocks stuck in their mouth). Mobilize Reservists, tanks, artillery guns and F16 fighter planes practicing live bombing for what if you dare not carry out the threat.

    As I see it, in the end we will agree to raise the price for Johor River water. It will not bankrupt Singapore and it will be good for long term friendship and cooperation. Don’t forget we are dealing with a 93 years old veteran who will ask to see your card at Poker.

    Its time our younger leaders become matured and develop high EQ or we will kick out the whole lot for making a fool of themselves in front of the whole world.

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  • abuse of power:

    Singapore today has the wrong people in charge.

    Singapore today has those S$m faced yesmen yeswomen Ljs and Cbs all sucking up to the pap clown and pap clown wife, and nothing else.

    coffee shop talk is rife. fight for Singapore? in 1980s YES. in 1990s perhaps. in 2000 a question mark. in today’s Singapore ffff NO.

    why fight to defend someone’s bungalow and mercedes benz when all we have is over priced HDB rental flat. ffff NO. ain’t gonna fight in today’s Singapore.

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  • a PG:

    It all boils down to our so-called elite & rich mini$tars. Hence, how to negotiate with our neighbours’leaders who are getting a fraction of the elite earnings. That’s y the Malaysian ministers are very pissed off with our elites. When you earn $$millions, you are very authoritative in the ways and manners you handle others.

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  • Talents ... but Virtues?:

    It would be a fine thing if a few natural aristocrats filled the rank and file, Simon. Then perhaps common men wouldn’t be lectured about the existentialism of water when it costs us 200 times more than the price the boss sells purified water to Malaysia.

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  • mai siao lar:

    //How about all malaysia supporters sell their houses pool their monies and loan to malaysia ( black and white with contract legalise everything including interest ) ?//

    mai siao lar. sell houses ? when you support someone, will you sell your house ? even foreign donation (whatever amount ?) here in sinkie land may be termed as ‘foreign interference’. what makes you think that the white idiotic authority will not go after you for donating and making a loan to northern neighbour. the white legal team is quite wayang in the way they come out with wayang reason to get you hor ?

    //Please action . Take it as investment , take it as foresight.//

    got foresight ? so easy meh ? if the foresight (can predict meh ?) of the white idiots is so good, then they would have predicted that their certain ‘action’ would contribute to tension right ?

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  • more durain or mee siam partie:

    //Witness their unwillingness to review the water price and forever harping on the fact that Malaysia signed a contract. Or making so much noise when Malaysian ships entered our waters.//

    once heard from old man something that goes like this, if both parties are sincere and with good intention (with ‘friendly’ compromise of give and take), don’t need contract.

    if both parties are always wanting one-up from the other side, even got contract also got problems. you may need 500 pages or 1million pages just to make your point and there may be response and counter response which may take months and years to ‘argue’ and matter may still not get settled.

    we are permanent neighbours (like it or not), have more durain or mee siam parties with one another ?

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  • Partial truth?:

    @ mai siao lar

    Excuses again. Another faker who fail to walk the talk.

    At your own discretion if you willing to donate after selling i dont see any issue.
    At least you propose and if they shot u down then you can high key publicise.

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  • rukidding:

    wtf …just “get rid” of P.a.p. !

    Whats the point of having Pimps and prostitutes to “make your life like shit” ???

    Frankly, I wouldn’t even mind if an “internal war” happens !

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