PAP needs the opposition to co-govern Singapore effectively forward

Singapore had been in the news for all the wrong reasons over an extended period of time. From the endless MRT breakdowns to SingHealth’s lack of accountability, from our medical data breaches to internal-theft of HIV patients’ data, from preventable NS deaths due to alleged weakness in MINDEF’s safety consciousness to the high suicides rate among our elderly & challenged-individuals, from the plight of our hawkers being exploited to the huge loss of good-paying jobs to FTs due to unfair FTAs, and the list is not just endless but also growing.

The current 4G PAP government had obviously been frantically trying to keep their heads above the water amidst growing frustrations & calls by Singaporeans for greater transparency & accountability. Every attempt to trivialize these issues as “to be expected as we grow” was shot down vocally by its citizens. This is due largely to the growing pent-up anger of citizens who had earlier placed their trust in the PAP but are being disappointed, election after election, and can no longer accept such lame excuses.
Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat’s recent attempt to “justify” their collective failure by stating that the PAP leaders will do what it takes to put things right. Instead, he got slammed by many citizens when he could not show “tangible” proofs that the government had indeed heeds the many calls & feedbacks of the people and are taking concrete steps to address them. For a start, where is his list of things that needs addressing?

How can one address an issue when an issue is still not being addressed as an issue? Are PAP leaders afraid or paranoid about being responsible or accountable?

As though sequenced like a stage show, Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing then tried to use the stability of our country as an excuse to push all these unresolved issues aside. But it again backfires. His overly-simplistic attempt to shift the narrative with such overused tactics simply fuels the angst of many Singaporeans. Someone had obviously failed to tell him that even his predecessors were already facing strong criticisms for using such distractive-tactics that were conceived by the old PAP leaders.

Singaporeans are no longer naïve and many had indeed lost their trust in the PAP. As a whole, we had matured much over the years and many are aware of the dark side of our politics, its selective-policies & the wider economic challenges due to missed opportunities by our leaders. Our elected leaders are under-performing, and more of the “same-old” will not help them out of the predicaments that they had created.

If stability is indeed so critical as Chan had alleged, why isn’t he taking concrete steps to resolve the unending issues and address the aspirations of Singaporeans, and use his explicit actions to subsequently unite Singapore? Is he unconsciously telling the world that Singapore – or rather the PAP 4G leaders – had lost their competitive advantage? Is he even aware that he is sending a distress signal to investors and unconsciously sabotaging the creation of new job in Singapore? Is this how he perceives leadership? Is he really so out of his depth as a Trade Minister?

In between the two fractions, the people and the 4G PAP leaders, there are the mainstream media’s “politically-correct” experts and their IBs. On the other end, a new breed of opposition leaders heeding the calls of the people and championing the “citizen’s power” of frustrated Singaporeans. The people is being collectively painted by PAP group as a mindless opposition force, with their call for greater accountability labelled as being unwarranted and their angst being sidelined as a cost for progress. The Hard Truth is that Singaporeans simply want the PAP leaders to take responsibility and be accountable for their action, and also those of their political appointees & related parties.

With the Finance Minister scheduled to deliver his Budget Speech next Monday, what can Singaporeans expect from Budget 2019? Words are already spreading like a wildfire online that the 4G leaders will be using Budget 2019 to sweeten the ground in anticipation of the upcoming GE, expected to take place in 2019. If Budget 2019 indeed turn out to be a bag of sweet-goodies, it begets the question – is the 4G PAP leaders resorting to populist-politics to win votes in the upcoming election? Are they not remotely concern about the harm such an action will cost us?

As a nation, we have prided ourselves as a people who are corruption-free, hard-working and highly trustworthy – we take responsibility for our actions. If the 4G PAP leaders were to take the route of populist-politic and give out goodies to win electoral-votes, then all the values of being a patriotic Singaporean and nation will be trivialized.

Any person grounded in Confucius-studies or Liberal Arts will know that when the leaders of any nation stripped away or trivialize its core-values & guiding principles, it will be divided and will definitely collapse. This is a historical fact. Has the PAP 4G leaders run out of ideas to craft policy or govern Singapore forward?

Any engineer will know when they design a structural support that they must carefully calculate the load bearing that the support is designed for, and then make contingency for redundancy. In short, the support is never subjected to load beyond what it can safely bear. Why can these 4G leaders learn from their engineering peers and design policy that will not break the backbone of Singaporeans. There is much to be desired in our housing, employment, healthcare, education, immigration & taxation policies. Where are our contingency & redundancy to ensure SG remains viable & liveable for Singaporeans?

What is the real Value Proposition of being a patriotic Singaporean? I can see the endless demands such as NS, co-paying pension scheme, medical-care & endless insurances utilizing our limited CPF, endless taxes, endless fines, endless call for community-volunteering & charity-work, but where is the real benefit of being a patriotic Singaporean?

If SG Inc. can pay out obsessive remunerations to their senior executives, where is the monetary-transfer & dividends for its shareholders? Where are the regulators to ensure that our rights as shareholder of Singapore are not infringed upon? Hearing we are rich but not being one is two vastly different perspectives altogether. This is a Reality-Check – are we actually rich or poor?

If this 4G leadership is the best that PAP has to offer, the future of Singapore is indeed very troubling. Investors are already concern about their existing investment and it is meaningless to be even talking about future investment into Singapore. For citizens, the failure of the government to create quality and good paying jobs even for our young graduates, further compounded by unfair FTAs such as CECA, is making life very unbearable for many Singaporeans.

The alternative for many Singaporeans is to turn to the opposition. There are some bright sparks among them. I think the opposition has a vital role to play in the future of Singapore. In the upcoming GE, I hope they will give Singaporeans a real hope to hope for a better tomorrow, for themselves, our families, and children, and for future generations to come. In reality, no party can do it alone and some form of coalition has to be forged.

Our opposition has wised up and learn much over the years and so it is naïve to be expecting a blanket coalition for every Tom, Dick & Harry of the opposition to hike a free ride into parliament. Some had become obsolete & irrelevant and ought to fall out with dignity, just like many of the PAP MPs. A Smart-Coalition among the bright sparks will be a positive step forward. As Rome is not build in a day, such a strategic step is a critical first step if we aspire a better tomorrow for Singapore.

A leader we must have and a leader we shall find. Singapore truly deserves better.


Joseph Nathan



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11 Responses to “PAP needs the opposition to co-govern Singapore effectively forward”

  • Sgp PSP > Msia PH:

    citizens of Spore must cease talking about a better clown pap.

    because clown pap ain’t going to change. after all who is ever sick of making easy S$m year after year.

    rather citizens must start talking about a New Government.

    it can be done. Dr Mahatir PH has shown the way. how many Internet IBs were laughing at Dr Mahatir when he stood for GE14. now where are these Internet IBs?

    so it is the same with Dr Tan CB PSP. many pap PA paid IBs are laughing at docile 70% sheep not wanting to rock the clown pap boat. not long to wait for these pap PA paid IBs to run road when GE2019 results are announced.

    when citizens read of any writing that says work with clown pap to make it better, stop reading. because it probably is a piece of BS from pap PA.

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  • N.Jungne:

    When KARMA works nothing can stop, like what are happening now.

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  • LIONS:

    Even more,the OPPO needs to be truly n honourably united in order to keep the greedy PAPIE$ in CHECK or they will continue to err.

    PRITAM refused to attend oppo alliance meeting but could spend much time with PAPIE$ on ANTI-SOCIAL CONmittee?

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  • oxygen:


    WE ARE ALREADY DEEP INTO TWO DECADES of PAPpys-led decay without check and balance from opposition politics and that has accelerated in the last few years.

    Nowhere it is more clearly exhibited than this illuminated informed writing in

    The Incredible Shrinking Singapore Stock Market

    Capital market is the lifeblood supporting commerce and industry. In the last few years it is INCREDIBLY SHRINKING for LEE-jiapore. In market capitalisation, the 3 banks and telecom is nearly 60% in aggregate. The dying marine sector is much of the rests. In 20 yrs we HAVE NOT CULTIVATE AND GROW A VIABLE DOMESTIC ECONOMY which give rise to growing pool of quality new listings with strong domestic capital support from stock market investing.

    To be sure, the listings have climbed by maybe 100% in 2 decades but mostly very poor quality small enterprises plus some dubious red chip (Chinese) fly-by-night listing to add. Those local listings that exist prior to 2 decades either merged or stagnate and or got nowhere of growth aspirations and accomplishment – their share price now remains roughly what they were 20 years ago. With no capital appreciation and little dividend, if any, how to attract public capital support. The stifling political climate inhibits challenges of status quo and creative adventurism – entrepreneurship is dead culture. The mentality is buy-property-vote-PAPpy seduced by the dumb PAPpynomics of asset-enhancement-politics which is a scam of transferring wealth from the poor to the rich and a suction of capital (savings) and retirement funds (CPF) into fake property ownership of public housing. Property does not increase in size or generate income (in owner occupation), how can that every create wealth is beyond my comprehension of such STUPIDITY UNLIMITED AND SHALLOW GULLIBILITY OF THE MASSES.

    THE INEVITABLE DAMAGE OF OUTCOME is loss of confidence in capital market investing supporting real business and enterpreneurship. Hence no surprise that someone discover and wrote the HARD TRUTH (officialdom just DIAM DIAM DIAM) THAT OUR STOCK MARKET IS INCREDIBLY SHRINKING – we won’t see the same in HK, Sydney, London, Frankfurt, NY, Toronto or Shanghai.

    LEE-jiapore is on the decline trajectory and that decay is accelerating. PAPPys is only focusing only on preserving and extending its political hegemony and longevity.

    And 70% of the voters, sadly, are too stupid to even begin to discover they are stupid to impossibility.


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  • opposition dude:

    The PAP has always resorted to vote buying in order to win your votes, who doesn’t remember they gave a few hundred dollars to each of us and termed it a Growth Share package? Some dafts will fall for it since they have this stupid mentality that the government cares for us to give us money, these voters should just be prevented from voting to be honest.

    And PAP’s old tactics of scaring us if the opposition were voted in worked well in the past so might as well continue to see how many dafts fall for it. The main issue for PAP now is that there is a lot of public anger over the SAF deaths and Singhealth lapses. You just cannot sugarcoat it all over by saying shit like we will do better, one off incidents and all that rubbish. People want accountability simply for the fact that it has happened too many times already but PAP’s arrogance won’t let them do the right thing.

    I’m not sure if the anger on the ground exceeds that in 2011 when it was the number of aliens let in plus not enough housing was built and the trains being overcrowded. It led to a GRC lost, 5 monkeys out the door and a 60% vote share. If the anger this time does exceed 2011 would that lead to at least 3 GRCs lost and perhaps a 52% vote share?

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  • Boh Kia See:

    There is no need to have the PAP to rule over Singaporeans. They are obsessed with control and will not change. This is because of their basic unspoken assumption that they are ” the best”. With such blinkers on the party cannot innovate or adapt yet provided them with a sense of superiority.

    The point here is that when you consider you are “the best” then there is nothing better; otherwise, you will not be “the best”. Hence by having such blinkers it also stops them from having empathy towards others.

    So in short, the PAP doesn’t need an opposition party to rule Singapore. They consider it a limiting factor on their “genius”.

    With the PAP, there is only one way—all or nothing if you want progress of Singapore and its citizens.

    So Singaporeans are being driven into a corner with their backs against the wall. They must come out fighting for themselves and their children. Capitulation is not an option.

    VTO–the PAP; we can do better without them.

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  • Tremendous:

    The strategies of the party will work this way.
    First they will avoid all tough questions,
    (a) top accountability on soldier deaths and health data leaks,
    (b) inability to pay citizens down to last CPF dollar without turning your money illiquid,
    (c) pressure on CECA terms,
    (d) misuse of funds like SkillsFuture,
    (e) solid HDB asset enhancements with compensations withheld from entire Cabinet till hard benefits are realised for citizens, and
    (f) pressing fertility rate worldwide low record

    Then throw in the budget sweeteners and ah! this WILL BE FOLLOWED by an endorsement from their Chief of Chiefs or Deputies on the newspaper front pages.

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  • Bystander:

    As we see it, goodies before Election, the more the merrier, but at the ballot box show them the middle finger. Then PAP would get the picture,
    then would try other tactics. Have to wait the next wayang show coming up with a brand new script, till then, same old tricks, mo bian.

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  • We deserve natural aristocrats:

    RE: “As a nation, we have prided ourselves as a people who are corruption-free, hard-working and highly trustworthy – we take responsibility for our actions. If the 4G PAP leaders were to take the route of populist-politic and give out goodies to win electoral-votes, then all the values of being a patriotic Singaporean and nation will be trivialized.”

    Well, maybe common Singaporean workers are corruption-free by and large, but being 4th in the global crony-capitalist rankings means that Singapore government officials are not quite right in all or some of their business dealings doesn’t it?
    Dishing out goodies for our votes is an enormous travesty of the trust we have given to them to manage our CPF savings – haven’t they disfigured, nay decimated our personal lifetime savings?

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  • True facts:

    Sit too long at the top become complacent n lapse.

    Time for change.

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  • nizhemoshou:

    Need oppo to help the most expensive n corrupt pap to co govern ?? dah, need oppo to kick out and form new govt. Only then can stop the supreme greed n rot , can clean up the mess created by pap leegime self serving rule n leegalised corruption , very importantly can investigate immediately cpf, reserves , gic/th books and all else that the leegime ought to be accountable n transparent but have refused to do so all these years. Otherwise co driver will just be throttling along with the evil axis engine of the leegime.

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