Singaporeans should tell themselves…

Singaporeans should tell themselves they DO NOT NEED a ruling party (PAP) to govern their country when their MPs either snoring away during Parliamentary sessions or stay at their homes or doing their own private business when they should be speaking in Parliament on how to serve their constituencies.

Singaporeans should tell themselves they do not need PAP to govern their country when they only work for the interests n benefits of Singaporeans only half the year before the next election in their five years terms while the rest of the time they r serving the foreigners n to self glorify themselves by giving out goodies n spending billions just to be swindled n con by the foreign govt eg $28 millions just for one day holiday meeting between Kim n Trump at the expence of Singaporeans with zero benefits.

Singaporeans should tell themselves that they do not need PAP to govern their country with zero transparency n citizens queries were not answered but persecuted with heavy court order to pay till their pants drop n still the non transparency remained except when LHL’s sibling LHY/LWL allegation of bureaucratic compliancy n dynasty plot which Parliament received a wayang show belittling the dignity of the Parliament to a family court but no action was taken by any of the Constutional watchdogs or the independent public institutions to safeguard the demands of the Constitution.

Singaporeans should tell themselves they do not need a Party to govern their country where they have to be hungrier, greedier n more aggressive than the foreigners they import to displace them from the jobs, to steal back from them if they need a job in their own country. This expose the lie of GCT on his garb stayers n quitters but somehow reminds one about lky abt Citizens not having to go as workers n maids like the PRC, pinoys indians etc in their country but what he did not say was that his successor will bring the foreigners here instead to enslave them n recently arrogantly issued a public threat by their new second secretary of the party berrachan chun sin that he has no problem to import foreigners to displace more Singaporeans not long after he flaunted his politically acquired wealth n insulted Singaporeans of patroning the filthy n smelly wet market food centre serving food not worth the price they charged compared to his example of $10 chaitowkwei served clean n airconned.

Edwin Tong blamed foreign actors jeopardizing their dealing over Malaysia water intrusion but no action seemingly loving to repeat the fiasco in their HIV leak sago if true. ST reported what Malaysia compensated for the delay of the high speed train project postponing but left out to mention what has Singapore pays again a fishy non transparency.

Etc etc (feel free to add to the list)

Singaporeans delay no more… VTO.


No More Joke




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24 Responses to “Singaporeans should tell themselves…”

  • True facts:

    They r just good at taxing the people heavily nothing else.

    Time for change.

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  • Pay Auntil Pok:

    Singaporeans should tell themselves, if this same group of incompetent and irresponsible leaders are voted to run our country again for the next 5 years, we’ll surely see more and more screw-ups, and they’d only continue to protect themselves again and again. Won’t we be seeing sg’s doomsday soon?

    Singaporeans should tell themselves, this is a self-serving party which believes in 有难人民当,有福人民行动党自己享.

    Singaporeans should tell themselves, if they don’t sack themselves for making mistakes after mistakes, then GE is the time we sack them!

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  • rukidding:

    For a better future,….simply “kick , vote out” P.a.p !

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  • We r serious:

    PAPplp ST reported today that LHL with his military plps r serious abt the safety of NSmen? Does it mean they r not serious or give a damn to the NSmen except for the greedy hungry n aggressive tagging along arrogance n super ego white houses .esp the royal n their super plps’ sons. Nevertheless it is better late than never BUT it is damn easy to say but a different thing to do n honour what is said. Have Singaporeans heard what papn its harems of plps with a growing Gfart worms promised to serve in the interest n benefits of Singaporeans n even swear to each their Gods jthru the Holy Books BUT what Singaporeans saw was their insults, their arrogant display of their political wealth self endorsed by their majority presence n worse their incessant threat that they have no problem to import foreigners to displace Singaporeans from their jobs n university. They can spend billions of citizens money on state fund to provide fee education n sufficient to support their family n to trade on the stock exchange to match with the political billionaires which they become with zero effort. While all these times citizens have to pay increasing taxes, lavies, fees n higher service charges. The biws n their highly rewarded plps getting richer, greedier, hungrier n more aggressive, arrogant n disgusting insulting n threatening.
    So they r indeed serious but only their interests n benefits. Ma Bow Tan is a classical example of becoming a real estate tycoon. The completely empty parliament with PAPMPs n ministers except those who r scheduled to bullshit n wayang with the few WP MPs more likely to have their pleasure to insult them with their own speakers who doesn’t know what it means by parliament dignity n honour.
    Yes Singaporeans must be serious with electing a government to serve them not to insult, threaten n trying to please foreigners n yield to demands like the $28 millions spent to entertain over a day inconsequential meeting of kim trump over nuclear.
    Vote these clowns out n to bring forward what they did all these years that they r afraid Singaporeans to find out n know! Singaporeans will never know what they did that they r so afraid that they know only if they r voted out like Najib n UMNO. Mahathir’ has not completely impressed Malaysians esp those diehard blind followers that it is good for his country to take UMNO down n expose Najib secret operations! Singaporeans have to unite to take pap down n firmly put in place a multiparties parliament with a ruling party with a narrow majority so they cannot irresponsibly contaminate the Constitution to their advantage n to self gratify themselves in whatever ways they desire which legally are abuse of ppower. Stop once n for all polanpa culture becos it is the real nation breaker n effective…

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  • LIONS:

    If you vote for CLOWN$,you get a CIRCU$.

    V.O.I.C.E.= Vote OPPO In Coming Election!

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  • Asd:

    One man decide… all muppet just take $ and sleep lor

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  • Are You Voting For 9% GST?:

    Many Ordinary Singaporeans are not!

    Are you extraordinary?

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  • N.Jungne:

    To me it is the PA that has the hidden hand in Politics of Singapore

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  • Perspective:

    It’s time for all true Singaporeans, including PAP supporters and all those sitting on the fence to take an honest look at the govt and face the realities on the ground. It would be self-deception to think all is well when it is clearly not. Imagine an ostrich sticking its head in the ground when it sees danger. There will always be those who prefer the status quo for personal reasons but not for the good of the nation and people. Looking at the present state, it can only get worse not better if change does not come this GE.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Sorry … I just woke up … what was that again?

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  • More Pain Coming:

    The sleeping has been on in parliament for two decades already.
    It is not an overnight thing.
    So you think dafts can become smart overnight?
    As more feel the pain, change will come eventually.
    The question then will be, can this place still be saved??

    May Almighty help this place and the educated simpletons.

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  • Thomas Jefferson says:

    I predict future happiness for Americans*, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them … Honesty is the first chapter of wisdom… On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.

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  • John Lim:

    Don’t think of VTO. Just vote in enough opposition to break 5their two-third majority in Parliament. Don’t make the same mistake as last G.E. Just put up 50% of constituencies.

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  • RDB:

    Such a long winding article I gave up half and just scan. No mystery that only one comment.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Singaporeans should tell themselves that they don’t need a Party keeps lying to them about asset enchantment, HDB will not depreciate, HDB is a retirement nest, Goal 2010, Swiss living, Renaissance of the east, etc, etc. After revealing that HDB value = $0 after 99 years, still come up with BS about HIP2 and VERS which supposed to happen in 20 years and details will only be known after 10 years.

    Just return back the country to the people. Stop the BS. Tell the people how much in our Reserve.

    Yes, we may have 70% idiots but not for long!!

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  • Hum Liao Lah:

    And we don’t need MPs and ministers who keep talking down to us all the time!

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  • Mai pah mata:

    Our stupid ah mahs n ah kongs at fault…………..they were all Con by 1 lawyer instead of voting lim chin siong……….

    Bai pah mata……….what a twist by the con to say pah mata!

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  • LAN Tut Kang LTK:

    Likewise, we voted wp in, WE CAN VOTE THEM OUT.




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  • SeikaHaikel:

    Yes, the people Gave Them the power.
    Yes, they can take it back.
    But! The population changes every year!

    More and more new citizens added and not subtracted from the population.

    Main issue is the poor. The new citizens are not poor. They are not affected by cpf issue.

    So, more and more support them than against them.

    Cpf sum is negligible to the hi income. CPF is not proportionally deducting on income. It’s capped.

    The poor are affected but even the poor many are afraid.

    And the merdeka package and chas addressed this.

    So, despite failures more and more they will be comparing themselves with the worst in the world and still looking good. That’s how IBs debate. These are their old antics.

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  • Take care of yourself:

    In short, Singaporeans should tell themselves that we REJECT these incompetent and useless clowns PERIOD

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  • metaphorically speaking:

    The Key is to focus on the BALLOT BOX.

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  • Too right:

    Heng talked big like previous near GE budgets to con Singaporeans to give them another 5 years of operating in the dark persecuting any citizen trying to peek into the darkness or speculate what go on inside the darkness that PAP is so fearful of exposure. Does any Singaporean believe that does one needs to hide if one is doing good n wholesome activity. With absolute control of the Parliament PAP has shown they can legalize even self gratification they think they r entitled to them which they would not be able to do so with less than 74.9% control of the Parliament. All the first world democratic nations.
    such self gratification legalization would not be possible n to get them they would have to do them in the darkness which will be exposed in due time n prosecuted. Hence with such power cum breeding n nurturing a humongous harem of polanpas, bootlickers, brownosers n fartworms plus the newly netizen alert of Gfartworms, peek n speculation of what r going on in the darkness r effectively prevented, there should be no reasons for darkness operation. LHL./LWL could not be so naive not knowing such harem of plps is the greatest feat of their papa n have benefitted from them. Their allegation of bureaucratic compliancy is what they knew before the loyalty of harem is fast fading after the dynasty was safely handover by the 千古罪人 to the sibling, the difference being it is unfortunately gorillaized n harem loyalty to famili dimmed further till the offensive went overboard as s LHL has advised that one must be greedier, hungrier n more aggressive to steal in a world half filled with greedy, hungry n aggressive members. as Bootlicker, brownosers, fartworm n polanpa culture is intimately entrenched on rewards dependent loyalty. This brings to another LHY/LWL’s alert of dynasty ambition. As aforementioned the sibling could not be so naive no to know what father son n holy ghost perception of Singaporeans implied. So there is no reason why LHL needs to harbour a dynasty dream cos he already had it. Dynasty change just as in the Tang dynasty with imo imbecile Emperor Tang Shyan Zong n Empress Wu Zetiam dynasty change!
    Singaporeans should therefore not just telling themselves as above but also another one.

    Are Singaporeans so stupid put their future in the hands of such self gratifying, greedy, hungry, aggressive, arrogant egoistic bustards n be taken in with their incessant lies sweetened superficially followed with lethal poison not long after they r returned with power? The cliche one slap twice shy should be wrong for more than half a century. Shouldn’t Singaporeans curious to know what lies within the 5 decades of darkness operations n restore all crimes to their universal interpretation not as pap wishes?

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    GFW Heng m, successor to Big Plp Goh Seat Warmer not for the late old man but for the uncouth little Gorilla for Dynasty Gorilla is out to glorify his sweenteneing budget before the lethal poison after LKY’s daft Singaporeans succumbed to the con wayang which has been well described by a boy’s satire which goes like the boy was offered a drumstick by the PAPPLPMP, the boy refused n told the MP he will demand his parents to give hil a whole chickens ev^rytime he desire’
    ‘All taxpayers will get 50% rebate of their Incme Tax capped at $200 is REAL a big deal with the emwrong idea ophasis on 0%. This seems to be the tone all thru the budget. Heng must be thinking Singaporeans r not only daft but r also ENT tuned as he desired. This was pointd out by Pr 6 student. Wow no wonder GCT has the idea of which he publicly Exposed!
    Singaporeans should demand to know what has Heng budgetted for their self glorification with the foreigners like free education for foreign students including support for their family n their dream of joining the millionaire club thru non prosecutinary speculation, multimillion $ vacation for their idols, undisclosed compensation for contract violation, ministers parties on oversea . Not just the amt but the percentage. What about increase in the numbervof ministers in each ministry far PMO has a mahjong team. Only having the complete picture would Singaporeans know whose interests n benefits PAP is serving : SELF, Foreign or Singaporeans. Accountabilty to Singaporeans is not verbal but deeds.
    Singaporeans time reverse 50 years of who is the real boss. Singporeans or PAP.

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  • Bobo:

    Whether the elected white MPs attend Parliamentary sessions are not important because it will be too stupid to speak up for their residents. They represent ownself check ownself and care only their OWN bank and CPF statement. Planning where to go for family holidays with their fat bonuses and where to live for good retirement.HOHOHO.

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