After streaming, what other sacred cows ought to be slayed?

The phasing out of streaming has been met with approval and applause from the mainstream media, educators, education experts and PAP politicians.

They all say it is long overdue.

But parents and the Opposition have long been calling for streaming to be down away with. So the question should be, why has it taken so long for the sacred cow to be slayed? And what other sacred cows ought to go?

CPF: The notion that the government gets to exclusively decide whether people are capable of taking care of their own money, and when it should be released to them, and delay the release from time to time, is pure hogwash. Will the Central Provident Fund scheme, the mother of all sacred cows, be relooked and revamped?

GRC: How many men and women have entered Parliament through the backdoor, without making a single speech and fighting a single election? Walkover after walkover, and people entering Parliament on the coattails of Ministers. The Group Representation Constituency (GRC) system ties up the Opposition and serves the interests of one party, not the country.

Scholarships: How many government scholarships have been awarded to the children of the elites and the well-heeled? How many opportunities have been denied the children of the downtrodden and the less well-off? Why should taxpayers be forking out hundreds of thousands of dollars for children of those who are earning millions? If they truly deserve it, let them be awarded the scholarships in name, let them get the prestige, but let them pay their way through it.

Generals: The idea that generals are top dogs who can do not wrong, that they can be simply parachuted into top leaderships positions outside the military, is plain ludicrous. Where else in the world do we find generals infiltrating the top echelons of society with such predictability and regularity? Where else (other than in countries with military dictatorships) do we find generals ruling the roost and automatically becoming top dogs for life?

Do you know of other sacred cows that ought to be slayed?



Augustine Low

* The author is a proud but concerned citizen. Voicing independent, unplugged opinion is his contribution to citizen engagement.



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18 Responses to “After streaming, what other sacred cows ought to be slayed?”

  • What next?:

    “Hard truths” next.

    Better still get rid of PAP. Bury it with LKY

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  • Tom:

    Slay the Lee dynasty …. Enough is enough.

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  • Pipi:

    Another sacred cow is Ho Ching. Earning hundreds of millions at Singaporeans’ expense! What a disgrace.

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  • Des:

    Yes agree with Augustine on these sacred cows! Another one – the idea that without PAP, Singapore will go down the drain. With the PAP, SG already in the longkang.

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  • oxygen:

    HOW MANY WHITE COCKROACHES SNEAKED UNDER THE GRC BACKDOOR CREVICES, collected multi-million aristocratic-class wages with the ringing endorsement of AH KONG, and finally departed politics without articulating a single good policy pillar beneficial to AH SENGS living there?

    JUST DIAM DIAM DIAM on all the failings of incumbency and quietly collects the ownself-cheque-ownself payout on public purse welfare handout.

    Meritocracy is FAKE.

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  • The Biggest Cow:

    HDB asset enhancement scam needs to be dealt with and the fair compensation to owners from the land value needs to be addressed.

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  • I'm Halimah also jiak liao bee:

    Make it illegal for spouses and relatives to be in the Govt , GLC where conflict of interest is seen to be apparent.
    An impossible task, what with all the Cronies lining each other’s pocket, ownself enrich ownself.

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  • Chloe:

    Ministers’ salary must be cut by at least 50%. That’s the biggest sacred cow! Gotta go!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Augustine; “Streaming in education” cow can be slayed, it doesn’t affect PAP at all.

    But CPF is PAP’s ATM, there is no way it will be changed for the benefit of members. The longer members’ money are kept the better it is for PAP.

    GRC is the only way for YES men and women to enter Parliament. These people only work for the party and not the people. That is absolutely what PAP needs.

    Scholarship is buy loyalty from the rich. Scholarship for children from poor family is of no use to the PAP. Poor parents cannot do anything for the PAP.

    We need NS because of Generals. Generals work for PAP and generals are very good in saying YES. Generals have no experience so they cannot be going anywhere except in the PAP. No company outside the PAP wants them. They are only good when a company wants to close down for sale. Remember NOL was sold without problem, and SPH wanted this general for the same reason.

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  • where has all the monies gone?:

    medisave…medishield…eldercare…eldershield etc etc..
    consolidate the whole freaking system.
    how many accounts are they making us pay into..
    a great number of people will die before utilising them..
    so where has the monies being siphoned off to.
    this AH LONG SGov has to go.

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  • 有难人民当,有福人民行动党自己享:

    About scholarship, sadly I have a ‘joke’ to share.

    2 boys have equally excellent A’s results but one of them with a better portfolio was almost confirmed to get a scholarship. However, he was robbed in the end all bcos there’s only one available and he was ‘ADVISED’ to delay it to the following year just so some elite officer’s son can get it. The poor boy LL has to accept the ‘advice’ as he’s left with no choice and no option. This is ‘sg meritocracy’!

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  • Cowsense of unsacred networkin:

    A kinsman came to see Nasrudin from the country and he brought along a duck. Nasrudin was grateful, had the bird cooked, and shared it with the guest.
    Presently, another visitor arrived.
    “I am a friend,” he said, “of the man who gave you the duck.”
    Nasrudin fed him as well. Now, this happened several times. Nasrudin’s house had become like a restaurant
    for out-of-town visitors. Everyone was a friend – at some remove -
    of the original donor of the duck.
    Nasrudin was getting exasperated.
    One day there was a knock at the door and another stranger appeared.
    “I am the friend of the friend of the friend of the man who brought you the duck from the country,” he said. “Oh come in,” said Nasrudin.
    They seated themselves at the table
    and Nasrudin asked his wife to bring in the soup; the guest readily helped himself but it was nothing but warm water!
    “What sort of soup is this?” he complained to Mulla. “That,” said Nasrudin, “is the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of the duck of your friend…”

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  • LIONS:

    The problen with $cholars is they are SO ADDICTED TO *SOCIAL ASSISTANCE* eversince they were 18/19 years of age n still wet behind their ears!

    And,then,but for a handful among them,the majority cannot survive without sucking more LOLLIES or rather,PACIFIERS like my grand-nephew???

    Do these scholars ever grow up,even their so-called LEEder?
    Hell NOOOOOO!


    There you know the real problem.
    The $cholars,THEY nebrr grow up!
    How to depend on them to take care of us?

    Same for the rest,4G or what gee!!!

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Simple lah!!! the evil one who started all his evil deeds is DEAD and KORA the shrinking Penis disease is gone and the Balls will begin to GROW leh!!!

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  • opposition dude:

    NS is one cow to be reviewed. Since PAP loves telling us that national defence is oh so important then all new male citizens need to do reservist duty, no wayang SAF Volunteer Corp where one can resign after giving 3 months notice hor!

    Make such a glaring distinction between us true blues over a mandatory 2 years of NS PLUS 10 years ICT and a new citizen who isn’t even required to do any reservist duty, what the hell!

    Oh, the number of third world refugees needs to be trimmed considerably as well. Far too many work permit holders in addition to the E and S Pass people. And I haven’t included the 500k PRs!

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  • honest and dishonest:

    About scholarship, sadly I have a ‘joke’ to share.

    2 boys have equally excellent A’s results but one of them with a better portfolio was almost confirmed to get a scholarship. However, he was robbed in the end all bcos there’s only one available and he was ‘ADVISED’ to delay it to the following year just so some elite officer’s son can get it. The poor boy LL has to accept the ‘advice’ as he’s left with no choice and no option. This is ‘sg meritocracy’!

    when Mr Jeyaretnam told the world about then cj being beholden to pap departed evil lky, every honest person agreed. but like all things Asian, proving beholdenness by asking the then cj and the culprit lky to confess is as good as getting an upfront NO.

    but was there beholdenness. YES. can it be proved? not with dishonest folks since any admission shall have serious repercussions.

    if there is no hanky panky why the need to ask 1st night as recruit if papa or mama is president pm minister mp and so on?

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  • HarderTruths:

    Stopping streaming is not going to stop the hordes of FT taking the jobs for $G locals. No matter what qualification you get the FT can print out a better degree from Harvard or Cambridge on his PC and no one will care.

    Stop the FT problem at the source – the rest will take care of itself.
    To do that the pappies must go – not just be the driver. I mean gone.

    But I do not see that happening.

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  • a PG:

    I feel the next one to be struck off is the selfish and kiasu way of using GRC on the pretext of minority representative. It allows unknown persons to hide under a Ministar skirts to enter Pariahment. Y so afraid of competing for one to one in a constituency as was done in the past GEs ? I don’t think there are other countries employing GRC to retain power and grip. Sigh !

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