No more streaming? Really? What a load of BS

Going by alt media reports, the cybernuts have bot into the SDP’s message that the PAP followed the SDP’s recommendation to abolish streaming. But has the PAP really abolished streaming as the SDP claims.

I think not. The PAP govt has actually refined streaming, while saying it has abolished streaming. Stupid SDP, stupid cybernuts. But what to expect from the best enablers the PAP have: with enemies like these, it doesn’t need real friends.

Roy Ngerng is absolutely right. Extract from: PAP’s changes on the education system is nothing but a cosmetic joke

Under the new system, G1 subjects correspond to the Normal (Technical) standard, Ong Ye Kung said. G2 subjects correspond to the Normal (Academic) standard and G3 subjects correspond to the Express standard.

Take the hypothetical situation that students take 3 subjects for their ‘O’ Levels at Secondary 4, with the different G-subject combinations and grades according to the following:

[1] G3 (A grade), G3 (A), G3 (A).
[2] G3 (A), G3 (A), G2 (A)
[3] G3 (A), G2 (A), G2 (A)
[4] G2 (A), G2 (A), G2 (A)
[5] G2 (A), G2 (A), G1 (A)
[6] G2 (A), G1 (A), G1 (A)
[7] G1 (A), G1 (A), G1 (A)

Instead of 3 streams, now do we have 7 streams?

An extended version with 4 subjects would look like this:

[1] G3 (A grade), G3 (A), G3 (A), G3 (A)
[2] G3 (A), G3 (A), G3 (A), G2 (A)
[3] G3 (A), G3 (A), G2 (A), G2 (A)
[4] G3 (A), G2 (A), G2 (A), G2 (A)
[5] G2 (A), G2 (A), G2 (A), G2 (A)
[6] G2 (A), G2 (A), G2 (A), G1 (A)
[7] G2 (A), G2 (A), G1 (A), G1 (A)
[8] G2 (A), G1 (A), G1 (A), G1 (A)
[9] G1 (A), G1 (A), G1 (A), G1 (A)

Does this now make 9 streams?

Now, take this and multiply by the number of subjects students have to actually take (6 to 8, at least), and then by the more refined grading (A1, A2, B3, B4, etc.).

As such, the ‘Express’, ‘Normal (Academic)’ and ‘Normal (Technical)’ streams have been removed in name, but have they only been replaced by a more refined way of streaming, as outlined in [1] to [7 or 9, or more] above?

Strange, no, why the PAP government announced that streaming will be “removed” but did not say how students will be streamed into the junior colleges, polytechnics and ITEs?

I suppose the good thing now is that students will not have to live with the label of being from certain streams, but will it only be replaced? I was from 8 G3s, or I am from 5 G3s and 3 G2s?

There were two perceptive comments among the usual rants

It will likely work like current JC to University, where there are basic subject prerequisites to take up a subject or course combination.

The impact is that students will likely have to decide career paths much earlier than in the past and pick the G3, G2 subjects early working on their areas of strengths.
The divergent will happen later, students will go to JCs, poly or ITE based on the level and choice of subjects.

And commenting on the above comment

bro, there is a difference between removing streaming and refining streaming.

what the clown pap ong Lj has done is NOT remove but refine.

unless he is so ffffing stupid he cannot say remove streaming when he can only say refine streaming.

under g1 g2 g3 there will still be many in g1 who zero chance right off the bat from poly or U. so actually even without S$m paid to us we know g1 is for ITE and g2 is for poly and g3 is for U.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor


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12 Responses to “No more streaming? Really? What a load of BS”

  • Once An IB Forever An IB:

    CI should ask his ministars instead of hogging the space here adding little value, obfuscating and parroting what were already said.

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  • Lazy Job:

    Large chunks of cutouts, peppered with a few personal lines should just go into the comments section.

    GD Star Rating
  • ganeshsk:

    CI don’t you have any opinion of your own other than cut paste other people’s ideas.

    GD Star Rating
  • Tremendous:

    What a government should do is NOT TO REMOVE STREAMING.
    Instead ensure all other social and economic levers are effective to mitigate the effects of huge inequalities.
    Instead of showcasing one or two successful cases, showcase the results in proportions, or ministers sending their children into stigmatised environments.
    Make bold changes to the locations of popular schools from rich estates.
    This current crop of members from a certain party are the same people who claim they have a heart but actually do not have the will to do the job.

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  • Good Ed Prog PAP messed it up:

    Singapore has a marvelous education program which produced sane, dedicated honorable men n women of integrity with all round knowledge for a human growth. PAP n its polanpa, greedy, hungry n aggressive (Deduction from its leader exalting NTUC membership n daft Singaporeans that if they want a job, they have to STEAL (in his own country wherein PAP swore in each their own faith to serve the country n her people in their interests n benefits n lo n behold now the jobs available r given to the hungry, greedy n aggressive foreigners n Singaporeans have to STEAL from them) from the hungry, greedy n aggressive
    foreigners PAP has rampantly n irresponsibly imported n to steal, Singaporeans r advised by PAP to be hungrier, greedier more aggressive. With such a mentality, PAP from top to bottom show that they have no clue of human values n not to say of devising an education program to teach these basic values of human on which civilization is based. PAPists should all be sent to camp to relearn how to be human n the essence of civilization n to be a civilized men n women to form a civilized community n society. n before they can serve human community.
    PAP has grown with plping in their mind n the multimillions rewards they seek for at all cost alluding greed, aggressiveness n STEALing which r the very attributes education hopes to remove. No wonder in the last few decades, PAP has become impregnated with self gratifying n self glorifying mentality instead of enhancing fellowship, fair deal, justice n equality in the country. In defence, pap has make a mockery with its ranpamt n irresponsible import of foreigners to the most threatening ratio Singaporean/foreigners of nearly 1 n less. PAP has messed up education from a human education to a robotic or polanpaic education from the time LKY proclaimed that those who do are not with HIM n HIS policy r HIS ENEMIES n will be relentlessly dealt with mean only bootlickers, brownnosers,polanpas,..will benefit. Education basically nurturing the habit to think at all time n when one thinks, one becomes critical. Education nurture the basic human values of integrity, dignity, respect, responsibility, freedom n justice. Education is not robotic. All round education not only inculcate survival instinct but also innovativeness n initiativeness. This needs freedom to voice one’s thought freely to strengthen n improve thinking capability n capacity. Any form of research n development needs critical thinking beside knowledge. Highly specialized knowledge kills itself without the sustenance of other knowledge. Nothing can be done well without knowledge outside the specialization.
    PAP is bent on patch n patch type of education policy n have no ideas of an integrated education policy. Education is said to be for life but…

    GD Star Rating
  • Good Ed Prog PAP messed cont:

    PAP idea of education is utility n to hell with what n how one can help oneself after the active age. E ducation prepares one for life, his active age n his retirement. The avid bootlicking culture bred n nurtured by PAP is destructive. The murder of criticism n opposing views n the suppression of political oppsition is most disastrous in building a healthy nation. No one human is right all the time n needs external corrective voices n action. Self regulation n checks n balances r not possible as long as there is greed which if not control leads to ultimate disaster as evidenced by the decline of empire n dynasty. n even in the modern governance be it democracy, capitalism, communism. Democracy in democracy when a nation adopts it but as year passes, it is modified n adulterated by the self factor of the ruling party until it is like wolf in sheep skins. Similarly communism starts as communism but when modification with the prevailing leaders set in, it gradually becomes neither here or there communism n/or capitalism as what PRC is facing now with its world richest man n man living from one day to the next in one nation! Education helps open up the thinking trait of a human not to create blocks to its thinking development. Many must have heard of late developers n early closure by forcing him into the shell a child finds attractive is nothing but to suffocate the child n stunted his mental development.

    GD Star Rating
  • Refinement or fake it:

    Once at a crossroad, Mulla Nasruddin saw a portly nobleman riding towards him.

    “I say, Mulla,” said the man, “Which is the way to the palace?”

    “How did you know I was a Mulla?” asked Nasrudin. The nobleman had a habit of addressing scholarly-looking persons as “Mulla” – a title given to learned men meaning “master” – but he didn’t tell Nasruddin that.

    Instead, he bragged: “How did I know? … Well, I’m a mind-reader, that’s how.”

    “Pleased to know you,” answered Mulla. “As to your question, do read my mind and proceed on your way.”

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  • really or not. liddat how.:

    //the cybernuts have bot into the SDP’s message that the PAP followed the SDP’s recommendation to abolish streaming. But has the PAP really abolished streaming as the SDP claims.//

    really or not. liddat how. again, the white idiots have fooled sinkies again ? and changing name but not really changing medicine and in fact added more ‘streaming’ ingredients into the medicine ?

    what to do ? every new ministar has to anchor some new projects (changes here and there where sinkies are just guinea pigs in their experimentation) in his name which will SOUND so nice good for citation on his so-called ‘contributions’ (may not actually add value hor ?) when he resigns / leaves the ministry ?

    GD Star Rating
  • LIONS:

    Still many sg kids will remain 2nd class in their own country!
    Why take sg taxpayers money to fund FOREIGN KIDS’ EDUCATION when sg parents or their kids need to get study LOAN$ that is also taxed with G$T?

    GD Star Rating
  • land price drove up inflation:

    Still many sg kids will remain 2nd class in their own country!
    Why take sg taxpayers money to fund FOREIGN KIDS’ EDUCATION when sg parents or their kids need to get study LOAN$ that is also taxed with G$T?

    not only 2nd class in own land of birth.

    must still do that NSF NSR when all the ffffing aliens FTs PRs everyday after work go home nap nap with wife when local born must not only work for pay but also weekends burned in firing range until late late.

    GD Star Rating
  • HarderTruths:

    Do not take your eye off the ball people.

    Education is a distracting tactic suddenly being brought into news to distract from the main item – FT being the new middle class (with no NS) and $G locals relegated to lower class (with full NS obligations).

    Do not let this small fry distract you. The focus must be on getting rid of FT policy. Once that happens (if it happens) then the rest of the issues can be tackled.

    While FT are in control streaming or no streaming is meaningless talk. $G locals whether streamed or non-streamed will still be beggars.

    GD Star Rating
  • Not the Full Picture:

    There is always going to be categorisation.

    There must be some motivation for people to do better. And it must make a difference. So grading will always exist.

    It is a necessity to identify the different speeds and abilities. With this change, there isn’t a widely recognised name attached to a category, such as Normal (A) stream, or Normal (T) stream. But if the public were to do their own research and comparisons, there is little doubt they will eventually find out if the subject person is academically strong or weak. Unless you are a parent of a child of that generation or have gone through that system, most others will be none the wiser.

    GD Star Rating
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