How to speed up the results for general elections

Malaysia is a large country with 31 million people and covering a large geographical area.

They were able to declare their general election 2018 results within one day. There was some delay due to the suspicious conduct of the election commission, but still the results were announced quite early.

Indonesia is a large country with 264 million people, nearly 7 times of Malaysia. It has a larger geographical area than Malaysia, but this should not be result in a long delay. The election commission is given 35 days to declare the results.

I read that the results are counted at each polling station but they are sent to different layers for manual tabulation. I wonder why they do not use the Internet to speed up this process.

This is how it can be done.

a) Each polling station enter the results into the database and prints out a copy locally to be signed by the local officials and witnesses. The signed copy is also uploaded into the database. This should be completed within a few hours of close of voting.

b) To prevent hacking of the database, the results are stored in a second database which is under the control of an independent authority. Different encryption keys can be applied to the data in both databases.

c) The results for both databases are compared and differences are highlight. It will be difficult for the hacker to alter the results in two database with the same fraudulent data. The differences can be checked against the signed, scanned copy.

Using this approach, it should be possible for the election commission to publish the interim results (excluding the votes at polling stations that are under dispute) within a few days.


Tan Kin Lian



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10 Responses to “How to speed up the results for general elections”

  • N.Jungne:

    Aiyah use tissue PAPer to CHOPE lor. Win liao.

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  • Mr Jack:

    TKL must be sicked; Using your method, still resulted in “few days”???

    But the method is as good as using PAP provided locks to lock the “results database”.

    It is not the hackers you should be worried about, but the programmer of the original software that you should be worried. How do you suppose then the software application program or programs/services recited in the computer be authenticated and who is the last independent authenticator without secretly changing the whole program? US?. Do you suppose each Opposition Party is able to Write its own encryption algorithm interface [not key] and anti key logger watch dogs for it? Your method may invite conflicts and arguments.

    However, if PAP agrees that the opposition parties provides the software programs and computer for the purpose, then it should be more secure in my opinion. Then I can agree with you. You should make PAP agree with it.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    1st World with worse than 3rd World mentality…what more when the inside is NOT considered within the PERIMETER…and an Indian i/c pass off as a Malay

    Art of DECEIT!!! how to CHEAT and LEEgalised…heads or tail they WIN!!!

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  • Flabbergasted:

    no one will vote for a clown, with such clowns the opposition are doomed!

    no wonder the whites keep winning hands down.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Since when election result required “within few days”.

    I think in SG’s election history the longest was in one election the result was known at 2:00am after the poll closed at 8:00pm the previous night. So it took about 6 hours.

    If Mr. Tan was trying to advise the Indonesian, he is wasting his time. I am sure this election was not their first one. BTW why was there a need for Mr. Tan to advise the Indonesians??

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  • LOL:

    Someone should draw a cartoon for TKL depicting;

    All the parties locking the doors at the front but pap open small back door from behind.

    that goes the Cantonese saying;

    “Know little little, but insist to be the representative spokesman”


    Or another cartoon, a old man wearing a PAP banner on the arm, teaching peasants how to “deselect” by crossing the “LeiGong” box securely.

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  • LIONS:

    AS LONG AS THEY DONT ANYHOW BURN AND SEND THEIR HAZE OVER HERE,i really dont care how long they take to count their votes.

    but,i do care if ours are accounted properly.

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  • rukidding:

    I smell a rat !

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  • Heard of Block chain?:

    Hello Tan Kin Lian

    Heard of Block Chain?
    It’s able to prevent tempering.
    It’s like hundreds of servers all having a copy of the journal.
    If any one server has a mismatching entry, this will be known. In fact it’s not possible to temper the results.

    A Ballot casting system using a Block Chain based technology will Allow and Enable a digital election.

    This is good because We can GET RID OF HAVING THE PA TO COUNT OR SECURE THE VOTES. We all know PA is not PAP and we can surely trust them. But human error is avoided and it makes counting immediately done when the last person cast the vote.
    Zero waiting time required to count the votes.
    No more wrongly written vote paper.
    No more being Afraid the votes are traced.
    The system can be programmed to disallow tracing. But only if block chain is used. It’s what enabled Bit coin to work.

    As good as gold.

    Block Chain negates the need for a Centralised government.

    Search for more on block chain and understand how it can solve the fear factor for Singapore peasants.

    It’s like giving our men two longans each.

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  • Spermer:

    Uncle Tan is who I would describe as :

    1. A citizen with a conscience.
    2. An ex GLC member with conscience and speaks out for the weaklings.

    3. A rare talent with finance and business knowledge and top management experience.

    4. A vocal and expressive man not afraid to criticise in fair and gentle way.

    5. At times he appear funny like comedian.
    In a good way.

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