Build relations and rapport within ASEAN

Singapore took the chair of ASEAN in 2018. PM Lee wanted to make a significant impact. He set it as a priority for that year. (At least this was the impression that I had).

He could not achieve much during the year as chair of ASEAN. It was disappointing. He did try his best.

I do not blame him for failing failing in this mission. It was difficult to get a grouping like ASEAN to work together.

It is easy for ASEAN to come out with high sounding statements than mean different things to different people. But nothing gets done with this approach.

At the least, I expected him to build personal rapport with the leaders of the other countries in ASEAN.

If he did make a statement that sounded offensive to the people of Vietnam and Cambodia, and it was unintended, surely their leaders would have come out to calm the sentiments?

They could point out that LHL did not intend to show disrespect to the victims of the genocide. His statement should not be read in a negative way.

They did not. Instead, they made statements that are damaging to the future relations within ASEAN.

It is rather sad that the situation could get to be so bad.


Tan Kin Lian



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21 Responses to “Build relations and rapport within ASEAN”

  • clown pap is to be blamed:

    As chair of Asean, he was an utter fail. He achieved nothing for Asean.

    He is such a shame.

    We knew before the tookover the chairmanship he would be an embarrassment.

    Why are we so sure?

    Because Asean is NOT 70% sheep where incompetence is covered up by S$m gravy train to the retinue of yes men yes women who never tell the truth about pap clown being naked incompetent ballistic shoots own leg with lose tongue.

    We also know if Ms Sylvia Lim or Mr Leon Perara or Mr Lim Tean or Mr K Jeyaretnam is in charge, then, Singapore shall achieve much.

    Why are we so sure?

    Look at them. Listen to how they talk. All substance despite constant fixing by pap clown.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    You should realised by now LHL and Lackeys have big mouths due to big egos based on oversized taxpayers funded pay cheques.
    They not only offended their neighbours but previously also offended giant elephants superpowers Xi and Trump.
    They should learn to shut their mouths and confine to just bullying the peasants. Because peasants are the only weak ones who dare not fight back.

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  • vincent tan:

    ah loong is task by trump to stir up the 10 asean members
    into china camp or US lackeys.
    since cambodia is too pro-XiJinPing, ah loong purposely pick a fight
    with HunSeng..
    hope his plan fail ! if not we sgreans will pay political cost
    cambodia Laos myamar vietnam and even philipine and indon will
    ostracise loony singapores

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Singapore the ONLY 1st World Nation in a circle of Lower Mortals neighbourhood…

    The Arrogance…best in every and anything…

    come again Tan Ahhhh!!! built relation and rapport???…when you can consider Instant smoke without lighting a cigarette by opening your windows and having a bowl of Pork soup or Bak Kut Teh from the Rivers of China to quote the IDIOTIC PM (PigMentality)

    Beggar thy Neighbours and NOT Proper thy Neighbours is the Mantra the IDIOTS chant Nightly before Demons they face in their bathroom mirrors to have their Million Dollar payout PAID by silly Sheep chanting YesSir!!! Yessir!!! we are FOOLS!!!

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  • Perfect Aristocrats Party:

    Expecting the most expensive LEEder to admit he’s wrong and apologising to some 3rd world countries’ leaders is akin to asking for the pigs to fly. His ego is so huge that he’d rather go on leave to go jalan jalan than to say sorry to the 3rd world mediocre people who are paid only a tiny fraction of his salary.

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  • John Lim:

    What’s your point, TKL? Are you saying the Viets and Cambodians are wrong?

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  • a PG:

    It is nothing to be ashamed of, just say sorry to Cambodian and Vietnamese leaders for what you have said that you never intended to. Singaporean will be satisfied at least. How about our “Indian turned Malay” who oso a $$$millionaire, can help to mitigate the issues with 2 countries. You are famous for: do good, do it together ?

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  • How many are foreigners?:

    Straits Times: 12 NUS students would have been expelled under stiffer penalties proposed by committee

    Why was no one expelled? Is it because some of the offenders are foreigners on full scholarship using taxpayers’ money? No expulsion means no deterrent.

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  • TruBlu:

    TKL,with all due respect,if you must criticise,do so more frankly.

    If a divorced *couple* want to kiss n make up,its their choice,good for them.

    If Cambodians n their leaders love Vietnam,let them be even if Sg is Asean Chair.
    Indeed,as Chair,we want to breed cohesion n harmony instead?

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  • Uncle eats salt more than rice:

    Aiyoh, don’t expect too much from a sploit and useless brat lah.

    If so, it’s as hopeful as to expect the sun to rise from the east.

    Where is he now? Eat wind …..

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  • Great Asia:

    For the bananas!

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Harder Truths:

    As Clown of ASEAN, he needs to show real leadership and promote the common good. \

    He cannot force anyone to accept his bullshit or threaten them with ISA – which is the way things work in Communist Island. In the real world he is a failure.

    He knows it now, if he did not before. The rest of the world always knew it. Only 70% of $G does not want to know it.

    Will his disciples save us? I don’t think so.

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  • Bapak:

    In the past, at least, there was the “I stands corrected”. Now, it is, silence is gold.

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  • @ John Lim:

    Mr John lim, Are you saying China , Thailand and the rest of the world are wrong ?

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  • Some meta-perspective:

    Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “Verily, the leader is only a shield behind whom the people fight and he protects them. If he commands them to fear God Almighty and to be just, then he will accrue merit. If he commands them towards anything else, then it will act against his soul.”

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  • 3rd world SG:

    our SG sliding further down to 3rd world in many aspects..thanks to loong’s imports of huge numbers of 3rd world economic migrants who later stay on..
    the PAPs cant or wont see that the rising new dragons of will surpass us soon enough.
    those who travel frequently can see and feel the buzz , which is missing here..too much control kills !

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  • Bakuteh Promoter:

    The only thing more disgusting than this repulsive man is his base of supporters. They are in a cult. As with Jonestown, they will follow him to their own demise.

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  • diam diam lah:

    John Lim:
    What’s your point, TKL? Are you saying the Viets and Cambodians are wrong?

    shuddup lah.
    it can be right and it can be wrong.
    it depends which side you are viewing it from.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    @3rd world SG
    Ah loong and Lackeys control everything except control the number of foreign trash coming in.
    They don’t realize with more trash come with more problems if you need to dispose of them.
    FT are not easily shut up and put away like local peasants.
    Just want until they consume you.

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  • Humans are biased:

    Humans are biased.
    Yes, it depends on your perspectives and which side you are on.

    To illustrate why humans are biased :

    1. All the lack of transparency in the system. Yet the 70% regard it as near perfect.

    The 30% ,however, points out the problem.

    2. China’s draconian handling of HK. The china people supports the cccp regardless of the lack of human rights.

    Humans are very biased.
    They can even ignore the wrong doings just because they support one thing or one country or one party.

    Humans can be inhumane abd heartless . Its what a human can be.


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  • @ Great Asia:

    Yes Great Asia, your youtube has show sg to 愛國 we muz support PM Lee and PAP wholeheartedly.

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