HK: What MSM and alternate media don’t tell us

Both by our constructive, nation-building media and alt media. Both focus on faking the news to further their pro-PAP and anti-PAP agendas respectively.

I got these four great insights on the situation HK from the Financial Times.

Inside, it was chaos. An alarm was ringing, papers were scattered over the floor, the walls were covered in anti-government graffiti. On closer inspection, though, it was a finely calibrated act of provocation; protesters had vandalised the emblems of power but had been careful to leave libraries and cultural artefacts untouched. They’d even left money in the fridge to pay for drinks they’d consumed.

Louise Lim on what she saw inside the the thrashed LegCo

PAP BS that the violence was mindless. No wonder there was wide-spread approval of what the thrashers did.

The police’s reasoning for allowing the storming

Police defended their withdrawal from the Legislative Council complex, saying a decision was made on safety grounds to avoid possible “physical encounters” with protesters in a confined space. The force said protesters had used “poisonous and inflammable chemicals” to attack police officers during the day and if they had attempted to ignite these chemicals inside the building, the consequences would have been “unimaginable”.

One could be sceptical of the reasoning, but I never saw this reported here. Why?

This from an FT reader on the uselessness of the Chinese propaganda machine in HK

“It’s simply amazing that foreign powers can exert such an influence on this generation of Hong Kong youngsters who are often criticised for their poor command of English. The whole CCP propaganda machine in Hong Kong that has received limitless funding for the last 22 years, should be summarily dismissed for gross incompetence!!”

Click to enlarge

Gives the lie that our constructive, nation-building media imply: that the HK people are ang moh tua kees.

And last but not least, this illustration (right )sums up the situation.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor




12 Responses to “HK: What MSM and alternate media don’t tell us”

  • TruBlu:

    Hongkees know what they want for their future

    And,they know what they have to do.

    It is their fate they are determining n we must respect that.

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  • YouAreSin:

    Quote – Taking on China
    Unlike their parents’ generation who bought into Beijing’s bargain: prosperity without democracy, the mainly younger protesters think the government has robbed them of opportunity while pandering to the rich and powerful. – unqoute(from an article )

    Same strand of virus in Singapore too but Singapore, with more money, has more political and social endurance.

    But money is a bad master(most have been willingly enslaved) . It is only a matter of time you pay with your lives(especially future generations).

    What happened to HK parliamentary house also happened here when the old man passed away.

    The former literally struck the legislative house. The latter shook the legislative house. Both foundations were distrusted,shaken and condemned.

    These are ominous signs and warnings

    The powers that can be shaken will be shaken till that which can’t be shaken remains.

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  • opposition dude:

    The soap opera in HK certainly is interesting, I await to see what happens next.

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  • WP may lose Bedok Reservoir:

    Opposition have not fully utilised the HK protests to educate singkies why blind obedience to authority and laws could be an issue.

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  • Jman:

    The HK Govt has neglected the needs of ordinary HKers for ages. And they seemed to believe HKers can take more and more pressure and stress, and that they can live in ever smaller apartments, and pay the pirate private property developers ever more and more for their homes, all while job opportunites and wages stagnate.

    I am surprised the HK Govt hasn’t been stormed while the Legislators were in the building. I am even more surprised HKers lasted so long.

    The whole HK Govt should be sacked wholesale, and previous Administrations put in the dock for negligence together with the rotten property developers.

    That is why, for many years I cannot understand what garbage Singaporeans are talking about when some of us say HK is so much better in this way and that. In some limited ways here and there, maybe. But as an overall package for ordinary folks, HK is terrible.

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  • Every Coffee shop, foodcourt:

    Meanwhile in every coffeeshop, every foodcourt, every restaurant the talk is about the Jinx salary.
    Every non-papigs social media is picking up the story of the Ballitic question; yet not a whimper from nation-building MSM.
    Looks like they live in an alternate universe; ranked 154th—we know why.

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  • copy and paste:

    sneaky cheapskate pap IB. nothing original. a waste of byte space.

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  • how to fully utilize ?:

    //Opposition have not fully utilised the HK protests to educate singkies why blind obedience to authority and laws could be an issue.//

    don’t keep on blaming opp lar.

    how to fully utilize ? can have such educational programmes on national mainstream media (currently ranked highly at 151th position) meh ?

    after that , there may be even many more white idiots and doggies to say that HK and SG not the same lar – again BLINDING DOUBLY HARD daft sinkies lar ??

    sinkies are trained not to educate themselves by 151th standard (which is still fighting for even a higher position) on such matters lar eg fake news law ? there are trained to be ‘BLIND’ on important national / political matters except those manufactured by the white idiots and gang ??

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  • Fake news Fraudulent reports:

    “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance… The liar’s punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else (it’s lost its moral compass).”

    - George Bernard Shaw

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  • Partial truth?:

    Cannot compare. Never mentioned willing sacrifice of a few (loss of life) for their beliefs.

    30% ??? Or 70% ???

    As someone said 缩沙。

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  • Haigen-Diaz:

    Think Singapore and Hong Kong under British rule – both aren’t even close to democratic ideals politically, but prospered under the British-style rule of law. They enjoyed the protection and fruits of a British legal system which endowed them with many rights which now is being pulled away from them. Both governments are authoritarian, and it seems they are both fighting a loosing battle.

    Although we think of the PRC as a successful example of “state controlled capitalism” ,we forget it is still a one-party dictatorship. Democracy does not equal the rule of law – at least in Asia. First, there is a daily quota of 150 mainland Chinese immigrating to HK. After 1997, there is one million “new” Hong Kongers already. They are different from earlier generation who escaped cultural revolution and hated CCP. These new Hong Kongers have greater affinity towards Beijing and they vote for the pro-Beijing political parties rather than the more liberal democrats. So, the tactics is to “dilute” out the “real” Hong Kongers. Over here, new immigrants are also assimilated to “dilute” out the “real” Singaporeans.

    What is going on in Hong Kong has little or nothing to do with any significant American values or interests. Nor is it within meaningful
    American socioeconomic political educational diplomatic military control and influence. To mainland China, Hong Kong is a plum, ripening on the tree, but destined for the picking. To countries like Singapore entwined with its economic presence, it is important as is, but eminently replaceable. The era of fast economic growth is coming to an end. Countries all over the world are aging and slowing down. China’s demographic crisis thanks to the one child policy will hit them especially hard. Right now, the erratic policies of US tug in several directions and is totally unpredictable.

    Could the revolution contagion start in Hong Kong and then spread to the mainland/Taiwan? Taiwan is similar to Hong Kong. Fiercely democratic, highly educated and relatively affluent, Taiwan is also an affront to the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party. Taiwan is a very prosperous democracy AND it has many freedoms. No trade offs with the government needed. An independent judiciary and the rule of law is respected. Like Hong Kong, 85% of its citizens reject the ‘one party two systems’ ultimatum by the mainland government in Beijing; and they consider themselves Taiwanese, not Chinese.

    Like California and ‘the next big’ earthquake, the future is opaque, but probably not nice. The winner of Hong Kong’s decline will not be Singapore. Why? My ignorant suspicion is that they won’t be assimilated here into our society by our present government. Even if they did, it will be their(HKers)last choice. Bo Pian.

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  • fpc:

    fucking CI … waste my time reading his crap again.

    don’t even dare to put into words what he wants to say directly.

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