Meritocracy in Singapore tainted badly

“Although faith in Meritocracy is weakening, the ideology will remain a key principle for recognising individuals in Singapore. Though meritocracy is under siege, it has not failed. In the last few years, meritocracy has taken on a negative overtones due to its association with elitism and there has been an ongoing debate over social inequality and stratification in society. Even those who rail against meritocracy struggle to come up with a better system”– Education Minister Ong Ye Kung.

True Meritocracy is a very noble ideal and meritocracy comes from the word, Merit. Over the years and especially during the early years of our nation-building, true meritocracy had served us well when only the truly best people were selected to do the jobs according to his/her merits. And even as inequalities and stratification are also growing, something deeper and more sinister have also been brewing too and if we ignore or pretend that it is not the case, our ostrich mentality will definitely cost our people and our country a great deal.

So, what has gone wrong with meritocracy in Singapore and more specifically, what has gone wrong with meritocracy in the pap government until it has now been much weakened, much questioned, despise and come under siege by our own citizens?

I will be straight-talking. The answer is very simple really if only the Lee Hsien Loong administration is willing to be courageous and honest with itself. The answer is because meritocracy in Singapore under this useless government has been badly tainted.

I repeat. The answer is because the so-called meritocracy in Singapore has been badly tainted and that is why the current government is digging a big grave for truly genuine meritocracy in Singapore. Never, never mistaken mere semblance of meritocracy as truly genuine meritocracy.

Meritocracy when tainted, whether real or perceived, must obscure transparency which is a cornerstone of good governance.

The examples in the pap government are simply too many. People’s Action Party ministers’ spouses being appointed to senior positions in government or government-linked companies (GLCs) and growing numbers of senior military officers with zero private sector experiences whatsoever appointed to head important government agencies and/or GLCs. To me, describing all that as meritocracy is like calling a one night stand in Geylang, a romantic encounter.

I urge the Lee Hsien Loong administration and its ministers including Ong Ye Kung to stop treating and insulting Singaporeans’ common decency and intelligence. Think!


Simon Lim




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10 Responses to “Meritocracy in Singapore tainted badly”

  • I Know:

    True meritocracy includes awarding bursaries to deserving kids from financially stretched families. It DOES NOT include handing out scholarships to foreign universities to your fellow wealthy ministers!

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  • Harder Truths:

    You cannot have the unfilial one and the word ‘think’ in the same sentence – they are incompatible.

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  • Ho Suk Kok HSK:

    To me Meritocracy in ita true form never exist.
    What people really mean is Cronyism.

    There is a ranking of countries for crony-capitalism. Google it.

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  • AhloongSeed:

    A fine line between meritocracy and selective engineering which most can’t tell the difference. Selective engineering or social programming and conditioning is needed to achieve autocratic or aristocratic rule.

    In other words, if you subscribe or have been led into the “Imperial political system of China”, meritocracy has to be included as one of the pillar of building block of the “forbidden city”.

    Don’t waste time fine tuning meritocracy when you should be taking on the “forbidden city” of China. They are all of the same seed.

    You shall be extinguished though, George of the jungle warned.

    And indeed so…..

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    The PAP can’t change, won’t change & will never change! They will remain steadfast to their political doctrines & beliefs inspite of the clear failures surrounding Meritocracy Policy & their byproduct, the Elitist Schools. They have shut their ears & blocked themselves to criticism, public views making it either a criminal offence (POFMA) or a civil liability suit (defamation, libel, etc.) to voice out. At the end, you either shut up or get out! And that is very arrogant in that the PAP considers themselves as the gate-keepers, having a monopoly over knowledge & truths. Or do they?
    The world’s economy is no longer at a growth stage! We’re at a fairly mature stage or some might even says, the world is in decline! Truth is that many don’t have the capacity to consume being jobless, in low paying jobs, retired or simply given up on life. There’s no longer a broad based growth (mass prosperity) like what the Pioneer & Merdeka Generations had experienced & enjoyed. The future isn’t going to be like that, it will be much worse. The era of good paying jobs & plentiful work to go around were over!
    The elements for Enterprise success are getting scarce & thin while the world’s resources are getting scarce, tainted or expensive (water scarcity, air pollution, high energy costs, restricted sand supply). Frankly, I see a broad failure on the PAP govt to address & planned for the future. Their craving for power leads them to erect barriers against Independent thinking & having a rebellious nature! You see, Meritocracy Policy & Elitist schools are ideal propagation eco-system for conformism, obedience & compliance behaviours. Yet in today’s disruptive environment, you’ve got to think out-of-the-box & be quick about it. S’pore had wasted over 2 decades failing to adapt to the Knowledge Economy. Instead of focusing on STEM & steering a greater proportion of students into IT & coding, MOE went with Meriticracy Policy & went deeper with their Independent School into elitism [which was counterproductive].
    Now the world is moving towards Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Mechanisms, etc. But where is S’pore?

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  • WakeupSG:

    In SG, meritocracy is used by PAPpy to hide the practice of cronyism & nepotism!

    We must not be conned!

    The meritocracy practised by PAPpy is fake!
    What they really practise is cronyism & nepotism!

    Don’t be deceived!

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  • Contractor-meritocracy:

    I don’t mean bOR Kim Pure ah.

    SG is Contractor shy bidding for contracts in Hammer precincts.

    That’s contractor meritocracy de SG.

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  • 5 yr old even knows:

    the parent who believed in pap shit send their sons and daughter overseas to study .. spend their life savings on it… now its worthless certificate because pap dead old weed up there will not give up their places

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  • Meritocracy true & tainted:

    It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get… In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.

    - Confucius, 5th cent. B.C.

    Are we well governed in crony-capitalism island?

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  • sink NOL, then SPH:

    5 yr old even knows:
    the parent who believed in pap shit send their sons and daughter overseas to study .. spend their life savings on it… now its worthless certificate because pap dead old weed up there will not give up their places

    bro, we beg to differ.

    education, in whatever form, is beneficial. perhaps benefits do not appear immediately. but there are benefits.

    Overseas education, in a true education place, not necessarily the Ivies or Oxbridge, or even KCL UCL and such, far equips the person than even so called faked ranked local Us. for a start, the connections made last a lifetime. and perhaps if want to, can live overseas and no need to see the rot caused by pap S$m gang.

    why local Us are fake. because anything handled by pap is a flop. those so called world rankings mean nothing. just think. NUS is better than KCL or UCL in ranking? can’t be. worse, from kindergarten to U also under pap thumb and BS, where got good.

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