Flawed immigration policy may be cause of declining TFR, PAP does not keep track of fertility data of new citizens


Phillip Ang

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7 Responses to “Flawed immigration policy may be cause of declining TFR, PAP does not keep track of fertility data of new citizens”


    Dear Phillip Ang,
    You should blame Singaporean for not heeding millionaire minister Jo Teo advice to have more sex in small space to procreate.

    This is a bo pian situation as Singaporeans call it.

    So stop blaming our millionaire minister and blame useless Singaporeans instead.


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    Female Citizens age 35years to 49years old are not here to make babies. They have done that before they became citizens. U should know the real reason?

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  • whenever re new citizens .....:

    ….the authorities become ever so evasive,dont they?

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  • Flabbergasted:

    You let one in, they bring in whole village including elderlies to leech on our system. How to improve fertility rates?

    I have seen Filipinos with PR, but fly back to their shit holes to give birth so as to avoid having to serve NS.

    PAP has screwed up big time.

    Vote them out or die!!!

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  • Tremendous:

    Is the TFR really 1.1 plus ? National Geographic published the number as 0.83 about 3 years ago under Pregnancy 101 video. In addition, many worldwide sources have published that our TFR had been lower than 1. Is it because we counted in terms of resident fertility rate, which included PRs ? If yes, I am afraid no one in the world counts like that. No government official has challenged the data from other sources for so long. Not even the department of statistics or pmo. If all these were fake news, the parties would have been contacted by our authorities and they would have announced in the mainstream media. Also, for many years, we don’t publish TFRs in the 1960s and 1970s. We should. We have hit TFRs beyond 4 before.

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  • Dear Phillip:

    I am sure PAP has the data and information down to the details, age, country of birth, month and year converted to PR and then SG, etc. It is just PAP is not going to let us know.
    PAP solution is if Singaporeans dont want to produce babies to increase population, import foreigners, quick and fast. PAP believes in end result, not the means, they said that!
    If Singaporeans dont want to be a PMET, import foreigners. Problem solved.
    Fewer babies, more working adults, GDP will grow. PAP ministers and civil servants pay increase, not that they have done the right thing.
    As Singaporeans get older and cant work anymore, import more middle age foreigners – PAP has been doing that all along. We are a migrant society after all.
    One day, like Khaw suggested before, export the old Singaporeans to JB, Batam, Bintan, PAP will give incentives like grants to their children to do so.
    Sorry need to digress – poor transport system, encourage PMDs usage! I dont buy PAP and its sycophants including PTC Chairman that PMD is the last mile solution. Why cant we walk when PAP keeps boasting that MRT stations and bus stops are within walking distance from our house?
    Can we trust the transport minister KBW (and MOM minister JT, former second transport minister) who caused pent up demand for properties, pushed up medical cost and healthcare insurance premium.
    He is living in his landed property, sitting on huge property investment. Did he also pay $8 for his recent arm injury like his heart by pass?

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