Successful Integeation is more than just a few ministerial exhortations

I refer to the news about Grace Fu calling on Singaporeans to integrate with foreigners. What she did was the easiest part since meaningful and successful integration of different people is much more than a few Ministerial exhortations.

Integration is a very long journey that must take decades to mould. It involves mutual trust, mutual respect, tolerance and a deeper understanding of each other. Singaporeans of different races, the Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians have demonstrated exemplary successes at racial intergration among ourselves over the decades until inter-marriages today don’t raise eyebrows.

As a Singaporean, I know it for a fact that, by and large, we are not xenophobic toward foreigners. So, Grace Fu’s noisy exhortations about intergration at Singaporeans is barking up the wrong tree. It should instead be directed and directed more forcefully at those newcomer foreigners instead of Singaporeans.

But the real challenges are not at the workplaces or schools etc but when foreign newcomers stay in dense and close proximity to Singaporeans, it is their habits, mannerisms, lack of considerations and language etc that matter. This, however well educated PAP Ministers may be, they will never be able to better appreciate as much as ordinary Singaporeans because they do not have to live and/or commute in dense and close proximity with foreigners on a daily basis.

In all fairness and comnon decency, foreigners must work harder, alot harder at integrating with Singaporeans and not the other way round or a mere semblance of it only. We are, after all, the “Singaporean bumiputera” and we don’t owe them a living and if foreigners choose to be a part of us, they need to know their places and not act like immediate equals or worse, superior to us. Grace Fu better make that absolutely clear to all those foreigners that her government allows into Singapore.

And if over time, Singaporeans can feel and sense their genuine desire to become a member of our big family, people will reciprocate in positive ways. And not forgetting, better educated, more successful and wealthy Indians from India may come with their caste mentality and practice. It is the PAP government’s responsibility to make it absolutely clear and in no uncertain terms to them that here is Singapore and not India and that they better leave their caste mentality back in India!

In this age of expectation of fast results and efficiency, the good old proven fashion at intergration may not be fashionable, but still, if foreigners have to go through some sorts of National Service together with Singaporeans, their children attend government neighbourhood schools with Singaporeans children and not some private schools and they are required to stay a certain numbers of years in HDB flats etc, then understanding and integrating with Singaporeans will take deeper meaning and stronger roots, otherwise, any so called intergation will be at best mere tolerance, hi and bye niceties and remain shallow. We must never be self deceiving.


Simon Lim



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13 Responses to “Successful Integeation is more than just a few ministerial exhortations”

  • Rabble-rouser:

    Motherhood Statements! Look at the so-called US “melting pot” values concept of American assimilation & their Apple Pie analogy. During the good times, it is functioning. But now with the decline of the white middle class, white supremacism is coming out of the woodwork, minorities are being threaten, domestic terrorism & violence were being perpetuated by the whites themselves. Integration isn’t a problem when everyone has a job & enough to eat. When there’s none, the guns & murderous intention comes out.
    Unlike the US, S’poreans are powerless, so they kill themselves over a bleak future! What I say is the truth!

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  • More CECA:

    Sounds like Prepare Yourself and 10 Millions CECA coming.

    Sinkies signing and selling their children future away.

    Unlike Oxygen slamming the 70%;

    I exhort all to do more to relay awakening messages to friends and relatives every day.

    Those action begin with everyone of us to help those still in the dark.

    Save our Children Future Project.

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  • Reversed Engineering:

    What integration? By dictation, from top down? The dirty job pushed to the most inappropriate and unappealing side-kick minister?

    While those unconscionable money-grabbing instant millionaires (made from taxpayers’ hard-earned sweat and blood and tears money) need not dirty their hands or hold their breaths, the citizens, commoners and masses have to take the initiative to integrate?

    Government has been conduct intensive integration and language courses, which should include National Education..

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  • when in rome do as the romans:

    these aliens look down on us cuz the SGov keeps insulting n talking down to us citizens. ..
    plus these aliens are told that sg needs their so called talents , which are lacking in sg peasants!
    so naturally these aliens feel theyre more superior and act that way.
    this Gov has sold us out, plain and simple…just for $$$$.

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  • Reversed Engineering:

    Typo error:
    “Government has been” to read as “Government had better”.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Integration is a word used by the government to make sure a born-and-bred citizen can do nothing if a foreign national (with a PR or citizenship cert) takes his job, his future and his place in society.

    However note that ‘Intergration’ is not the right word to use here. The right word that WE the citizens (and by extension the opposition) should be using is REPLACEMENT.

    That accusation is a very useful trick – it will keep most $G locals feel guilty or fearful of consequences and unable to respond – until they too become victims.

    When we say ‘REPLACEMENT’ – the trick does not work anymore.

    Denying integration implies the local born id racist or intolerant. Say “REPLACEMENT. and we are standing up for our BIRTHRIGHT.

    Yes $G locals have been too relaxed in allowing FT to get away with replacing them. Integration is a fairy tale by babysitter DisGraceful

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  • Adjust to yr host:

    FotEigners coming here must remember we sporeans are the host; you adjust to yr host not other way around
    If you migrate to USA you learn ushistory n english

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  • what is too many???:

    aliens FTs PRs – what is too many?

    in a small island of 3m+ local born, 20% or 600k is too many.

    but pap Singapore not infested with 20%, nor 30% nor 40% nor 50% but well over 75% – well over 2.25m+.

    if small island is large, then, perhaps, 2.25m+ aliens FTs PRs might not cause too much over crowding.

    but ffff. small island is really small. even today, in any NTUC heartland outlet, it is ffffing impossible to walk through any isle without siam here siam there to avoid knocking into another body.

    in small island Singapore, getting anywhere by car shouldn’t take too long. yet every ffffing car today drives like F1. WHY? because every ffffing driver in over crowded small island displaying symptoms of over crowding disease. sooner or later something must give if such over crowding continues.

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  • Great Asia:

    Get all the PAP fat cats to cut their salaries by another 50% then we can talk about integration with the foreigners.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Great Asia:

    Chinese people from China are gods makers, but banana Singaporean Chinese are god worshipers.

    Chinese from China look straight in the eyes of the angmohs, Singaporean Chinese look up and worship the angmohs.

    Here, angmohs are tau kee, we kowtow to them!

    So, how to integrate the two group of Chinese.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Our lady fool of grace:

    “The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don’t know how to be submissive, and so on — because they’re dysfunctional to the institutions… I think it only makes sense to seek out and identify structures of authority, hierarchy, and domination in every aspect of life, and to challenge them; unless a justification for them can be given, they are illegitimate, and should be dismantled, to increase the scope of human freedom.”

    - Noam Chomsky

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  • Village Chief:

    Truth be told that PAP MPs n ministers seem to condone grassrooters’ misconduct like throwing their *weight* at their neighbours and interfering with civil servants doing field work.

    Nowadays,for some reasons,grassrooters are serving their own interests than serving the society n their neighbours.
    How many are the grassrooters who dare act arrogantly unlike the former grassrooters who served under our Old Guards?

    Grassrooters are disrupting social harmony as oftentimes they are the trouble-makers themselves as they think the authorities n even police are on their side!

    PM Lee and Kee Chiu better make sure thosewho join GRASSROOTS organs are fit toserve and weed outthe thugs.

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  • a PG:

    The disgracefool tried to bully Sylvia Lim in ParLeemen. Luckily, Sylvia stood firm and not intimidated by that woman. This disgrace learnt fast from her white emperor, i.e. to fix the oppositions in ParLeement at all costs. I hope the 70% voters in the last GE open their eyes wide wide and you can see it for yourselves.

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