Bad news turned into good news – that’s how a state controlled Media reports

The state Media even found reason to celebrate (on behalf of MOM via positive reporting) when “More workers were injured on the job in the first half of this year, but the number of workplace deaths dipped to a seven year low”.

The report in ST on 1 Oct 2019 was silent on the nationalities of those who lost their precious lives and I would presume most were foreign workers. We want to know the nationalities of workers who met with fatalities because precious lives were lost – be they Singaporeans or foreigners.

How trivial could the state Media be in reporting such unfortunate fatalities: “Seventeen workers died on the job from January to June, down from 18 in the same period last year and 23 in the second half of last year.”

Could this be interpreted by the state Media that it was an achievement by the Ministry of Manpower and credit ought to go to Manpower Minister? Hence, such kind of heartless media reporting by the Straits Times.

The MOM and the Workplace Safety and Health Council claimed credit: “This was the lowest absolute number of workplace fatalities since 2012 (a historical fact).

If the state Media is to be controlled by the Government for any longer period of time, I am afraid this constant exposure to such callous newspaper reports would drain us of our human soul.

There is no “milk of human kindness” left after almost 60 years’ of PAP rule- we must collectively find a new beginning for the sake of our children and grandchildren.


Cheang Kok Ming





13 Responses to “Bad news turned into good news – that’s how a state controlled Media reports”

  • Mere Digits:

    The bragging is for themselves so that they could get their bonuses with the positive spin.
    What dafts see in those numbers are unimportant.

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  • conscience missing:

    no feelings for the common man..
    taught by the masters they work for.
    afraid to crack their ricebowls.

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  • Ought-to-know protectionism?:

    The soullessness of these fetish quantifiers not only throw no light on the nature of their (in)competencies: we are left no wiser about industrial accidents nor are our hearts touched by a feeling of common humanity.

    A spinoff trait of normative institutional cronyism.

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  • Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:

    the useless cork cucker MSM loves its master … of cos they report bad things as good… 7 years already cant reduce the death toll to zero. only showing their failure performance,

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    “Dirty, Dangerous and Demanding”, also known as the 3Ds, regarding physical labour done by predominantly migrant workers from less Developed Economies! Locals shunned this type of work preferring less exhausting work, an air-conditioned environment & a relatively comfortable working zone. This is everywhere in the world, not just in S’pore!

    But S’pore is exceptionally bad because the S’pore society looks down on them due to arrogance & meanness of a society driven by greed, inherent high stress (ie. work stress, family frustrations, kid’s educational stress, etc) & unfulfilled expectations (high cost of living, money problems, etc).

    The workplace deaths don’t resonate with locals because it usually involves foreign nationals. In a Materialistic Society like S’pore, construction deaths aren’t as important as new launch prices for new housing units built from the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” or sacrifices from those foreign workers. Nobody bats an eyelid on their sacrifices but are willing to queue for a place to book a unit. This is the society we’ve become!

    Even domestic maids are subjected to horrendous ill-treatment by callous S’pore employers. Sometimes, maids are treated worse than the pampered family pet! In any conflict situation, our weak-kneed NS men would need to have their haversacks carried by maids to the conflict zone.

    Let’s not be hypocritical here! S’pore has reached a state of “Everyman for himself/herself”. The level of Selfishness, NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) & neighbourly aggressiveness is out of this world.

    The Statutory Boards & the MSM simply downplays the situation because they know that S’poreans are already desensitized by it.

    But when it comes to Aloysius Pang, the powers-to-be know how to milk the situation for all it’s worth! Aloysius got a funeral send-off which is more grandiose than what ex-President Ong Teng Cheong got! He didn’t even get a State Funeral whereas Mrs LKY got one even though she never worked for the State but was a Private Practice Lawyer all her working life.

    S’pore is a Wayang Show played by actors & performers dictated by a Master Puppeteer. Nothing is for real! What you see is just a staged drama. S’poreans can’t even distinguished between reality and fake performances ie. too desensitized, callous & uncaring. That is the real tragedy!

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  • Original Sperm:

    Only idiots never boycot the shit

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  • Harder Truths:

    I am glad they are looking on the bright side of things. Like when they take our money – they are only thinking of how to spend it.

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  • TruBlu:

    ST just confirms that it is indeed Shit Times.

    What is left to say?

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    This is like saying Singaporeans should be grateful GST will only go up 2% after the next elections. Why? Because the increase could have been 3% or higher.

    Many Singaporeans buy the above that is why they are Third World people.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    @Cheang Kok Ming
    The unnecessary deaths of conscript NS men and reservists are what I feel is a shame because they are there not by choice.
    As for deaths of foreign workers working in labour construction sites and regular NS personnel in SAF, they have a choice. Accept the risk when taking the job. Else do accept the job and walk away.

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  • lying pap S$m thieving liars:

    pap has only one tool. S$.

    when things go wrong, throw S$ at the wrong.

    when things go more wrong, tax 70% sheep more via GST.

    when things go right, pay each other ownself declare ownself S$m.

    when things go wrong, continue to pay each other ownself declare ownself S$m.

    70% sheep has the hand in the pap stupidity. by continuing to vote pap.

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  • will sink under the sea:

    //The unnecessary deaths of conscript NS men and reservists are what I feel is a shame because they are there not by choice.//

    if not wrong, and there is this wayang ACT which “prevents” the aggrieved party from taking civil action on the personnel who may be committing wayang acts resulting in deaths ?

    //As for deaths of foreign workers working in labour construction sites and regular NS personnel in SAF, they have a choice.//

    not so, foreign workers (low wage ones ?) or any other workers may be ‘pressured’ to do ‘dangerous’ or ‘undesirable tasks’ by their masters ? and because of $$$ (pay for survival), and some workers just do not possess the kind of ‘stronger or more assertive’ personalities (indoctrinated to be more servile because of upbringing or whatnot ?) to say NO to such orders from superiors ?

    quite a number of years ago, there was a video showing a supervisor abusing his employee (an intern actually) ? you may want to ask, why the supervisor acted the way he acted (must surely know that it is wrong ?) and the intern (being a 29 year old adult) did not instinctively defend himself ?

    same like in sinkie land, a lot of sinkies are indoctrinated by the white monkey idiots to feel that the whole sinkie land will sink under the sea if the white monkey idiots are thrown out ? a CHOICE (good or bad ?) that a lot of daft sinkies have taken lar ?

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  • Bad Boy:

    Shortly After taiwan bridge goes down,


    Will it be cover up ?

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