Could an opposition coalition be in the works?

On Saturday (2 Nov), Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) chief Dr. Tan Cheng Bock had a one-and-a-half hour meeting with six other opposition parties.

In attendance were the Singaporeans First Party (SFP), the Reform Party (RP), the National Solidarity Party (NSP), the Peoples Voice Party (PVP), the People’s Power Party (PPP), and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

According to various media reports, attempts to interview the the participants did not shed any results as they were all tight-lipped about what went on behind closed doors during that meeting.

Later on, Mothership quoted Dr. Tan as saying that: “It’s part of a preliminary discussion of what’s to come in the future, nothing very special. It’s just getting groups together because some of the people don’t even know all these people… my CEC people don’t know, they are so new.”

Although two of the largest opposition parties in Singapore – Worker’s Party (WP) and the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) – were not present, it would seem that they too could be part of this ‘meeting’.

On Sunday (3 Nov) Chairman of the SDP Professor Paul Tambyah was quoted as saying that conversations with Dr. Tan Cheng Bock and PSP had been “encouraging”.

While the Professor acknowledged that things “are not easy [and] they’re going to take lots of negotiations, conversations”. he thinks that they are ultimately “moving in the right direction”

At the SDP pre-election rally some 2 weeks ago and attended by an estimated 2,000 people, both Dr. Tan and WP Chairman Sylvia Lim were seen giving their best wishes to the SDP in a pre-recorded video.

In any case, it seems that the various opposition parties are getting closer together and a loosely formed opposition could be in the works. Could a Pakatan Singapura be next?

What do TRE readers think?




15 Responses to “Could an opposition coalition be in the works?”

  • wish them the best:

    we sincerely hope so.
    a coalition party is much needed.
    unity in strength!
    All The Best to All!

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  • Dr TanCB PSP topples clown pap:

    many UMNO paid IBs said Dr Mahatir PH no chance to topple UMNO.

    well, after GE14, najib and najib wife no horse run, despite what UMNO paid IBs said. great for the citizens of Msia. great for Msia. great for the world, especially Spore since 70% sheep realizes now today just like Dr Mahatir PH toppled najib UMNO so also Dr Tan CB PSP topples clown pap.

    talk about timing. there is no better timing than now. when more 70% sheep with nus ntu smu degrees jobless driving Grab or just shaking at home or scolded by ceca ah neh turned new citizen without basic degree but just fake postgraduate diploma from new delhi fake computer school.

    why clown pap must be toppled?

    well, so that New Government with new agc new spf new cpib new bank negara can look into the money affairs in gic temasick.

    as long as GST needs to increase, it is more than proven there is something wrong in gic temasick monies since gic temasick exist to ensure low GST or no GST for 70% sheep and not to increase from 5% to 7% and now to 9%.

    perhaps pap clown and pap clown wife worse than najib and najib wife? we don’t know and won’t comment until these two are indicted by New Court in New Government under PSP coalition. It shall happen. Just like it happened in Msia it shall happen in Spore.

    Citizens of Spore as brave as citizens of Msia since citizens of Spore are made of same cloth as the Msia citizens.

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  • leejiayougeloongdaizi:

    Bravo! Hold more such meetings. Keep the pap guessing. Stress them. PM’s cancer cells will multiply faster. DPM blood pressure will shoot up higher. Keep them busy going to their doctors.

    An opposition coalition would be best. But if it didn’t materialise so be it. Unity amongst the opposition parties is as important. No 3-corner fight. Oppo parties members and their supporters must support each other.

    GE is coming. PAP doomsday is approaching. Singaporeans get our champagne ready for popping!

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  • opposition dude:

    I think this meeting would also be to talk about who will take on PAP in which constituency, a kind of early horse trading if you will. The last 2 GEs, at least, did not have too many 3 cornered fights as far as I an remember.

    If indeed a coalition does form I hope that all can see eye to eye and not have a fractured relationship where they are always in disagreement with each other. Remember that the kiasees are always watching and any sign of a coalition not working out and these idiots would kiaseely vote for PAP again.

    Other than that I hope the discussions went well and more to be had to iron out any potential issues that may occur.

    All the best, opposition parties!

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    Just another meeting among all the Indian Chiefs to NATO only.

    Waste of time..

    As I correctly predicted, Gilbert Goh protest only draw a few small cats(小

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  • Kia Su resorts to lowest:

    If come under one, it’s good for even SDP.
    Each party is complementary to each party when they unite.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    There is no need to have a formal coalition. All that is necessary is a general understanding among the opposition political parties that they must get rid of the PAP for Singapore and Singaporeans to survive.

    When that unspoken understanding is there, parties would know that there should not be any vote splitting within electorates. This would be akin to committing suicide for the oppo parties.

    There is a great deal of agreement among opposition parties in terms of the remedial work that needs to be carried out during the first five years of ousting the PAP. So there should not be any conflict during this five years. When all the opposition parties work together during this phase, the result will be a broadly agreeable platform to further develop the country.

    At this point, individual opposition parties will show their political ideology clearer.

    The only thing to be careful about would be the opportunists and party hoppers with huge egos. They have the potential to cause a lot of damage to proper opposition parties.

    So everyone should unite to remove the PAP. If you want to have all your problems and issues reviewed then VTO the PAP is the only way. No need to talk about CECA or Temasick etc. All those issues will have to be reviewed when the PAP is removed. It can only be reviewed after the PAP is dismissed from office.

    VTO the PAP!!

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    A Coalition of Concern-Care- & the CLASS to carry it out for the people…unlike the 5Cs that put many into Bankruptcies and dreaming of a Swiss standard in a world of ILLUSION

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  • nizhemoshou:

    Talking to the many local kiasi kiasu Sgs about voting for oppo, I find this still to be the case despite of the dire issues affecting sgs today – if you want to talk oppo with them, I must say TCB, then only they show interest but if I mention sdp or what, its end of conversation with them. From this can see TCB name carries a lot of weight n only trump card for oppo victory .

    So all oppo , please please please join up with TCB and contest for every electoral areas only under the banner of TCB name . Don’t fritter away this last chance n hope Sgs have to rid SG from pap curse by being myopic selfish and think you can win in your own right. .

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    It will definitely work. Singaporeans should NOT vote for any opposition party that refuses to join the opposition coalition – might as well vote for PAP.

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  • Went to Japan:

    Singaporeans must not count on opposition unity, it must go all the way out to vote for all oppositions whether they are united or not. The enemy is the party in white, voting a loyal puppy is better than betrayer of local citizens.

    VTO whether oppositions unite or not, that should be your mantra all the way till election.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Now it is a matter of voting out the PAP, not voting for opposition coalition. As long as no 3 corners fight, it will be fine.

    So, coalition or not, just vote against the PAP. Save this country you love for your children.

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  • But who will be PM:

    If Pakatan Oppo wins?

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  • No fakes:

    HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:
    It will definitely work. Singaporeans should NOT vote for any opposition party that refuses to join the opposition coalition – might as well vote for PAP.

    Correct. Fake opposition is worse than PAP.

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  • Coalition After GE also can:

    Coalition can be formed AFTER GE also.
    So, now if no coalition is not a big problem.

    But remember, singkees lack experience in Democracy and the lack courage.

    It is why things change so slowly

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