Prompt response but bad communication

My Starhub app has three mobile numbers My main number was shown in the app as #2. The default number, on loading the app, was another number. I had to change to the main number each time that I need to check on my data plans. It was troublesome but I tolerated it for a year.

One day, I sent a feedback to Starhub to allow me to set my main number as the default number. They acknowledge my feedback. I heard nothing more from them for one month.

Recently, I was asked to update my app. I ignored this request at first as I did not want to consume data on my travel. On this trip, as I have WiFi and some free time, I updated the app. I was pleasantly surprised that the change was to allow me to select my main number as the default number.

I congratulate Starhub for acting promptly on my feedback, but I have to give them a negative score for their communication. If they decided to act on my feedback, why don’t they tell me immediately. Why kept me in the dark? When the app was ready, why don’t they tell me that it was ready?

This behavior is not just Starhub. It occurs in nearly all organizations in Singapore. This is their standard behavior. They treat their customers with arrogance.


Tan Kin Lian




9 Responses to “Prompt response but bad communication”

  • Harder Truths:

    Tell us more about your jenny Craig app. I am sure all the fat people will be thrilled.

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    Another compelling reason for REGIME CHANGE. Why? “The rot starts at the head”.

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  • Rich But Low Class:

    What’s the use of being rich but got no class?
    He can only indulge in petty gossips like those ‘cibai’ aunties.
    Drive Bentley, thought can challenge a Scirocco. When the Scirocco revved up, can’t even smell the smoke or see its’ number plate, wondering what happened? Maybe the ‘jenny’ from KTV lounge, he knows.

    Harder Truths:
    Tell us more about your jenny Craig app. I am sure all the fat people will be thrilled.

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  • Mahatma Gandhi says:

    A Customer is the most important visitor on our premises.
    He is not dependent on us.
    We are dependent on him.
    He is not an interruption on our work.
    He is the purpose of it.
    He is not an outsider on our business.
    He is a part of it.
    We are not doing him a favour by serving him.
    He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    Wahlao! So petty, look at the big things lah. Like that want people to vote you?

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  • pea brained tan kin lian:

    cannot believe in today Internet age 70% sheep has not switched to Msia mobile plans such as Celcom Gold Plus.

    just like 70% sheep who continues to pay good money to pap ntuc when the same goods made by the same manufacturers cost 66.6% less just across the causeway.

    70% sheep doesn’t realize. whether pap ntuc or pap temasick starhub all charge triple for the goods. once for pap GST once for pap land cost once for pap S$m GDP growth bonus. for the same goods and services available in Msia one can easily see two-thirds are wasted on pap inefficiencies.

    that pap can last so long is a wonderment. that pap can continue to do is a firm NO. because more and more 70% sheep no more S$ from papa and mama generation to sustain living in pap Singapore.

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  • oxygen:

    YES, BIG BUSINESS now ADD charges onto customers FOR NO SERVICE RENDERED. Singtel add $1 each month for paper billing which is their costs and necessity to advice of correct billing.

    AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS screwed up something that ruin your financial interests with losses, they find alibi, ridiculous of justifications, to avoid compensatory settlement.

    CUSTOMERS ARE TOO TIMID AND TOO EASILY COWED TO SUBMISSION SURRENDER is a large part of this causation. They know that in the digital age of fast pace living, you won’t have time and energy to challenge and the regulators pretend didn’t see.

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  • Darth Vader:

    Oh, so Starhub responded and fixed your problem promptly but didn’t inform you they’ve fixed it? Boo hoo-hoo-hoo! Poor widdle baby tkl, needs to be spoonfed all the time. So lacking in initiative and stupid that you never even thought of testing it out after one or two hours. How sad! See, the sky is falling! The world is coming to an end! All because Starhub didn’t inform tkl that they’ve fixed his problem

    You know what tkl, NOBODY cares about all your trivial self-centered problems!!!! Hell, the more you post here, the more you prove to everyone that we were right to flush you down the toilet in PE2011, and the more you prove to us all WHY we should NEVER elect you to public office!!!! But of course, being the vain, vapid, clueless, arrogant egotistical narcissistic foolish stupid idiot you are, not only do you not know the reason why, you don’t even want to find out the reason

    For everyone else here though, ask yourselves this very important question. We all have lots of problems resulting from the pink moron’s and the pap’s policies. However, every time tkl posts here it’s because he’s whining about some inconvenience he experienced or because people reject his “wisdom” as the “GREAT SAGE EQUAL TO HEAVEN”. So, if tkl was ever elected to public office, do you REALLY THINK he would speak up for us, fight for us, make our grievances publicly known to the government, or do you think he’ll ONLY raise issues that affect him personally?

    What do you think?

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  • TruBlu:

    People say you pay more for BETTER QUALITY.
    In $IN CITY,you Pay And Pay and it gets $hittier and $hittier???

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