An alternative to the Fair Employment Framework?

The govt sets up the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) in 2014 to help locals get employment. Under this framework, an employer has to advertise a job opening in the designated Job Bank for a certain period before applying to the MOM to employ a foreigner.

Many people have observed that this framework is not working. If the employer wants to employ a foreigner for any reason, they will comply with the FCF requirement and reject any local who has applied. They will chose to employ a foreigner anyway.

Here is a post submitted by Simon Lim.

The MOM has placed 500 employers on a watchlist for failing to do enough to hire, groom locals. See this report.

The FCF is clearly not working. It is a farce. Yet the Ministry of Manpower continues to flog this dead horse.

What can be done to help locals get jobs?

Here are my views:

a) Raise the salaries for the designated jobs to a level that is attractive to locals and is sufficient for them to raise a family.

b) Give a wage subsidy to small companies to meet the higher wage cost. This subsidy can be for 12 to 24 months.

If employers find locals to be not more expensive to employ, they are likely to prefer locals for various other advantages.

Minister Teo – I hope you are listening.


Tan Kin Lian





20 Responses to “An alternative to the Fair Employment Framework?”

  • Bobo:

    Are our local borned Singaporeans experiencing one party, two systems? Say say to make Singaporeans dream on only.

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  • Cannot Pian Forever:

    I say, don’t be naive. G is actually happy to see companies hire more foreigners. If not, how and where are they going to get more PRs and more new citizens to hit a 10M population and also to vote for them?

    PM already said that “new towns and industries are being built, what we need are new people.” With our fertility rate so low, you think he’s really waiting for singaporeans to have more children?

    You can give all kinds of suggestions until the cow comes home, the truth is that this G wants instant new citizens who can keep them in power.

    It’s clear as day that G is pretending to show concern for singaporeans’ employment and talking about FCF again all because of the upcoming GE. Opposition parties are raising awareness about the harm of CECA on singaporeans and with the GE just a couple of months away, Jo Teo only needs a small space for ……. her wayang.

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  • Regime change is the solution:

    FCF is a useless and a failure. Why? Because it is not based on economics.

    The only way to protect Singaporean workers is to make it significantly more expensive to hire foreign workers.

    Exempting the latter from CPF contribution made them much cheaper to employ than Singaporeans. Singaporeans have become second class citizens in their own country because of PAP’s stupidity, incompetence and pro-alien bias.

    Giving training to locals will not make any difference because there will always be a cheaper foreign workers with equal if not more skills.

    The only solution is regime change just like in Malaysia. Singaporeans should throw out PAP at the coming GE. PAP should be buried with LKY.

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  • tan kin lian the pea brained:

    if pap knows what to do, there won’t be ceca.

    since there is ceca, it means pap doesn’t know what to do.

    telling pap what to do is as good as coxing the pig to climb trees.

    the proper and ONLY method is to vote OPPO aka topple pap.

    any other method is nothing more than tan kin lian pea brain.

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  • Jman:

    Mr Tan,

    There are industries that locals shun. And that is a fact of life here, as it is in many other countries. Anything under the sun, and anything physically demanding, long hours, shift work, weekend work, etc. We will hear Singaporeans say they are willing to do these, but the practical reality is something else and the truth is they are mostly unwilling, and a smaller number just unable, good pay or not.

    This issue has been flogged so much for so many years already since GE2011. And so many companies have bitten the dust because of restrictive employment policies. If this is pushed further, more will bite the dust. Only this time, the proportion of local jobs lost is likely lower than before, because the companies in these industries are already so thin on locals.

    Google searches on your profile shows you retired in 2007. It is an entirely different world now. Salaries haven’t increased much (if at all), work place expectations have increased significantly, and pace of life and work has increased significantly. This sort of environment favours those who persevere and invest in themselves diligently and consistently over a long period. The current generation is not at all known for perseverance. In the current work force, career butterflies are a dime a dozen, so many flitting from one role to another in quick succession after short stints.

    I am sure you are fairly well travelled. You will find the same phenomena in so many other developed and expensive economies. Entire swathes of jobs in these industries are powered by immigrant labour.

    How tight do you want it to be?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Mr. Tan; very simple just stop the importation of FTs and cancel CECA every thing will fall in place.

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  • Merobok:

    How can minister Teo be listening? She and the others of her party are busily thinking of the coming GE!
    They are in the thick of wondering whether first of all be fielded again depending on their performance and whether they will win again as easily as in 2015 when no hearse or carriage will march past the Padang this time round!

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  • F The WorkFare:

    Too many Immigrants in PUBLIC sector now. Even Malaysians are starting to bully locally born. KNN. If PAP is not OUT, all local be OUT SOONER THAN WE KNOW. CCB

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  • $300,000.00 per day still:

    Increase the levy to 2X the FT Salary/Income.


    Vote for Change, entirely;

    Best Solution

    In a businessmen cartel of only maximizing money & revenues, Change is a must as No other wayang solution will benefits sinkies.

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  • Harder Truths:

    None of this will work. You cannot stop the flood of humans from South India coming here and bullshitting. They will find a way.

    And there will be no help for the local-born because the 70% have given permission for this to happen.

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  • workfare up lah:

    upgrade silver bullet to gold, magic!
    just double or triple workfare thrashold lah
    1500 to 3000 or even better 4500
    be generous on payout like 30% of basic pay
    and bigger portion cash than cpf
    done, passed parliamentary

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  • Asd:

    Created the problem then look for a fair solution ? Why not eradicate the source of the problem ? When SG broke away from MY people say SG cannot survive… now people taking m$ happily salary say SG must open else cannot survive ????

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  • About China pneumonia cases ?:

    China still no conclusion ?

    Sg also no prognosis ?

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  • Wayangs Only:

    Many of those companies are the cronies, beneficiaries of the exploitation.
    The bigger ones are the GRCs, the smaller ones belong to RC honorary members- sponsors.

    Friends pat each other’s backs, pretending aboveboard, undertable to make more money.

    Who are you? You are just mere digits.
    Why should they be afraid? You can’t even vote right.

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  • TruBlu:

    Ah,ms teo will tell u go sell MILK TEA,be businessmen.
    Jobs only for FTs.
    Tkl,you are a joker lah.

    Well,young sgs better stop sucking lollies or they will get screwed.

    Tkl,are you joining oppo alliance since you got so many ideas?

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  • opposition dude:

    My solution will work better than any wayang FCF or future scheme.

    Do not renew half the S and E passes on expiry, this will really force companies to hire locals since the cheap trash won’t be getting the pass renewed.

    Do not allow entry to any more cheap labour, there are already more than 150k S and E pass holders holding on to more than 300k jobs, this is way too many jobs for non Singaporeans.

    But we all know PAP loves to wayang so by hook or by crook they will let in even more people so that the population goes above the 6 million mark by the end of next year. You know it’s going to happen.

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  • Karma by PAP:

    The PAP Govt knows too well that Govt Job portal idea id not working. Because of CECA, Govt would rather ignore Singaporeans cries to please the Indian Govt.

    Blame on the 70% sheep population, who are regretting now as their jobs have been taken over by FTs.

    Govt is giving lip service to FCF, and daft Singaporeans are falling for it. Everyone knows about the loopholes being exploited by companies.

    Much damaged has been done by CECA and PAP is also realising it now that the CECA has only benefited FTs coming from Indian villages. We don’t hear any Singaporean going over to the rapist country to work, which our Govt as been saying about the so-called mutual benefits of CECA.

    Josephine has been appointed by PAP Leadership to fix the FT problem to win back votes in the coming erection. Too bad, she is getting whacked each time she opens her mouth.

    PAP is completely lost on CECA, HDB value decay, overcrowding, CPF withdrawals, massive uprising from Singaporeans… Ministers are taking cover now, while PAP MPs are just collecting $15K month salary to vote all Bills in Parliament.

    No accountability to voters, who trusted them to protect their rice bowl.

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  • pap has the mandate:

    Go to Changi Business Park during lunchtime and you can clearly see something is wrong with the framework. It looks more like Chennai Business Park. There is no enforcement or penalty on the CEOs or the companies owners, these Indians HRs and their Managers who hired their whole village are getting kickbacks. Singapore PAP Government knew that they have no solution to these cheap instant third world foreign workers, is like Drugs to the PAP Government. Goodluck Stinkies or Singaporeans.

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  • Everyone shout Stop CECA:

    At every election rally.

    Thank you very much.

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  • the mechanics behind it:

    //I am sure you are fairly well travelled. You will find the same phenomena in so many other developed and expensive economies. Entire swathes of jobs in these industries are powered by immigrant labour.//

    but why and the mechanics behind it ? becos immigrant labour can help to “underprice” such labour (labour arbitrage) in such high cost and expensive economies relative to their cost of living back home (the remittance sent back to support fellow family members back home) ?

    not that these immigrants are any more hard working (to work in demanding, long hours, shift work, weekend work, etc. ???) ??? while local daft sinkies have to bear the high cost (from birth needing milk to death needing coffins) and if garment white idiots must recover cost (higher costs) from their ownself-check-ownself in operating the country and building many many projects (e.g T1, T2 ….. T5 ….. T999999?), why can’t daft sinkies recover their own high living costs via the demand of better salaries ???

    just a thought experiment, try paying helpers at $200/- or cleaners at $600/- per month, see whether they will be any takers (even from immigrants from the surrounding region) ?

    remember quite a long time back, some local enterprise mentioned that they were willing to “pay good $$$” for diswashers and then many ‘rushed’ to inquire ?

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