Thoughts on Murali’s appointment as a Senior Counsel

While I congratulate the 3 gentlemen on their appointments, the one for Bukit Batok MP Murali Pillai must raise some serious questions.

First the legal profession is a demanding and time consuming one and the role of Senior Council (SC) would I assume only increase the demands and pressures. Given that how can SC Pillai have the bandwidth to fully serve the constituents that voted for him or the nation as a whole whom he represents when he is in Parliament?

Life today is far more complex as are the needs of the nearly 30,000 Singaporeans living in Bukit Batok yet they will, by the simple fact that you can’t be in two places at once, receive only a fraction of the attention of their MP, even less given his promotion.

Similarly we have more demands and challenges for the country and its Parliament so where will he have the time to adequately research and keep abreast of everything with his new increased workload and responsibilities?

In addition, when that career is a legal one, especially at a high level, there is the concern of conflict of interest or the appearance of such. While I don’t doubt SC Pillai’s integrity, he could well end up adjudicating a POFMA case or a similar government related one where his colleagues, some of whom may be close associates or friends, will be the defendants. This would not look very good in the public eye and put SC Pillai in a very difficult position. That aside from the fact that in any properly functioning democracy the Judiciary should be fully independent of the Legislators.

These bandwidth issues and potential conflicts are precisely why we should only have full time MPs to serve us in our Constituencies and Parliament and private careers should be put on hold during times of public service. As they say you cannot properly serve two masters and in this case one of them, the Singapore Public, should rightly be asking him and any who seek to represent them, to choose.


Brad Bowyer


17 Responses to “Thoughts on Murali’s appointment as a Senior Counsel”

  • Cronyism:

    Sg meritocracy

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  • Get What You Voted:

    Vanished after election.

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  • Ah Mu:

    @Brad, very good observation on Murali. We respect him for his legal profession and his capabilities as a learned lawyer.

    However, as a part-time MP for Bukit Buttock, where rats are running around wild and fire hoses being locked up without water supply, he will have no time to serve his voters. In fact, BB is actually already have a curse affecting it’s residents.

    BB residents fell to PAP scare tactics on Dr Chee during the bi-election.

    Many Singaporeans were disappointed when gutter politics and character-assassination tactics were used by PAP Ministers during the bi-election campaign.

    However, Dr Chee has emerged more stronger than ever to fight such degrading behaviors from PAP.

    BB sheeps are repenting now, after a woman died in fire due to the incompetency of the Town Council. As Dr Chee is gaining popularity with BB voters, we need to wait and see if BB will still be an SMC or it will be absorbed into different GRCs.

    If an Indian woman can become a Malay overnight, anything is possible in S’pore politics.

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  • Harder Truths:


    Pappies never get their hands dirty. The appointment is for show only, Until the next election.

    You will only know who is appointed to your district when their big fat smiling faces appear on placards before festivals – wishing the unemployed, the cardboard pickers, the homeless and the debt-ridden remainder a happy holiday before the yrun off to foreign lands to celebrate.

    By the way – when did any one of you see your elected clown(s) in your district?

    I thought so.

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  • Change We Must:

    Voters must open their eyes wide to vote for full-time MP to serve them well. Part-time MPs hold many other jobs to boost their income, how can they serve their residents??? think, think, dont be blinded by their talks

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  • Who is the Boss?:

    Voters have to change their mind-set from one of servant to that of master. You put them in Parliament to serve you. They are your “servants” and if they do not give you their full-time commitment, you remove them and vote in one who will. Do you want to be boss or servant to your politician?

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  • pap human rubber stamps:

    the pap Ljs and pap Cbs all lose their brains the moment they board pap S$m ownself pay pwnself gravy train.

    are we jealous.

    in a way, yes. because S$m is the dollar prize of toto. pap ownself justify ownself S$m system means every year pap Ljs and pap Cbs all strike toto.

    surely not everyone in pap clan strikes toto yearly? that is the point. everyone wants to be the S$m level. but how? must be noted to be 100% subservient to the one who looks at payroll.

    that means must be the most pliant pap rubber stamp in pap parleement.

    and pap plays the game very well. its folks know an unspoken rule. as long as fix OPPO and vote yes to everything pap says, continue to get extra S$16k pm tax free, with the bonus of rising up to the S$m ranks.

    some like joe tiu played bare back lingerie game. some like ng eng hen play the speak like pap master liar lky game (included here also the Aljunied reject ong yee kung).

    some like pap Cb disgrace fool and pap Lj stroke heng failed miserably to fix WP OPPO in parleement so much so needed a supposedly apolitical organization such as MND to come forward to do the fixing.

    pap has become so bold in abusing taxpayer dollars to ensuring party loyalty that the pap clown Lj no shame telling publicly about fixing OPPO. just look at the fixing of WP OPPO leaders Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Low TK.

    what can citizens do?

    70% sheep continues to vote pap and look forward to their children and grandchildren driving Grab delivering Grab food and jaga ceca ah neh S$1.5m condo.

    30% OPPO, generally the better off in terms of wealth, continue to vote OPPO and at the same time look forward to 70% sheep waking up.

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  • Bapak:

    This ia a circles show, everything is run by the same gang – actor, actress & audience.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    Murali is just another useless PAP MP. Bukit Batok is still rat-infested. VTO.

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  • mike:

    Seriously, I don’t understand how a person can be a MP doing it as part-time job. Or worse, part-part-part-part-time job since there are so many helpers and volunteers working for them.

    I would support a law to ban MP from holding multiple-directorship, critical legal, accounting and medical positions. And also most importantly, a MP must not hold a ministar position.

    Appointed ministar by the winning majority party will be required to attend parliament sessions to propose, debate, respond and answer for the action of their ministary. But must not be involved in the parliament votes.

    We have a very screwed system under an absolute power gahmen supported by 70%.

    We deserves it all. And so funny one…

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Brad, …It is MONEY & POWER according to a man with a NAME like Vivien…Never service to the People it is self-service FIRST…that is why a Bastard now dead said…what is wrong with collecting MORE MONEY…even in Hell he is demanding hell notes be burned every August for him…

    That is PAP for you!!!

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  • Bapak:

    I don’t think the unfilial son and the halfman-halfwoman would spend a single cent on him. 六亲不认

    But the Old Hack doesn’t need it. He has many platinum bars down there.

    patriot of TUMASIK:
    Brad, …It is MONEY & POWER according to a man with a NAME like Vivien…Never service to the People it is self-service FIRST…that is why a Bastard now dead said…what is wrong with collecting MORE MONEY…even in Hell he is demanding hell notes be burned every August for him…

    That is PAP for you!!!

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  • N.Jungne:

    One of those rewards for saying, “YES”.

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  • TruBlu:

    Well,MuraLEE seems slated for a ministerial post soon after next GE or some HIGH JUDICIARY position.

    Many ex-generals or GLC execs oso got elevated before given a ministerial post?

    MuraLEE lost at AJ.
    Well,are there no better lawyers than these in SG?


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  • something similar:

    //Well,are there no better lawyers than these in SG?//

    these ‘better lawyers’ must be the white idiotic chosen ones lar ? to come up with something similar like 4 = 5 or selected = elected or inside is not within or some lor-sor long winded “leegirl” statements which are sometimes boo-sheet and to “mesmerize” the daft ?

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  • Just like selected president:

    It pays to be a yes man in PAP’s circles.
    No justice, nevermind.
    Why do u think theyre paid out of this world salaries for?

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  • Money give me i empee:

    This obscenity has gotta stop…. MPs overloaded with $$$dough in multiple appointments and underperforming therefore.

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