Outbreak has shown best and worst of Singaporeans

History tells us it is during a major crisis such as a war or extreme disaster that the beautiful and ugly are most distinguishable.

The present Covid-19 outbreak is an excellent illustration.

By the second day after the first Covid-19 case was made public, almost all face masks were sold out.

Interestingly, the same evening, the Internet was flooded with masks offered for sale.

This was followed by reports of people being cheated in online scams involving face masks.

More disturbing was the response of certain unscrupulous merchants suspected of profiteering by selling masks at high prices.

While there will always be black sheep in our midst, Covid-19 has also revealed a large number of remarkable Singaporeans.

The response by Singaporeans from all walks of life and across the island to the call from our political leaders to come forward to show support for front-line officials was remarkably spontaneous, enthusiastic and sincere.

Equally inspiring is how friends, neighbours and families have grown closer by showing care and concern, and offering help.

An elderly neighbour with two 5kg bags of rice told me that if I needed rice, she had some to spare.

I am fortunate to have such a caring neighbour.

The outbreak has served us well as a national education lesson. Our people are more united and showing greater care for one another.


LS Cheng




22 Responses to “Outbreak has shown best and worst of Singaporeans”

  • TruBlu:

    Covid19 shows that humans better try too hard to PLAY GOD.
    Like the LYRICS in that great old song IN THE YEAR 2525 says,GOD IS PROBABLY SHAKING HIS MIGHTY HEAD,at human greed and follie$..

    Since when has GREED BEEN GOOD?
    ONLY IDIOTS worship this…

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  • TruBlu:


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  • PAPVID-20:

    Mean time….. some power hungry xia suay idiots are rubbing their hands in glee. Can’t wait to take the opportunity to call for an election at the soonest bcoz they know jolly well that singaporeans are mostly kiasi people who would vote on fear.

    Don’t say they don’t care about risk.There’ll be no handshaking allowed. No big crowd rallies should take place. Maybe election campaigning period to be shortened from the already very short 9 days?

    lhl says COVID-19 will only last for 1 yr. He forgot to tell us that PAPVID will last for FIVE long years or even much longer.

    If singaporeans are stupid and kiasi enough to let them have another landslide victory, you bet more people will have to suffer from PAPVID-20 than the COVID-19.

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  • Great Asia:

    LS Cheng,

    In the name of protecting jobs for Singaporeans, PAP fat cats and rich towkays immediately meet up to discuss how the taxpayers’ money can be raided to feed the towkays.

    How do you explain this?

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Ya, catch the small guys:

    So many people are quick to go after the small guys trying to make some money from re-selling.

    Why don’t they go after the big guys?
    The big company who openly and proudly sells sanitizers at more than double price?
    The big supermarkets?
    The gov who relentlessly drive up prices?

    Think of COE auction. It’s much worse than the small guys reselling a few masks.

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  • Papislying:

    Chinese exported 160000 of mask to china.



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  • Papislying:


    DUE TO VOTES !!!

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Demand and Supply even the govt and their monkeys are cashing in raising the price of “Bananas”

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  • ChuaBeeChooAnusFace:

    There are plenty of ugly Singaporeans/former Malaysians regardless of SARS/Covid…

    This is because Spore is a competitive rat race society. Recall:”get out of my elite uncaring face” ?

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  • never voted pap:

    the worst group is the pap group. keeps lying about sufficient masks for 6.9m mouths when it is not so.

    worse, pap ntuc ups prices at the opportunistic time instead of regulating prices on a steady mode.

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  • Weird PAP:

    I agree with your statement – ” Our people are more united and showing greater care for one another ”

    Unfortunately, PAP wants to take advantage of the epidemic to win the election by asking Singaporeans for a “strong mandate to fight the virus”.

    We paid them millions from our taxpayer money, and these fat cats have been enriching themselves and their famiLees.

    How can PAP even suggest an election during this crisis ?

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  • make or cook it yourself:

    //More disturbing was the response of certain unscrupulous merchants suspected of profiteering by selling masks at high prices.//

    well, thought that every crisis presents good opportunities (for those who know how to seize it capitalizing their resourcefulness) ? mantra of free market & free pricing right ???

    profiteering right ? thought white idiotic doggy boys sometimes would counter smugly when people complain of high price on some other things to this effect, “not happy, don’t buy lor or make or cook it yourself lor” ????

    how about ‘profiteering’ for food or other essential goods like housing ?? and what is the meaning of ‘profiteering’ ??

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  • Empty head:

    March 15, 2020 at 8:53 pm (Quote)

    Chinese exported 160000 of mask to china.



    You are so angry with this?

    Do you know where Singapore imports all its masks? If they stop selling you, you have no mask to wear. Small mind.

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  • UniQ:

    I think the ugliest of Singapore newly created culture :

    Refusing to acknowledge mistakes and apologies, while holding NO quarters to insult Singaporeans : ‘Si Gui Kia’ !!


    Example :

    SAFRA Dinner
    Women Day Event
    Merdeka Event

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  • Humans=most dangerous animal:

    “Outbreak has shown best and worst of Singaporeans”.

    aiyah this is normal human behaviour.
    there will always be the the opportunistic and the altruistic.
    so which one are you?

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  • emptyhead:

    right, with mighty S$, we can import from the moon, when the time is crucial, not EXPORT , stupid.

    TRAITORS fm MY, CN, ID, PH, etc etc

    go ‘f’ off….

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  • We reap what we sow:

    Man has been committing sins of all sorts imaginable, shapes and sizes
    Despite all previous warnings (punishments) by God, man without shame continues committing sins.
    Isn’t COVID-19 a warning (punishment).
    This time round this warning is severe.
    Pray learn from this warning and that it will come to an end soonest.
    But man has short memories and many will quickly forget this warning when it ends, and fall back into committing sins yet again.
    After that sense the grand finale is looming, and may be so severe that unrepentant man may not have the opportunity to shamefully commit sins again.

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  • That’s what we have become:

    By and large, that’s the report card.
    Not much different from many other cities.
    It all boils down to education and the corrupt examples you see around you.
    You proudly educate your child to earn big bucks.
    Not education to open up the mind to appreciate humanity and life and living.
    Philosophy and spirituality are dry dead subjects.
    Emphasis in money-making creates crass ugly materialistic human beings.
    Then they become greedy and self-centered and arrogant.
    So the rush to clear up the supermarket shelves is testimony to the state of mind.
    Isn’t that an end result of the so-called progressive “modern civilization” whatever that means?

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  • Soul development neglected:

    We got so much savings and a powerful military with billions spent on hardware and software and upkeep.
    What’s the use of all the money now, and that will run out fast at the rate things are going. At most short term use to buy essential goods. How long will that last? It could dwindle away very fast.
    USA is releasing USD1 trillion package plan (where they get this money God knows, their printing machines will be very busy from now) and substantial amount US$1000 per month for each citizen to be given, and here we are giving free sanitizers.
    Many have yet to learn to live on $7 each day.
    As for the billions spend on military, what’s the use for now actually. Only a crazy fella will want to engage us in a brawl today.
    Look at the behaviors and snarls and fierce-some growls mixed with frightened looks at the long lines in the supermarkets. No kind loving calming compassion looks in sight, Everybody looking over the shoulder for himself.
    Mankind has failed miserably in educating and developing human beings to acceptable human humane standards.
    Education has mainly catered to tantalizing the crude pleasures of the senses in the race for more and more gold, the end result creating insecure personalities and crass characters.
    Many obviously are not properly brought up.
    Meantime be prepared for noisy and panicky escalations on supermarket fronts and later at free distribution centers (the next phase) for goods and toilet papers and masks and replenishing thermometers.
    The signs are already there.

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  • over crowding kills fastest:

    sheep must wake up.

    Singapore is a small island. year in year out local born about 3m. this is Law of Natural Selection. the small island Singapore naturally can host 3m.

    pap being S$m money faced GDP growth bonus freaks, the ownself pay ownself type, says more mouths more GDP growth and so more S$m for each other in pap clan.

    pap IBs all say 6.9m and then 10.0m when it is now clear as day 6.9m already short of mask what happens when 10.0m?

    worse it is shown over crowding means all die fastest in a virus spread. even pap now, with 6.9m in small island, already say social distancing, even in hawker centre.

    when it is 10.0m social distancing shall be a pipe dream since where got space to social distance?

    3m is about the limit for small island Singapore. any number larger than 3.0m is nothing but S$m ownself justify ownself greed via GDP growth bonus.

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  • teach a GOOD LESSON:

    //pap being S$m money faced GDP growth bonus freaks, the ownself pay ownself type, says more mouths more GDP growth and so more S$m for each other in pap clan.//

    hahaha. well this virus is also very smart to teach human beings a GOOD LESSON on globalization (the flip side) ?

    this virus knows how to take advantage of globalization (that many nations crave for) to export its free virulent service to the world and make sure most countries will have to incur high maintenance costs (to get rid of such unwanted service) ????

    in sinkie land or most highly dense countries / places, this virus also teaches you about the effectiveness on scaling up its service using the hubbing and connectivity concept ?

    this virus is telling the world that the next virus version / upgrade (as in evolution ?) coming human’s way may be much better as it learns / improves it own effectiveness once its weaker version is no longer useful and cannot serve its purpose ????

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  • Take care of the poor:

    We should take care of one another in time like this,especially the poor and needy among us.
    Not the the time to find fault …be gracious and kind.
    Time to stand united to fight this deadly Virus.It kills.Precious lives will be lost .
    Sad situation.
    Please do our part.Stay home.

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