Punish The PAP If They Attempt To Curtail Democracy!

Lee Hsien Loong Said today that if elections are held during the Covid-19 crisis, precautions would be taken so that the voters can vote safely and the parties can campaign effectively. What a load of rubbish!

These are words from a man who cannot hide his eagerness to rush our Nation into elections, when we are in The Eye Of the Biggest Storm our Nation has experienced since independence. And the raison d’être ? So that the Opposition cannot walk the ground and get their messages out by the tried and tested way of mass rallies. In effect, Lee Hsien Loong and the PAP would very much like a “silent” election, where the MSM, who are the propaganda broadsheets of the PAP, are the only media game in town.

Democratic societies such as England, have decided to push back local elections, due on 7 May, by a year. Undemocratic and authoritarian governments such as the PAP seek to capitalise on Peoples’ fears and the shutdown of the Opposition to continue their authoritarian rule.

Experts are mostly agreed that the pandemic will be behind us by the end of this year. Even, if it is not, we should be in much calmer waters compared to now with regard to the crisis, and the situation should have stabilised.

So please do not give us nonsensical excuses for wanting to call a snap election. I would urge Singaporeans to punish the PAP at the polls should a snap election be called, for curtailing democracy and for endangering public health!


Lim Tean




31 Responses to “Punish The PAP If They Attempt To Curtail Democracy!”

  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:

    Now’s a good time to capitalise on the fears of people, ain’y it?

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  • John Richards:

    Utter self-serving garbage from a party that’s been elected to serve the people through good times and bad. PM, don’t take your eye off the ball. The game is still very much in play and the stakes are getting higher by the day.

    This is not the time to start a fight with your detractors over who should govern Singapore. Fight to tame the virus instead and eradicate it from our shores.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Never ever Believe this PeeAyam,

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  • NotMyProblem:

    I know he doesn’t need it, but I suggest PM Lee should call GE now, immediately! Sure win one!

    He can limit rallies cannot be more than 250 pax. This doesn’t affect PAP’s rallies, from chicken rice count, usually less than that number.

    Also he can ensure those votes for PAP will have masks and sanitizer.

    If PAP loses, he will invite Italian, Iranian, French etc for “conferences” in SG. Big conferences with 2000 or more people.

    What do you think, sure win right?

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  • no boycotting:

    covid19 GE will be remembered as
    >>> eRallys are borned <<<>>> Boycott covid19 GE
    fight it smart and be brave
    ah loong
    whatever whenever however
    you throw us Voters anyhow
    >>> We are ever Ready to VTO PAP

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  • Realistically:

    I think there is more to the emperor without clothes rush to hold the GE……..not only to get paid the easy money as Minister Mentor or whatever but to hide earlier failures……..my views only…………think about it

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  • Social Distancing In Place:

    Will social distancing will be enforced and thus no mass rally for oppositions? However, media coverage is mainly for the ruling party. Sounds like this isn’t a level playing field.

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  • Be humble and humane:

    Pinky doesn’t look well in appearance. His trouser look very loose.

    Kenna corona? What do you think?

    One thing for sure. Pinky cannot along his millions when he eventually joins old man.

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  • Asd:

    I think these are not educated people

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  • Love me love me not:

    Make foes of bowmen if you must,
    Never of penmen.

    Those who have wisdom have all:
    Fools with all have nothing.

    Foolish people inflict pain upon their ownself,
    Worse than what an enemy can bring upon them

    It is compassion, the most gracious of virtues,
    Which moves the world.

    - The Sage Thiruvalluvar

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  • no boycott:


    ** PAP will NOT be able to accurately gauge
    ground sentiments due to non conggregations
    aurely advantage opposition fightings.

    this is a correction to earlier post.

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  • PAPVID-20:

    The idea of rushing into an election soon probably came about at the time when the no. of COVID-19 cases were consistently at below 10 (only 1 to 4 cases on many days from mid Feb to early Mar).

    But now with the cases increasing since the released of the EBRC report and also with Msia’s lockdown last night, Emperor Pinky could be fuming mad now. If he can’t go ahead with the GE soon as he’s wished, he’d be hopping mad if he has to delay it.

    Anyhow, no matter what, die die he’ll want to hold the election at the soonest. The COVID-19 task force must be extreme pressure from the emperor now.

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  • Remember These:

    Before You Vote, Please remember these

    1) PAP stop you from getting your CPF at 55 years old as promised by LKY.

    2) Pinky refused to reveal the Jinz salary which was believed to be 100 Million Dollars per annum.

    3) Pinky changed constitution to put a Malay as President to prevent Dr Tan Cheng Bok from contesting. Halimah is not a Malay.

    4) There is no minimum wage in Singapore but MPs and Ministers are drawing the world highest salaries. Each Minister is drawing at least one million dollar salary for sleeping in Parliameny as can be seen on the TV.

    5) Pinky brought up to 3 million of foreigners to Singapore to take away our jobs. He will continue until 10 million population to win his future elections. This is despite our lack of water, food and space.

    6) Pinky paid the Ministers very high salaries so that they dare not questioned him on his policies or else they will lose their salaries.

    7) Most of the people retrenched become Grab drivers. Do you want a nation of Grab drivers?

    8) Temasek has lost billions of our CPF money.

    There are many other ways in which the PAP had screwed the people. so its time to kick out the PAP in the coming election. I am just a normal citizen and not a member of any party and I have been personally screwed by them having been retrenched withour a job for quite some time.

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  • Down with despots:

    Any caring souls with basic decency would not want to jeopardise the health of the public.

    Sheep voted for a spoilt brat to do as he likes at our expense. His self interest is above all else, all people. Where it is concerned it is not for interest of people.

    Sheep voted to be leeched, manipulated, brainwashed, exploited. He is only interested to use us for self serving.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The US with Cities 2x or more the size of Singapore and a population less congested issues less than 10 to gather for SAFETY SAKE suggestion or order!!!…

    And here??? a Sardine Packed public Transport and public area is calling for an ELECTION

    How SICK can a LEEder be???

    Care & Concern or $$$ & POWER???…the LATTER is OBVIOUS!!!

    You Decide!!!…an Evil Father who slaughtered 1,000,000+++ unborn through his LEEgal Abortion 1974-2016…base upon Shitty Times Report with Headlines…

    “Abortion at its Lowest in 2016″…

    and an Editorial gleefully “Highlighting the Achievement” of a Murder Most Foul of Innocents…

    Throw them OUT before they “Do Us IN”

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  • chaos again:

    msia restricting its entry n exit borders till 31st march.
    already mini chaos at sg supermarkets…huge panic buying again. long long queues.
    sg gov ensuring sgs there is enough food n essentials..yeah, like CCS ensured sgs there are enuf face masks..

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  • Streams want 1PartyRule:

    Dear Lim Tean

    We know that sgreans are ruled by fear.
    I would not go so far as to say they are threatened.

    But reality is after 53 years continued support for PAP, resulting in a laughable democracy with impotent opposition, this brainwashed populace is now even more certain that 1 Party Rule is the way to go after the Sabotage by Mahathir and HK protesters and now Mr Covid.

    Each of the past GEs PAP extremely fortunate to be helped by acts of God :

    1. Financial crisis
    2. SARS
    3. 911.
    4. Old man Kicked the Bucket
    5. COVID

    Singaporeans are ruled by fear. The most easily frightened.

    I think there is nothing left for Alternative parties because all that Singaporeans want now is No Change, Stability and masks.

    SINGAPOREANS EVENTUALLY WILL VOTE FOR, sorry, I mean, ACCEPT a Changed Constitution where elections is ABOLISHED in the name of Stability.

    Plan for retirement elsewhere. There is No Hope of installing an Alternative govt. Life will be extremely tough in sg. Costs will continue to rocket. Jobs continue to be tough and hard to cum by. Stress and more stress coming. Such civilisation destined for extinction.

    The End.


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  • panic in the air:

    after news of msia lock down this today, panic erupted once again ..
    prices of everything oredy gone up..everything n anything !
    only shopkeepers and big bosses are laughing all the way to the bank.
    even prices of produce sold at wet markets gone up by 50c onwards. i pity folks who have limited finances..hope they get help..
    a case of supply n demand.
    also the stupidity of people stockpiling and hoarding..
    but fear makes humans do irrational stuff…
    but if they dont and worse comes to worst…who will suffer?

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  • TruBlu:

    GREED creates *globaLABOURI$ATION* where workers got abused while the RICH N POWRRFUL make themselves even RICHER N MORE POWERFUL.

    Karma thinks otherwise.
    And so,COVID19 DE-GLOBA-LIE$ and THE RICH N POWERFUL got backfired n $crew their own back$ides?

    Dont play play with KARMA.

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  • My Money or your life:

    So they would rather play Russian Roulette with Singaporeans’lives then lose their multi-million salaries when the FEAR level sudsides.
    Higher the FEAR level better are their chances.
    Let us get rid of these Merchants of FEAR.
    Hitler was less evil then the Greedy Papigs.
    Did any of the useless papig MP commented on this yet; or are they too fearful to lose their $16k.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Please don’t try to threaten PAP.

    PAP can call for GE immediately, who care about lives of citizen. It is a gamble. In gambling someone has to win, PAP must win, losers are the idiotic voters.

    At this virus crisis, PAP can limit only 250 attendees to all rallies. PAP’s rallies will not be affected as previous attendance record was about that number, based on the chicken rice packet count.

    This time PAP can reward attendees with face masks and hand sanitizers. Or else PAP would invite Italians, Iranian, French, etc for a “conference” in Singapore if they were unable to achieve what they wanted.

    See who’s the losers?

    Afraid be very afraid! The question is for how long?

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  • Talkcockmp:


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  • Educating Singaporeans:

    Streams want 1PartyRule:
    Singaporeans are ruled by fear. The most easily frightened.

    Singaporeans are not easily frightened.

    Singaporeans are educated and are reasonable people.

    Most important, many Singaporeans are educated by me not to be canon fodder for selfish opposition supporter such as yourselves and many others here.

    Many scheming opposition supporters always instigate others to charge at the frontline while they themselves stay away from the frontline.

    1. Hong Kong Martin Lee is one such good example.
    HK Martin Lee instigate students to charge while he himself enjoy fine dining.

    2. Stupid Hong Kees canon fodder for Martin Lee.
    (Bunch of foolish canon fodder who thought they are hero)

    Have a good laugh at these stupid Hong Kees Martin Lee canon fodder.

    Dear Singaporeans, all these so called Hong Kong protesters are actually paid actors and actress.

    They are paid a lucrative wages to lead and instigate others to join their schemed protest.

    Just like the man who burn stuff outside Kallang Police post. He too is a paid actor out to stir up anti PAP emotion hoping more stupid fools would join him.

    Alas, he failed as Singaporeans, after being educated by me, saw through the opposition evil scheme and no sane Singaporeans want to be canon fodder.

    Do you want to be a canon fodder ? Do you want to be like the stupid Hong Kees who ran at the sound of a falling barricade above ? hahahahahaha

    Vote PAP, Vote for 9% GST to give PAP 9 months bonus.
    PAP Huat, Huat, Huat arh

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  • Educating Singaporeans:

    Dear Lim Tean,
    Are you Ang Mo Tua Kee like Oxygen that must follow everything Ang Mo did ?

    Let me quote you what a fellow forummer Trueblu said here.
    (some changes were made to his original text)

    Democracy should NOT BE *TRANSFERRED* en-masse just for the $AKE OF freedom/liberty/human rights rea$on without considering the differences in the country-MAKE-UP.

    DEMOCRACY is just like some ANIMALS who has been living in *COLD COUNTRIES like ALASKA OR POLAR and may not thrive in SINGAPORE or other countries ???


    Western Style Democracy equal to Freedom without Responsibility.
    The Hong Kees are demonstrating how great freedom is without taking responsibility.

    Vote PAP, Vote for 9% GST to give PAP 9 months bonus.
    PAP Huat, Huat, Huat arh

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  • SG Inc.:

    They expect the cases of infection to rise in SG and don’t wish to be blamed for it. This is the best time to take advantage of the people’s fear that a new gov may be unprepared to deal with the pandemic. PAP has already started “campaigning” through the media by announcing $4b in assistance to companies and workers. It is as much in their political interest to do so; otherwise, imagine the outcome of the GE if companies shut down and workers lose their jobs. Who do you think will get the biggest share of the subsidy “pie’ in SG Inc.?

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  • Wise Up:

    If he really goes ahead with GE, opposition should use the By-election Strategy. This will give people the stability that they want by returning the PAP to power and at the same time having more opposition in parliament.

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  • oxygen:

    WATCH OUT, mutated virus aka @ Educating Singaporeans – previously packaged as rubber tapper/durian picker from Bohlehland – is engaged in facile fart here yet again.

    Oppression and cover-up of Covid-19 is the cause of pandemic spread in China and now the rest of the world.

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  • Xia suay pap minister:

    Where is that moron xia suay ah chan?

    Why so quiet? If so smart Alex, cities all the globe are now panic buying masks and toilet paper, this moron can start calling them xia suay and idiots.

    After we use the toilet papers, we pass them to ah chan to clean and wipe his LJ mouth.

    Next time, STFU!

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  • Crooked PAP:

    Wah, suddenly there are so many IB people here.

    It only proves PAP is failing badly and need backup support from IB people to “neutralize” any negative but truthful facts on why more Opposition is needed in Parliament.

    Sorry, IB folks are fighting a losing battle.

    Singaporeans have woken up, except for some uncles and aunties who still want free chicken wing/rice, given out free by PA using taxpayers money.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    WATCH OUT, mutated virus aka @ Educating Singaporeans – previously packaged as rubber tapper/durian picker from Bohlehland – is engaged in facile fart here yet again.

    Oppression and cover-up of Covid-19 is the cause of pandemic spread in China and now the rest of the world.

    Thanks, Oxy, I was taken in without realizing leh!!!

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  • I Love TR Emeritus!:

    Dear Lim Tean,

    I just found out that I’ll be voting in the Tanjong Pagar GRC this time around and you are planning to contest there. Please do. I promise you, my family and myself will NOT vote for you. You’re a clown.

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