Set up special medical facilities for Covid-19 patients

The ministry of health is arranging with private hospitals to take Covid-19 patients that are not critically ill. These patients have to be monitored for a few days and are discharged when they are tested to be negative for the virus.

I suggest that a separate approach be taken.

It is better for MOH to set up special medical facilities to handle these patients.

In the case of Wuhan, they set up temporary hospitals for this purpose.

Sports stadium or other public places can be used as the temporary hospital. If necessary , a cruise ship can be chartered for this purpose.

Doctors and nurses can be specially trained to carry out this special job. They can be supported by care givers who do not have the nursing qualifications but can help in other ways, such as feeding and cleaning the patients.

One possible approach is to get ex-patients who have already developed the immunity to act as care givers.

The health professionals and care givers need to be given the adequate training and equipment to ensure their personal safety. Nevertheless, accidents can still happen. They should be covered with adequate insurance provided by the government.

If they are infected, the cost of treatment and wages will be paid by the government in full. If they die, the family will get an adequate compensation, say $300,000. The government can be the insurer – there is no need to get it insured by a private insurer.

Setting up this special medical facility or temporary hospital require someone to take the responsibility. But that is what leaders are for.

It may easier to the MOH to pass the responsibility to the private hospitals. The managers of the private hospital also has to address the same issues, and they are not properly equipped to do so. There is also the thorny question of how much are the private hospitals to be paid for this service and whether they are paid by the government or the patients.

It is better for the government to ask MOH to take the responsibility and set up the special medical facilities to handle the increase in case loads.

Tan Kin Lian





4 Responses to “Set up special medical facilities for Covid-19 patients”

  • Great Asia:


    We have so many army camps!

    These are best place for temporary medical facilities.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • ShamYewCum Suck Coke SC:

    Singaporeans forget to assess the SG govt based on the world highest salaries they gave themselves. Yes, they gave themselves this salary and i was not approved by the people. It was approved by the govt.

    SK govt is paid peanuts but performed super well in this covid pandemic. And it’s not the SK govt fault for pandemic.

    So, how much have Singaporeans been shortchanged considering how little SK gov asks in return for the honor to serve such a relatively large country which inherits tons more problems than sg govt?

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  • Be prepared:

    Better to be prepared for any huge surge of cases.
    Take all measures to increase our medical facilities urgently to cope with worst-case scenario.
    Look at Italy situation..Scary.

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  • when all's said and done:

    sg has several unused islands ..
    ..or else Istana is available. why not?
    Lawrence wong just announced sg is at a critical stage re CV.
    still no RED flag..???

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