Singapore registers 4th death and 49 new infections by Covid-19

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Singapore has registered its 4th death arising from the Covid-19, said the The Ministry of Health (MOH) in a statement released on its website on Thursday (2 Apr) afternoon.

The deceased was a Singapore Work Pass holder from Indonesia, had been in Indonesia from 20 January to 16 March.

The 68 year-old male was admitted to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) on 22 March, and was confirmed to have Covid-19 infection on the same day. He developed serious complications and eventually succumbed to the infection after spending 7 days in the ICU. He had a history of diabetes and hypertension.

MOH also announced 49 new cases of Covid-19 infection in the island city, of which 8 are imported and 41 are local community-spread cases who have no recent travel history abroad.

Of the 41 non-imported cases:

  • 26 cases are linked to previous cases or clusters.
  • 15 cases are currently unlinked (out of a total of 118).
An additional 3 new clusters (18-20) were also announced by MOH, bringing the total number of known clusters on the island city to 20.

These clusters are:

  1. Life Church and Missions Singapore,
  2. Yong Thai Hang health products shop,
  3. a business meeting at Grand Hyatt hotel,
  4. the Seletar Aerospace Heights construction site,
  5. the Grace Assembly of God church,
  6. Wizlearn Technologies @ Singapore Science Park,
  7. a private singing event at SAFRA Jurong,
  8. a PAP Community Foundation centre in Fengshan (Sparkletots),
  9. Dover Court International School,
  10. SingPost Centre @ 10 Eunos Road 8,
  11. The Wedding Brocade @ Yishun,
  12. S11 Dormitory  @  Punggol,
  13. the Wilby Residences,
  14. Hero’s Pub @ Circular Road,
  15. Westlite Toh Guan dormitory,
  16. Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home @ 1 Thomson Lane,
  17. the 55 Sungei Kadut Loop dormitory,
  18. Mustafa Centre @ 145 Syed Alwi Road,
  19. Keppel Shipyard @ Pioneer Sector 1 and;
  20. Maxwell MRT station construction [email protected] Neil Road.

With the additional 49 cases announced on Thursday (2 Apr), the total tally of Covid-19 infections in Singapore has broken the 1000 barrier, standing at 1049.

Over 1 Million Infected Cases Worldwide

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases worldwide has exceeded 1 million, with the United States, Italy and Spain accounting for almost  half of the total confirmed cases.

The million cases barrier was breached around 12.30pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Friday (3 Apr – Singapore time 0.30am), according to stats by Johns Hopkins University.

To date, 4 countries have exceeded China’s nationwide confirmed cases tally, namely the United States, Italy, Spain and Germany.


12 Responses to “Singapore registers 4th death and 49 new infections by Covid-19”

  • SG has to be forced:

    The problem with SG :

    1. Once decision made, they die die won’t admit mistake.

    2. A super majority that’s trust so greatly, is Unquestionable and finds excuse for the garment if confronted with allegations of flawed garment.

    The SG garment has to be Forced to do things. This is because SG ia void of opposition force.

    I propecise :

    1. Lock down will happen only if they are Forced.

    2. They will apologise for advisory Not To wear masks only if forced . Asymptomatic, unlinked cases. DEATHS IN OLD FOLKS HOMES.

    3. SCHOOL SHUTDOWN if forced by news of students being infected.

    4. Forced to accept use of cloth or non cloth washable masks.

    They have gotten addicted to feeling they are always right and void of opposition, they won’t admit mistakes.

    Unless FORCED.

    GD Star Rating
  • TruBlu:

    More expected as more *OVERSEAD SGS* RETURN from USA N OTHER WESTERN countries.

    And still,we cannot get a SIMPLE SURGICAL MASK as a protection?

    If SAFE DISTANCING IS IMPORTANT,so too wearing a mask,i believe?

    OR,maybe THEY ARE KEEPING THE MASKS fir themselves???

    GD Star Rating
  • N.Jungne:

    We oso import Virus, from where arh???

    GD Star Rating
  • TruBlu:

    The saddest case for this episode of COVID ?must be that good samaritan WUHAN DOCTOR who caught the disease and was dragged to jail n bashed for whistle-blowing.

    I am sure Heaven have pity on him.

    This is a classic case where telling REAL NEWS gets silenced by FAKER$.

    GD Star Rating
  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times – Quote – “86-year-old woman dies of coronavirus, 5th such death in Singapore
    The Straits Times understands that she was Case 918, one of the people in the cluster at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home at 1 Thomson Lane.
    The Straits Times understands that she was Case 918, one of the people in the cluster at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home at 1 Thomson Lane.ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG
    Timothy Goh
    SINGAPORE – A fifth patient has died from the coronavirus infection here, the Ministry of Health announced on Friday (April 3).

    The woman, an 86-year-old Singaporean, had no recent travel history to affected countries and regions…. “Unquote.

    Response :5th death already. Not fourth death. And someone is hoarding all those disposable masks such that the cheapest disposable mask selling on the market is still selling at a high price of $35.00 for a set of 50 pieces! HC and the whole evil PAP women wing are really greedy beasts!!!!

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  • Here math also no good:

    I thought reported was 5th death.

    Here math also no good.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Heard live video from Internet, that LHL says that the government no longer discourage people from wearing masks maybe due to WHO and America CDC . And from this Sunday(two days from now), and the government will distribute re-useable mask to every household. Go and guess how many re – usable mask that the government will distribute this time round? LHL never say how many re – usable mask will be distributed to each household. But looking at that e*** Puthucheary only previously distribute 4 disposable masks for each household only to be used when unwell and on the way to see doctor,my guess that it will be unlikely for the government to distribute any re-useable masks of more than two quantity per household.Are re-useable masks lasting for ever? Obviously No. Nothing last forever. Wash few times will also be bad and gone. Better ask LHL to send the re-useable masks by post mail to our letterbox and not waste every resident time to self collect! LHL, better save resident time and improve productivity. The last collection exercise from those evil Town Council wing need about 12 people to distribute a small bottle of 500 ml of sanitizer to resident when such thing can be send by post mail to letter box fully sealed. Waste time and non productivity from those evil Town Council whole bunch of wicked women wing.

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  • USA CDC against wear mask?:

    I dont think CDC against wearing mask.

    Confirm ?

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  • USA CDC against wear mask?:

    Those can afford just buy their own mask. Value 50 pcs now 35 dollars since your life so valuable.

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  • masks masks masks:

    saw at VALUE STORE paya lebar mall..
    a box of 50 pcs face mask costing $39/-
    made in china…safe to buy or not?

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  • Safe or save:

    masks masks masks:
    saw at VALUE STORE paya lebar mall..
    a box of 50 pcs face mask costing $39/-
    made in china…safe to buy or not?

    Buy is safe. Save is don’t buy. Too ex.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    All those doctors who have said “Mask not necessary when well” should have their licence cancelled. For male doctors to have self performance of orchiectomy (removal of their balls).

    The first to lead is Dr. Mak!

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