Has the PAP become the Politicising A Pandemic party?

We have learned at least four things from Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC Seah Kian Peng, who walked around the neighbourhood on Sunday, touring coffee shops and a wet market.

One, that he has the authority to appoint himself a safe distancing ambassador (SDA).

Two, that he must be a very special breed of SDA – he was not wearing a lanyard with an identification card, which the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources has asked members of the public to look out for to verify if someone is a legitimate SDA or Enforcement Officer.

Three, that he was instead wearing what looked like a People’s Action Party (PAP) party T-shirt, with blue and red trimmings that match the colours used by both the PAP and National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Seah is the Group CEO of NTUC Enterprise and FairPrice.

Four, we also learned that Seah uploaded a picture of himself with a market vendor on his Facebook and added the hashtag “#walkabout”.

So if we add all these things up and we still believe that the MP was not embarking on a Sunday MP walkabout, then we must be feeble of mind.

Seah’s walkabout came despite the fact that the PAP announced on April 13 that it would suspend all on-the-ground initiatives, including market visits and home visits.

The announcement came one day after another PAP MP Chia Shi-Lu drew intense criticism for distributing face masks to hawkers at Alexandra Village Food Centre.

Chia, a Tanjong Pagar GRC MP, was accompanied by Colonel Eric Chua, director of the SGSecure Programme Office and seen as a potential PAP candidate for the upcoming general election.

What are we to make of the actions of the PAP MPs?

It clearly shows that they put party before people, party before country, that their minds are more focused on fighting the elections than fighting a pandemic.

Singaporeans are asked to stay home, otherwise there will be more deaths. Singaporeans who flout the circuit breaker measures have been penalised heavily.

And yet the MPs themselves make a mockery of the circuit breaker measures. Seah’s Sunday MP walkabout also flouts the PAP directive to suspend all on-the-ground initiatives.

We should not at all be surprised.

When the electoral boundaries report was released back on March 13, it was a sure sign that the government was prepared to call a general election even amidst the pandemic. In subsequent interviews, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong did not rule out a pandemic election, saying the government needed “the strongest team and mandate” to battle the crisis.

So if we have a government who has no qualms about politicising a pandemic, we can only expect the MPs to follow suit and toe the party line.

During this difficult time for Singapore, it is a crying shame that the PAP stands for Politicising A Pandemic.


Augustine Low




17 Responses to “Has the PAP become the Politicising A Pandemic party?”

  • Tremendous:

    Good article. Can get foreign media to report this and should not be treated as interference in local affairs because the village chiefs and chiefs condone his behaviour without penalties.

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  • opposition dude:

    No no no Augustine Low you have got it all wrong. When PAP kaypohs do something it’s not because they flout the rules, it’s because they care for the people and want to be seen making a difference. So when the urge to do right is there they have no need to follow whatever rules they have set for others. That is the PAP way you see.

    And as everyone knows, they are a Pretty Arrogant Party who are Pro Alien Party as well. Making all of us Pay And Pay year after year.

    If you have noticed they have kept very quiet about the GE ever since goondu Loong said they are using all resources to fight this pandemic. I guess having hundreds of Banglas being infected daily has actually kept them busy and not continuously hint at the next election.

    Because if they do really announce it there will be loads of opposition again if it’s to be held during the lockdown.

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  • Don't be Seah suay:

    Ah Seah, next time don’t anyhow accuse people first of politicising, ok?

    Remember, when you point your finger at others, four of your other four fingers are pointing back at you!

    Obey laws and orders. Don’t wander around, take selfies and post online.


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  • Orr:

    They are the biggest hypocrites, following their masters. They can do it, opposition do it will kena hantam until the cows come home. Bloody disgraceful!!

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  • Just how sick can you get?:

    Pappy Cronycrats are

    Politicising A Pandemic by

    Pontificating And Perpetuating

    their patronising attitudes to stupify sheeples into willingly persisting in

    Paying And Paying for their secret towers of gold wherein the caste of dark lords and ladies reign.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    In Malaysia MPs were fined for doing the same thing!

    I am not sure our MPs will kenna fine or not? Or is the Police investigating?

    If under police’s investigation, we can take it as case closed! end of the story!

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  • Left Hand masturbator:

    Is Singapore not holding anything accountable for the FW dormitory world notorious fiasco?

    Gold Standard ?
    Controlled state media reporters?

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  • Crisis is An Opportunity:

    Why let a crisis put to waste. Politicians all around the world are doing just that.

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  • uselesstankinl:


    Only know how to bu-akt KAYA so that they can COLLECT 12 to 15 Months BONUSES !!!


    MINISTERS like shammugan, jteo, lss, khaw, etc etc etc

    LIST is so LONG……

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  • Perfection Mirage:

    SG is a Perfection Mirage or something like that.

    It’s just like the saying, it’s not no crime, but low crime.

    State media and laws help them control the narrative. Of course they have captured the trust of the people who generally are well educated but daft.

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  • Walking about during Lockdown:

    Papvid19 MPs/Ministers are paid so well; they cannot afford to lose their seats.
    Would Seah still be FairPrice CEO if WP/alternative comes to power?
    Some have more to lose; much more.
    Time to introduce 3-term limit for MPs/Ministers.
    Many overstayed their usefulness; if they ever were.
    Case in point–Mediocre Mr.Woody Peanut; why is he still around?

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  • WakeupSG:


    One country 2 systems!

    Under TCB (Tighten Circuit Breaker) only allow 1 person from same family to leave home & buy food & grocery etc. It does not mean Time for Community Bonding or sneaky election walkabout!

    Y’day PAP MPs & entourage were giving out masks at Potong Pasir under TCB ok or not?

    I think Opposition parties better to think of “creative” ways to do walkabouts or lose out!

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    I want PAP politicians to stay at home for good that is why I am voting for the opposition. How about you? There is no “downside”, only “upside”, having more opposition MPs in Parliament

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  • Average Joe:

    “Absolute-power corrupts absolutely” is best described this government who take every opportunity to display their arrogance and double standards shamelessly, hope the 70% whose livelihoods has been affected by this epidemics WAKE UP FROM THEIR DEEP SLUMBER and bring in more opposition candidates to ASK POINTED QUESTIONS AND HOLD THE GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL QUESTIONABLE / UNFAVOURABLE POLICIES FORCED UPON ALL SINGAPOREANS and put a stop to the MEDIOCRE PERFORMANCE by this current bunch of GROSSLY OVERPAID SERVANTS WHO GETS VERY PETTY, PERSONAL AND TALKING LOTS OF NONSENSE in parliament.
    PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ALL OPPOSITIONS ARE ALSO LOYAL SINGAPOREANS WHO ARE TRYING VERY HARD TO CONTRIBUTE AND RIGHT ALL THE WRONGS FOR SINGAPORE, There are many UNPOLISHED GEMS (in the Oppositions) that need an opportunity to nurture and shine, same like the 1G govt in the 50’s who work very tirelessly on the ground.
    All good ideas and policy is NOT PRIVY to this government who has already run out of ideas and stuck with the 60′s model coupled with their self-entitlement mentality and super inflated egos that prevented them from listening to the ground long time ago.
    We have a very well established civil service who is apolitical and will keep Singapore running 24/7. THINK AGAIN !!!

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  • Harder Truths:

    Every communist government uses fear and threats of pain to control the population. The CoVID is a blessing for the ruling party to create more limits on whatever small freedoms we have left.

    Opposition rally or Hong Lim park protest? – cannot because of CoVID. Gathering to discuss the political issues? – cannot because of CoVID.
    Telling people of the (bad) response of the leeders to CoVID? POFMA.
    And so on…

    You can bet the next election will be about how much the party will spend to upgrade and protect wards WHICH ELECT THEM INTO POWER.

    This means any ward voting opposition will be automatically cut off from such resources and the opposition will be hauled to kan**roo court for not complying with MOM directives or other such rot.

    Wait and see.

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  • trublu:

    Why is this LAW-maker BREAKING THE LAW?
    Or,like we already know,THERE ARE 2 SETS OF LAW here,ONE HARSH ONE FOR THE PEOple,the other for THE PAPple?

    In fact,sg voters should ASK WHY THE PAPple insist on HOLDING A GE instead of CONCENTRATING ON SOLVING COVID?


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  • Sojoürner of Truth:

    It is difficult in these apocalyptic times to avoid to contemplate the traditional battle of altruism against hypocrisy. But it is not exactly a recipe to once again catch lightning in a bottle. MP Seah Kian Peng doesn’t need to be clever. Just relentless.

    I do not believe I could have envisioned this pandemic performance: PAP is even willing to sacrifice themselves and their own voters to COVID-19 in order to be re-elected. Most of the shots will done up close in coffee shops and wet market or inside a gathering. Even using the shortest focal lengths on the camera lens will make the smallest of “members” look huge and the background farther.

    Although this irresponsible voice is defying public health experts by ignoring social distancing and putting all at risk, it is likely that those who choose to listen to politicians will pay a commensurate price for their stupidity. This man is up on the stage, entertaining the rubes, while NTUC works the crowd, picking their pockets clean. Do robber barons need to know the identity of who they robs?

    Yes, it’s going to be a very wacky and very painful year.
    “The anger and frustration of his credulous audience” will have to be countered with the calm and patience and determination – and most of all, the votes – of every reasonable and thoughtful and decent citizen.

    Unfortunately, the corona-virus has provided ideal terrain for sowing seeds of suspicion, hatred and revenge. It remains to be seen how well the harvest is going to be.

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