Will there be a second wave of the covid-19

Many countries have implemented strict lockdown measures and have seen a reduction in new cases.

They are worried about the risk of a second wave of infections after they relaxed the lockdown or when the weather becomes cold again after another six months.

My reasoning is that the second wave will be less severe. Here are my reasons:

a) After the current wave, a high proportion of the population would have been exposed to the virus and have developed some form of immunity. During the next wave, the virus will cause less harm.

b) It is likely that the more vulnerable segment of the population, i.e. the elderly and those with underlying conditions, would have died during the first wave. Those who survive would probably be stronger.

This is my reasoning based on logic, common sense and my reading of many articles on the virus. I hope that I am right.


Tan Kin Lian




13 Responses to “Will there be a second wave of the covid-19”

  • oxygen:

    INFECTION DOES NOT SUPPLY IMMUNITY according to evidence available. The rest of the article, let us say, does not merit any comment (in order not to be rude to article writer).

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  • Change:

    @TKL. Human can change & adapt or “immune” to the virus but not all human share the same capability & reaction. Secondly, the virus can also adapt & mutate to become more formidable. Nothing stays still, even the corpse also continues to decay.

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  • ganeshsk:

    Dear TKL

    You could be wrong the virus also is learning to mutate and get stronger.

    So it might return with a revenge in the second round.

    Just my opinion on other articles I have read.

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  • Impact:

    The economic impact of this Virus will be terrible…
    Much wealth is lost….and hard time for many ahead.
    Hope more can be done to those hardest hit…

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  • opposition dude:

    With this inept government running the show there will only be 2 outcomes on the lockdown aka DORSCON RED.

    1 – The lockdown is lifted when the number of cases per day is 5 or less. PAP is all about money after all and businesses shutting down since March to June means billions of dollars have been lost.

    2 – The lockdown is extended by yet another month to July and possibly to August as well past National Day. Because these idiots know they are inept they will prefer to play it safe and make absolutely sure that the virus has been eradicated on the island before lifting the lockdown.

    I guess either way we will suffer because of this inept government we have got, they just cannot do anything right at all. Lift it early something will happen. Lift it late something else will happen.

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  • save every dollar we can:

    this year shouldnt have a NDP..
    to keep every serviceman and citizens safe.
    even if the numbers of infection
    had gone down its better to be safe than sorry for a few more months, altho lifting the CB cautiously.
    save the mil$ of dollars sg usually spends on the NDP and other events for the good of citizens welfare.
    many thousands are already suffering, altho the miws who live in ivory towers may never see or experience that life.
    our country’s national reserves is not a bottomless pit of money.

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  • Soon we will know:

    The beginning of the cold season has arrived in the south. Soon we will know by watching NZ, Aust and South Americas

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  • Harder Truths:

    The question is not if the virus will return. There will always be viruses and the following economic disruptions. This is part and parcel of the world wre live in.

    The real question is whether $G is strong enough to weather these crises. The answer is no. There is nothing the people can do as all the power rests i nthe hands of a few clowns who pretend to know everything but in reality know nothing. The people will continue to suffer for their ineptitude and communist rule.

    Do not take the virus in isolation of the other things that are happening. The virus may not appear to overcome or collapse us, but given enough crises the communist system surely will.

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  • trublu:

    I remember my first basic in computer theory: GIGO= Garage in,Garbage out.
    Mr Tan says he has read alot about the virus?
    I guess he has been reading nonsense?
    Else,he didnt really comprehend what he read.

    We can only hope for a vaccine n the reason it is not forthcoming is becos RICH BUSINESSMEN THINK IT IS A *WASTE* OF THEIR MONIE$?
    MEANWHILE,the same bloke$ dare to ask for *FREE MONEY* or BAIL-OUT$?

    BIG PHARMAs are basically ass-hole$$$!

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  • oxygen:

    @ Impact

    THE DEVASTATION of economic reset IS NOT APPARENT NOW – not even a glimpse of that at this moment

    But I am certain that it will cascade through like falling dominoes. A LOT OF SMALL BUSINESSES WILL BE GONE.

    A LOT OF THE SO-CALLED WEALTHY MIDDLE CLASS heavily-leveraged in PROPERTY finance will slide down the waterfall into the new poor class – if they suddenly lost their economic power base – be that a high-paid job or a budding business until now. MOST OF THEM HAVE NEVER TASTED DEFEAT BEFORE.

    How will they cope and pick up the pieces in the forward devastated global economic environment?

    Impact: The economic impact of this Virus will be terrible…
    Much wealth is lost….and hard time for many ahead.
    Hope more can be done to those hardest hit…

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  • CDC says it will !!!:

    It’s all about politics, the elites and eugenics.

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  • You Are Not A Medical Person:

    How do you know ? You are not a Medical Professor.

    Have you not read that in the USA, the Covid 19 can cause blood clots in the body and many young men from 30 years onwards can suddenly die of Stroke. One person has his leg amputated because there is blood clot in his leg making his foot not receiving any nutrition and rot.

    Please don’t comment if you are not the expert.

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  • Monnie Pantuso:

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