Conspiracy theories

There are quite a number of conspiracy theories with regard to the ORIGIN of the Wuhan Virus.

I call it Wuhan Virus because it was first discovered and identified as a unique virus from Wuhan. However, it may not originate in Wuhan. This is similar to Spanish Flu, which didn’t originate in Spain but USA.

By looking at the infection figures alone, it is highly suspect that USA is the place of origin.

USA has the highest infection of over 1.4 million within a few months. This is really unusual considering the fact that USA isn’t that densely populated and has only one fifth or one fourth of China population.

Of course China’s figure cannot be trusted but even with the recent revealed Secret number of 640K, it is still far lesser than USA.

For mathematical model to project such a huge number of infections within such a short period of time in US, the virus may have to very different from the one first found in China Wuhan.

Else we can only conclude that US might have a longer period of infections which went unnoticed for months before they tested for it aggressively.

It is something similar to what happened to our migrant workers. MOM put up a threat against employers of these migrant workers which prevented them from being tested and detected earlier, allowing it to spread unnoticed for at least six weeks before it imploded.

I suspect that this Wuhan virus might have been spreading in US unnoticed for months, much earlier than the official detection and identification in Wuhan.

This is in line with the numerous serious unidentified MYSTERIOUS flu death which were blamed on E Cigarette last year in USA. These deaths might be due to this Wuhan Virus.

In view of the numbers we are looking at, I am more inclined to believe that this virus originated from USA.


Goh Meng Seng





14 Responses to “Conspiracy theories”

  • fpc:

    another moronic post from goh ms.

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  • trublu:

    WHO says it will conduct investigation on a fair basis.
    Lets hope the TRUTH comes out soon.
    There is oredy too much finger-pointing here n there.
    America has caused the whole world a lot of problems in recent times.
    And,with a President Trump-matic,the world is in trauma?

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  • Conspiracy theories ?:

    Mr Goh, don’t spend your energy on global news and Conspiracy theories. Let the FBI, CIA, MI5… agencies to fight that battle. Come back to Singapore.

    You should question our Task Force and MOM – why did they allow 30,000 PRC people into Singapore after CNY.

    The Singapore conspiracy theory is why the Indians and Banglas are being targeted as the 28,000 infected cases when there was no movement of such workers from India or Bangladesh during the CNY period. So the virus must have been spread by these returning workers based in the dorms. Is there a cover-up by Govt on this matter?

    Do we know how such PRC workers, students, PRs, New Citizens spread the virus in S’pore ?

    Do you know schools were closed because the Govt was afraid the China Students who returned to SG would the rest ?

    There are enough questions and conspiracy theories in our country. Don’t waste time with Global matters trying to speculate where the virus originated, in Wuhan or US.

    Hope you are reading the above and take necessary actions to question MOM, Covid Task Force and Dorm Owners.

    Thanks Mr Goh for all you good work questioning our Govt. I’m sorry for being direct.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    PAP’s “big fail” on the public health fiasco on the foreign workers’ dorm is not a conspiracy theory.

    PAP failed big-time and no on has been held accountable.

    It has cost taxpayers’ hundred of millions to date with no end in sight.

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  • MarBowling:


    1. Trade Wars. Efforts still ongoing and Results STILL PENDING.

    2. Create Massive Disruption and Chaos to HK economy and society. Mediocre Result.

    3. “China or Wuhan” virus. End result is Almost the whole world is GRAVELY INFECTED and AFFECTED, CAUSING MASSIVE DISRUPTION IN THE GLOBAL SUPPLY AND DEMAND CHAIN. Heaven has eyes. RWYS. The HIDDEN HANDS Kenna INFECTED and AFFECTED THE MOST! Period. Folks just have to WATCH and WAIT Patiently: there will be AN IMPLOSION in the LAND of the HIDDEN HANDS, resulting in MASSIVE RIOTS, CHAOS and the EVENTUAL FALL and COLLAPSE of the ALMIGHTY DowN Jones and MAYBE THE COUNTRY!

    Voters in the Coming Pandemic Erection, please THINK HARD and IN DEPTH whether the Whole Bunch of our World Class Multi-Millionaire Ministers and Gang are UP to the MARK in SPENDING AND WASTING $Billions of taxpayers hard earned money in HANDLING Covid 19 in our BELOVED country!

    The Whole World, especially those so-called 1st World Countries ARE WHAT THEY ARE TODAY because of the EVERYTHING BUBBLES their ELITE Coverment have CREATED over donkey years! Now it has come home to ROOST. Covid 19 is JUST the BLACK SWAN to POP the EVERYTHING BUBBLES! Aftermath Covid 19, most Sinkaporean especially the Middle Class and common folks will have to BITE their TEETH and SUFFER and STRUGGLE through this Mother of all GFC Crisis for a LOONG Time. Btw the Ruling Class and the Filthy Rich WON’T have much problem as they have sufficient RESOURCE$ and MEAN$ to CU$HION Covid 19 outbreak!

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  • Warped logic:

    @gmk. your analysis is plausible. but you deliberately exposed yourself as banana soil-kee. What’s there to prevent you from naming it “The Great American Virus” following your analysis? Or like someone commented, you are the Humpty Dumpty sitting on the fence wall, or sailing like a headless chicken where the wind blows?

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  • Alabamamonster:

    Beijing would love this!

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  • trublu:

    It is stupid for the world to think USA is s tbe same heroic nation.
    Many things happened recently to show otberwise.

    Americans need good leaders like sgs do.
    We await WHO’s findings.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Wherever its ORIGIN…it is an Evil Virus and should be eliminated no point in pointing figures…and we have enough of Finger pointing in a Pisai State

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    Let the expert or scientist to do the job. I Suspect, I believe or I think is not the right way to speculate at this juncture.

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  • New strain - M.O.R.O.N:

    This writer is a real MORON! WHO has stated very clearly that no matter where a virus originates, it should never be associated with a country or place to prevent stagmatisation – hence WHO called it COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) and prior to this SARS-CoV replaced the term “Asian Flu”, EBOLA was not called West African virus nor was MERS-CoV called Middle Eastern virus. Mad Cow Disease which started among the herds in UK in mid-1980s’ was not called English mad cow disease. It was called BSE and H1N1 2009 (Swine Flu) which was purported from a strain among North American birds was not called North American Flu.

    Do you get it Goh Meng Seng or are you a new strain?

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  • Curious:

    Let WHO investigate..interesting to know the origin…may be a surprise.
    Anyway ,curious to know how the Virus manage to spread to the FW here ..under the radar….

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  • what u see is not what is:

    on the way to grocery shop i met my 77yo friend ..after exchanging pleasantries we of course lamented on the CV19 situation..our limited freedoms etc.
    at once she seemed to blame a particular group “its the banglas lah ..they brought it to singapore”.
    i tried to explain to her but was of no use…her mind had been made up from the countless pics of indian and bangla fws being published in the press n shown on regard to the virus spread.
    how many hundreds or even more people here are being misinformed by such media info i wonder?
    just to keep in mind ..the dorms also house prcs, msians, mynmars, n other nationalities..
    how come we dont see pics of them?

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    Blame is the name of the game
    Fame came after the covid flame
    Shame, shame, shame
    And all turned covidiots?
    Morphing into covid riots?

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