Salary subsidy of 50% for one year

I propose that the government provide a salary subsidy of 50% for one year for companies to employ locals into certain jobs that are now being done by foreigners.

The salary should be set at a level that can attract locals into these jobs. The government should specify what the salary level should be.

What happens after one year? Will the employer be able to sustain the salary without continuing government subsidy?

After that, I will leave the terms of employment to market forces. The employer may offer a lower salary to the worker after one year. Or, the employer might be able to maintain the attractive salary, if they are doing well.

If the employer is getting public contracts, such as cleaning and maintenance, the government should set the example by continuing to pay adequate fees for the contract. This will allow the employer to continue with an adequate salary for the workers.

It may be somewhat challenging in the private sector, such as retail or food and beverage. If the business conditions do not improve, the employer may have to reduce the salary.

It is important for the employer and the local worker to try out the new arrangement for one year. The local worker may find that the work is quite acceptable after all. The employer may find the local worker to be quite good after all.

After a year, they can work out the salary to be mutually satisfactory to both parties.

I believe that the government subsidy of 50% of the salaries for one year could make the difference in changing to a new arrangement, and in getting locals to accept the jobs that are now done by foreign workers.

It may be possible that the government will continue the salary subsidy for the second year at 25% of the total salary. This may give another year for the new arrangement to work well.


Tan Kin Lian




16 Responses to “Salary subsidy of 50% for one year”

  • Spurmugam:

    Another good solution given to PAP to refer to.
    This is so tragic.

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  • opposition dude:

    Alamak uncle Tan, companies don’t want to employ locals lah. Didn’t you read the papers when all companies were clamouring for PAP not to reduce the foreign worker size? This is the best evidence of companies shunning locals.

    These companies are already addicted to cheap labour a long time back so not surprisingly most of their staff aren’t non Singaporeans. You want them to hire Singaporeans they will give you all the usual excuses of cannot find people lah, don’t stay long lah and all that.

    All these bloody companies should just close down shop since only their foreign workers would be affected anyway.

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  • Ge20:

    Vote in TKL this ge20, to tickle some good S.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    How MOM going to get levies? How HRs going to get kickback? How agencies going to earn money? How dorms operators going to buy more mansion in Santosa? How facilities providers going to do “cost recovery only” type businesses?

    Mr. Tan, your idea makes a lot of rich people becoming poor. PAP will never allow that to happen to its cronies!!

    That’s the reason we need 11 more dorms! Look out for it at an open space near you!!!

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  • Wacko:

    Aiya Mr. Tan,

    This salary subsidy idea seems useless.

    From this convid 19 case, most employer still take $$$ from the government and still make the employee work from home or weekend, and still let the employee go.

    In other words, from ur 50% subsidy, the employer would definitely take advantage of such subsidy and take 60% of the government subsidy and them pay the employee the balance 40%.

    From this convid 19 case, everyone experience that government stand on the company’s side NOT the people.

    From the Lehman brother cases or so call repackaged investments from our local banks, everyone experience the government stand on the company’s side NEVER with the people.

    From this decision to have an election during this Convid 19 period, everyone knows this Government stand on THEIR OWN side, NEVER EVER the citizen’s side

    The only decision we the citizens of Singapore can make is either to PUT UP or FIX this Bullshit we put ourselves into

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  • trublu:

    Actually,it is socially unjust to dip into reserves to use to help corporations/employers to DEFRAY SALARY COSTS when,at the same time,the govt refuses to use these Reserved accumulated by SG-PMEs made jobless by FT POLICY to grant the older jobless sgs SOCIAL SECURITY.


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  • Agreed:

    Can consider..
    Better also with the subsidy the company should invest in some automation(with Government grant support) to increase productivity so as to justify a higher salary for local.

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  • Another waste of reserve?:

    Why another proposal to waste many billions from OUR reserve?

    Why subsidize pay to enrich employers when it cost $0 to deny work passes for foreigners?

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Singapore only like to provide jobs like “insurance sales” from all the insurance companies which mostly provide a commission basis and not a good salary basis. All those fixed good salaries jobs are mostly given to those beast women wing to enjoy. And the stupid thing is that such “insurance sales” jobs are also classified as good jobs. Without a salary basis, only those with good connections network can get enough sales in to survive and enjoy. Of course those people that are great “talkers” will like insurance commission paid basis jobs while others who join such insurance companies will be wasting their time and cannot survive eventually and quit their jobs and become jobless again. You all wonder why all the easy front desk jobs with good pay, aircon environment are filled up with shameless beast women who didn’t even serve National Service but enjoy all the good jobs?

    Today I passed by Chinatown complex, Sim Lim and bugis. Chinatown looks deserted and most shops are closed. Bak kwa shops are opened because luxury Bak kwa are deemed “essential” items for people to enjoy. Singapore government don’t know how expensive all those Bak kwa are selling. Chinatown market area should be opened(been there last week or so, this time didn’t visit). As for Sim Lim Square, majority of shops are closed. Nothing much to shop.

    Went to Bugis Mrt, saw a automated vending machine selling rubbish souvenir cups and small items. Everyone should ask why all the men’s underwear and clothing prices has been skyrocketed double or superhigh these few years. Fairprice sell one men short also need around $7.90-$9.00 and men underwear easily $12.00-$15.00 for a set of 5 pieces. And when our reserves used up almost “$100 billion”, what has Singapore government really spend on except to give us a miserable “$600″ cash and the shameless woman Tin Pei Ling can come up with an unexplained budgetary support “per capita” figure of $23,225 when it is clear cut that most people just receive $600 cash only like me. Can you LHL ask Tin Pei Ling to deposit the remaining sum of $23,225 – $600 =$22625 into my Posb bank account immediately so that all of us will not call her a liar! Per capita means per citizen, cannot be wrong, right? So I only get $600 cash so far, LHL, where is the rest of my money of $22625 that Tin Pei Ling talk about? And the government cannot even spend a couple of hundreds thousands manufacturing good quality and cheap underwear like $2 for a set of 5 pieces men underwear, men shorts and put inside automated vending machines, placed all over underground mrt for easy access and let people purchase at affordable prices too? What is the LHL government not coming up with ideas that can help people? I have give you LHL government good ideas to solve problems, didn’t I? Such automated vending machine disposing men underwear don’t need much space in mrt and provide convenience all over Singapore mrt to people to purchase.

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  • Need to help local:

    Must find a a way to employ more local and a decent pay to support their family.
    Try the scheme if it helps..better than do the same and get the same result.

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  • mike:

    Strong workers unions and law protecting the rights to strike are what needed.

    For that to happen, VTO

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  • Like to compare:

    Actually,it is socially unjust to dip into reserves to use to help corporations/employers to DEFRAY SALARY COSTS when,at the same time,the govt refuses to use these Reserved accumulated by SG-PMEs made jobless by FT POLICY to grant the older jobless sgs SOCIAL SECURITY.


    Whose fault is it? Gov direction is benefiting foreign workers. Could the 70% admit their wrong decisions and apologize?

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  • MWS:

    It is so stupid idea! Just like JSS scheme the package goes to employers to retain workers affected by CB lockdown but workers still laid off. So money pocketed by employers!

    Better to implement minimum wage scheme to help workers cope with basic living standards!

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  • Too Many Traitors In Singapore:

    There are too many Singaporean Traitors who care only about themselves. These people include local owners of companies who only want to recruit foreigners so that they can make more money, employment agencies like Principled Partners who like to look for foreign PMETS to work in Singapore so that they can earn more money. They do not care whether Singaporeans suffer or the country go down the drain as far as they can make money for themselves.

    They do not even care whether Singapore have enough water, food etc. to survive as long as they can make money for themselves. You Die Your Business.

    To these Singapore Traitors, I hope your business go bust or you suffer for your selfish act. Go get farked. KNNBCCB

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  • Need to do more:

    Need to do more for local companies and saved Jobs.
    Jobs once lost is much more costly and difficult to create .
    Make sure our officers understand this and help those who are making much effort to saving companies and saving Jobs.
    Help given to this group are sometime so pathetic .Too little and too late.
    Reason,many of our officers administrating the various schemes are doing the reverse of Government intent…too bureaucratic and rigid.Stick to rule without much flexibility and common sense.Disappointed that there is no real interest or concern to save Companies and Jobs in the implementation…
    Some disconnect somewhere..Some policy is so senseless cannot believe.

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  • Do more for the local:

    Need to ensure that the local have a decent job so that they still can support their family to survive.
    More companies is going busts and locals is going to lost their jobs because of the CB.
    Better think out of the box to create more jobs urgently for the unemployed.
    If Government need to pay 50% of the pay(likely need to),just make sure the jobs created are sustainable and meaningful to help the Citizens.

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